WTI :: The December Drive for Membership is here

On November 30th I decided to spend next year focused on making WT better before I go for all the options I want to have in Working Together.  I limited Membership to one choice ::  a changed TRIAL MEMBERSHIP.

The Trial Membership this year is one year of monthly updates by email for US$25.00 - which is much like a subscription to a magazine.  It allows a monthly budget to cover the costs associated with making and sending it.

There are no other member benefits this year, but I hope to have them all ready to share next DECEMBER.  The Member Packet has always been my way of sharing other benefits that will be available through Working Together.  I hope to have some physical products to offer when we get them funded.

A regular membership costs more because it provides members with more.

So I hope you will sign up for the TRIAL MEMBERSHIP this year and encourage others to do the same.  This year, if funded, will build a foundation for what we can do in the future.

You can find the PayPal link on the homepage. 

There is also a link for more information on some of the programs Working Together is striving to create.  Each one is focused on an issue that will matter to Christians as time move closer to the Antichrist.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.  The email address for Working Together is  office@work2gather.us --  you can also leave a post at the Facebook page for Working Together (https://facebook.com/WorkingTogetherInc).  There are more links on the homepage.

It will be great to start seeing people communicate with each other about the issues Christians are facing now and what is coming as we live through to the future.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin