Freedom, what is it?

To understand what God wants me to do through Working Together, I have been trying to discover what America is becoming, how it will exist in the years to come, and how long it might take for prophecy to become a reality. Working Together is not the only answer to what lies ahead for Christian populations, but as the years progress, I can see that Working Together is God's provision for the times we live in, for the changes that are decreed in prophecy, and for the needs of the remnant that will exist. As Working Together grows into the future, I know God will provide whatever we NEED. I also know that what we need may not come in the package we want it to come in.

America is a special country in the world. It is powerful, blessed, and able to force others into submission. As long as we are a GOOD country, this is a position that benefits the world, and ourselves. But if we lose our submission to the things of God, a future leader will have access to all the power we currently garner as a protection for ourselves and others. A leader with ungodly intentions will take away the freedoms we have always known. Being "good" is not enough, our strength is in our godliness.

In this election year I hear emphatic cries for socialized medicine, the eradication of poverty, an end to every war, a balanced budget, ethical leadership, and the escalation of security within and around our country. We are struggling with our own problems and trying to maintain our posture of leadership in the world. Those who do not know or understand the importance of godliness want moral leaders without a foundation of biblical faith. Many want the government to pay for what they cannot. We have people who want to control global populations with abortion while they protest legitimate military efforts to end brutal tyrannies. As the world grows smaller because of our communications abilities, cries for our aid increase, and anger rages when we cannot be the solution to every need. Our heart of compassion is being stretched beyond its ability to intervene. We are being forced to make very difficult choices.

America is growing fearful because we have lost our connection with God. Greed is commanding our hearts, displacing love and honesty and every goodness that made us strong. We cannot be America without God. The effects of this loss are beginning to appear in greater detail...and fulfill the prophecies of God.

We have to find a way through this swamp of ideologies. May the God that I believe in show us the way.