Inmate News

Slowly I am beginning to catch up with my webpages. I have published the latest newsletter for Inmate News and put a link on the firstpage. The design will change again for the next issue, but a format is beginning to take place. I long for the funds to create and expand a newsprint edition, but that will happen eventually.

I hope to create worm projects everywhere, and the newsprint is a good source of food for worm bins. That will take care of one recycling issue. Making the land fertile for greater crops is critical to God's providing for us. The Bible tells us that He can make one field increase and another field fail...we want to be on the side of provision.

If you know any inmates, inmate families, or non-profits that deal with inmate issues, please have them order Inmate News. There are online links to PayPal available. If you want to order more than one year, just add to each order. [ 20 orders for one inmate would equal 20 years...that's only $100! :-) ] Someone must be able to afford that!

Advertising and one-page articles by non-profits that deal with inmate issues are really important. Our payment options are not fully established yet, so the prices are negotiable. Let me know if you are interested. (

Inmates are encouraged to submit a 3" x 3" comic/cartoon about inmate issues and will receive $15 payment when published. If we get a big response, we can publish a separate booklet and figure out a fair income for the artists.

Written articles are encouraged, too. We want inmates to be part of the helping process. Ex-inmates can talk about their release process and the problems they faced in becoming self-sufficient. New inmates can talk about how to make prisons better. Families of inmates can share their struggles when someone they love is in prison. We need to have a common place to meet. Inmate News is trying to provide that place.

In other parts of Working Together...

Action Prayer has a new submission form, and I have been putting prayers on the listing page to seek God and decide how to best organize it. When there are more prayers from different regions, each region will have their own listing page.

A printable form for International CORD is in process. I have been trying to create a format that reflects the amount of information needed. There are a lot of churches without webpages. This could be their link to the internet. I hope so. We need to get the information listed and areas better organized.

I was finally able to read my Bible again...this morning. I read the first three chapters in Proverbs. I miss my Bible reading. I hope God deals with the situation/s that have hampered me. I long for the protection of my family and all of God's people. We are going to face some pretty rough times.