The Bible tells us that those who overcome the trials of their lives will find their place in heaven. In America, those trials don't seem to match the ones the early Christians faced...being thrown to the lions for sport, used as light fuel for the activities of their enemies, and worse. We have seen the world news highlight the growing autrocities of some dictators, but we have been somewhat removed from their terrors. What will American Christians have to overcome?

America was never perfect, but it has often been the best place in the world to be free. America has been blessed by God and has been able to defend the innocent and the abused. We have helped to keep tyranny from flourishing, aided the weak and helpless, provided for those who suffered in natural disasters. As the world has grown more transparent through communication opportunities like radio, TV, phone, Internet, and satellites, the needs of our world have begun to stretch our ability to provide for them. We are suffering within our borders, changing our priorities as individuals, and becoming less than we want to be.

Because I was homeless, poor, living within the confines of government assistance, and trying to find a better way to meet the needs of my family, I encountered experiences that led me to Working Together. The people that are Christian will become the focus of the Antichrist... not in one day, but gradually. The Bible tells us that our laws will be changed. [Daniel 7] The current attacks on anything that is related to America's spiritual heritage is one evidence of that. The rise of same-sex efforts to be married is another. The loss of Christian values has led to more and more crime at all economic levels. The computer is changing everything we do, including our ability to provide for ourselves. The Mark of the Beast isn't too hard to see when you think about how much is changing in our lifetimes.

Our options for surviving the slow decent into the world where the Antichrist will be able to take over at a global level are not many. We have to think about those days now.

Food, water, and air to breathe are just as important to our survival as clothing, shelter, and protection from the Enemy. Wrapped up in these essentials, in America, is the power of the State and Federal governments to take them away. I realize that everything Working Together is trying to do is going to cease to exist at some time in the future. My goal is to create a temporary respite for Christians to go to as the process unfolds.

We will have to have land and people to grow/process/distribute our food supply. We need land that provides space for people and animals, manufacturing, storage, worship and fellowship. We need a clean water supply and building materials like trees, energy that is able to prepare our food for eating, and a method of getting from one place to another. We have to protect our land and other possessions from taxes that can't be paid.

Working Together will never be able to supply every need, but I hope that this effort will create an attitude of preparation in every community.