Friday, 6 MAY 2016 :: Checking in to catch up and share what is happening

It has been SOOOOO long since I blogged... I have been avoiding it and trying to decide what direction I need to go in, and how much time and energy to devote to different activities, including blogging.  I could go on and on with my own opinions about a variety of topics, but I am trying to decide how much I can do on my own, and how much I need to do as "maintenance" efforts until I can hire help.

Today, I am trying to catch up with as many blogs (check-ins) as I can.

Working Together is coming up on its 29th anniversary... it's been a long and difficult journey, with "naps" for family issues I had to deal with, but the dream goes on.  I continue to study, plan, read, pray, and work out as many possibilities as I can.  If I win the big lottery prize, or find the funding I need through other efforts, Working Together will all go forward at a faster pace, and I will be able to work out the transfer details to the person GOD shows me is going to care for the whole Body of Christ after I am gone.   Hopefully, that is kind of what will happen.  :-)  How do you pass on a company that doesn't even have the founder as an employee?!

I suppose I should be in the Guinness Book of Records for being such a long and slow "start-up" business.  :-)   I wonder if anyone else can top my 29 years of effort, with little to nothing to show for it.  My view is that GOD has been busy all along, I just don't know what He has been up to.

What will happen to the true Body of Christ, to those who love GOD, to those who become the persecuted, as the years unfold.  There aren't any real answers... all we can do is try to prepare in every community, and be ready to save each other from the ravages of loss (jobs, income, lives, church, family, friends, shelter, food, clothes, hope.....) that persecution brings with it. 

The home church will be the first place Christians turn to... what will they find there? 

Urban Missions will be another place Christians turn to... what will they find there? 

The reason I tried to start Working Together so many years ago was because I didn't see any hope for those who will try to keep standing in their faith until their death or Christ's return... whichever comes first. 

Most of the Christians I know of believe the current (popular) view of the "Rapture" and expect to escape suffering and death.  I don't see the Bible guaranteeing that view is correct, and that it has too many "loop holes" to be valid.  This means the lack of a Rapture "saving" the church from the Tribulation may possibly lead to great disenchantment, disbelief, and the "Great Falling Away" that is in prophecy.  If this non-Rapture view proves true, those who continue to believe in what the Bible teaches will search the Scriptures for new answers and die under the reign of the Antichrist. 

It's not a fun thing to think about, and will be a hard time for all Christians alive at the time.  Having suffered greatly in poverty circumstances, I was hoping to create little "Goshen" communities wherever I could.  I wanted to organize the resources of the Christian community so we don't waste or lose what we have... and to connect the various people in many different denominations in one place.  I planned a yearly event called "40 Days in the Wilderness" to bring leaders together to deal with our doctrinal differences... and realized that it could become the moment the whole world hears the gospel.

We can see how rapidly the morals of the world are devolving... and fulfilling what prophecy says they will become.  There have been reports that the Boomers are the last generation with biblical faith.  Freedoms are being lost, laws are being created to attack us without fear of retribution, denominations are falling away, schools are undermining the rights of parents, and jobs are at stake if we stand for the faith we believe in.

We don't know how the changes that are happening now will affect our lives, or the lives of our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  I keep thinking of Noah, who was the ONLY righteous man left on the entire earth in his lifetime... I can't imagine living in a world where no one else is godly.  I don't think I will be alive when the Antichrist arrives on the scene, but I didn't expect to be living through what I have been living through either.

So, what is happening with Working Together?  As much as I can do on my own.  Keep checking back.  I will be posting more regularly as I sort through all these details. 

I am planning to delete any posts that are not currently important.  Make sure you get copies of any posts that are important to you before I get to that.

I am working on finding some permanent locations for offices, food/farming/ranching, products to sell, business plans, newsletter estimates, email contact lists, online sales, marketing, social media, funding options, and more.

Yes, you are welcome to pray for me !!  Maybe things will look better when I reach Anniversary #30 in 2017 !!!   :-)