23 JULY 2015 :: Working Together and me

A comment was made about the contents of my blogs these days... that they aren't focused solely on the programs of Working Together.  That is true.  I am Working Together right now, struggling to find a way to the future still, but I do try to share the details of poverty because that is where the End Times will take Christians.  I guess I'm not sure how much is me, and how much is the reason behind starting Working Together.

I'm in a bad place right now... not able to do what I want to do, and trying to find a way to establish Working Together so I can earn a wage from it, and hire others, and set up an office or offices, create the resources I have in mind, and then expand to the other regions of the world.  I don't know how long things will be this way, but I keep doing what I can and pray for GOD's guidance about it all.

I suppose I am everyone's joke.  :-)   But I figure that what I am trying to do is really essential for the people who will one day need it.  I just don't know how I can build something with less than $400 a month and food stamps.  Sometimes there was no money at all, too many times I was homeless, too many times I lost everything I had built up, and sometimes I wandered in search of answers. For years I let everything go dormant while I tried to get a formal education, and I let it sit while I dealt with other family issues, but I was always watching for the things GOD was showing me, looking for HIS answers, and trying again and again to collect the supplies that would help me.  Now that I am in those hazy health years, I don't know how much longer I will be able to keep going, but I will always KEEP TRYING!!!  When I die, it will be in GOD's Hands still.

Nothing can stop prophecy, which means the enemy will get stronger and stronger as Christians struggle to deal with those changes.  Whether I do anything or not, the needs will still be real.  Someone will have to deal with the needs that are coming... it will just be a much harder process.

Since I am not GOD, I can't say exactly what kind of needs there will be, or when they will hit us, but I discovered a lot of things while I was struggling with poverty and the government and the law and all the things the Bible tells us will come.  My goals are based on my experiences, but other people will know how to solve the problems I don't know about.  By "WORKING TOGETHER"  :-)  we can tackle these needs and prepare for the future together.

I'm trying to get my webpage updated and create PayPal links to purchase memberships for WT, and also trying to work out a better pricing formula.  PRAY that GOD will provide for the needs I have, and that all these issues will be resolved. 


22 JULY 2015 :: technology vs nature, and more

Well... I checked in to my Facebook page a bit ago and one of the first posts I noticed was a video from a farm group I am part of.  It affected my being because it shows the loss of quality in our children's lives has become the "norm" for all of us.  I was moved to add a comment that became quite long.  I have put it below.
Because this was associated with the farm group, I assumed it would be about farms and families and the future. I watched most of the video without the audio first, and then decided to turn on the audio. I was seriously surprised to hear what it was really about... and very sad. Video games were starting when I had young kid, and now they have taken over so much of the lives of kids and those who grew up with them. I don't know what the kids have nowadays... but I struggled a lot to try to give my kids some of the video games that were popular because they were important to them and because they provided something for them to do in our urban low-income life. Technology has evolved to take over so much of our lives. People are tied to the internet, smart phones, TV in some form, and things I don't even know about... adults and children... and it is normal to us now. I think making the move to rural areas and farms is only part of the solution... time with each other, growing our own food, learning about farm animals, caring for them, and building a life around good things that take a lot of time to accomplish away from technology is part of the hope to save the future. With satellite technology increasing the reach of the internet and phone, there isn't much we can do to change everything. I hope we find a way. We are all too isolated by these forms of "progress." 
I tried to figure out how to find the code that would let you link to it so you could see it, but all I could find was an "embed code" and that didn't work here.  I finally figured out that part of it was the web address.  I tried that as a link and it didn't work.  Finally, I copied it and pasted it into a new page.  That worked.  :-)  I have that link below, so I hope it works for you.



Today was my Salvation Army Thrift Store SALE Day (50% off almost everything in the store).  I am looking for clothes, but didn't find any today.  I spent my clothes money on my biggest purchase of the day :: an old plastic sewing case with a variety of threads and needles and other supplies.  I also found a little plastic case of embroidery floss.  :-)  I see some great designs in the future!!!

I did pretty well on my budget efforts.  I spent more than I should have at the nearby Dollar store, but that was part household, some crafts, and food.  The SA sale was mostly crafts and biz supplies.  I found a little plaque that says "Bless this house" for me.  :-)  Now I have to find a place to hang it.

I did sign up for a local seminar on house flipping.  I have been wanting to find out more about it.  I hope this will be worth the effort and lead to some great homes for as many people as I can include.  The Facebook post said I will get materials to take home and keep studying.  I hope they are good.  It seems like the first house is always the hardest... then you can build up some equity and work toward more. 

My weight loss efforts are getting better.  Keeping the few pounds I have lost OFF forever is a huge hurdle.  My son tells me the first five pounds are all the excess water weight.  I am hoping to just keep this downward trend going until Christmas.  :-)  Having gone down almost ten pounds already makes me think that losing ten pounds a month might not be an unrealistic goal.  YES!!!  That will be so great.

 It's getting to be past my bedtime again.  :-)  Try to watch the video and think about the rest of your life, the lives of your children and grandchildren, the difference between city and country... try to find a way to improve your lives as much as you can.  It will be worth the time, money, and effort you make.

21 JULY 2015 :: News reviews

I haven't watched any news programs today, but I did get involved with Facebook for awhile.  It seems the same news stories are still traveling through all the different organizations...

Planned Parenthood is trying to say they don't have an agenda for harvesting body parts... and it certainly isn't for "profits" - just the glorious needs of "science."  Who/what can we really believe -- their words or their actions?  The subject moved me to make my first comments to the ACLJ (.org) live program on Christian radio that I listen to.  I had to go to their Twitter page to enter any comments (probably a good move on their part... I would have written one LONG comment filled with important questions and comments.  Instead, I made about 5-6 short tweets on the organ harvesting topic and them some more about their website and question links for the program.  :-)   I always have too many comments.
Another big topic, far too big if you ask me, is the uproar about Donald Trump stating an opinion that differed from the masses.  :-)   I had to make at least one comment about that.  It had something to do about the main aspect of free speech being the expression of different viewpoints, without fear of death or mayhem or imprisonment or job loss or becoming the latest media BBQ...etc.  I remember saying something about Trump not committing a crime, just expressing an opinion that disagreed with the high honors and title we have bestowed on John McCain for surviving a POW camp
I suppose the Christian pastor that has been wrongly imprisoned in one of those countries over there will be treated like a war hero, too... he's been imprisoned by the enemy for almost as long.

What else do I remember being in the news and on Facebook....

*  MIRANDA LAMBERT & BLAKE SHELTON                  
I did notice that Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are ending their relationship... I could see that was being encouraged by the music show he was on, and noticed the media pics about her and him looking a bit strained.  I think anyone that tries to have a good marriage in "Hollywood" becomes fair game for those who want to hurt them, control them, tempt them away from any morals they may have.  Too many succumb.  It is always a sadness for me.  A healthy relationship with just one person for life is a treasure that needs to be protected at all costs.  I don't think any amount of money, fame, or unknown sexual encounters will ever replace it. 
But LOVE has a price of its own. 
You have to make it the goal of your life,
the priority of your decisions,
the meaning of your success.

I am still reeling from the video about the little puppy that was so abused by unknown people in Los Angeles...  the power of photographs and videos is that you can't stop seeing them in your memory even when you don't want to think of them anymore.  I so hope that this puppy will find a healthy and happy home where it will be deeply loved for the rest of its life.

I also love the elephant posts that go by... so big, so precious, so funny.  I saw one where it had the audio of a family sharing a teaching moment :: learning how to fan their big ears in the heat of the day.  It was really cute.

I like the good animal posts... like the little runt pig that was on the timeline today. Someone put a video on showing that a young person rescued it from being killed just because it was the runt.  They showed it playing and running around the yard and having a great time!  :-)  I think the text/title said something about the pig being like a puppy dog, except for that nose.  It also said that the pig was going to be saved from becoming ham and bacon by living on a sanctuary farm.  I love the idea, but how will we ever know...

 There are good points and bad points of being so connected to the world.  I don't know where it will all lead, but the Bible tells us what Man will become.  I would like to make a sanctuary (in every part of the world) for Christians to survive.  Are we more important than piglets?  Do we love each other enough to sacrifice the "success" of the world?  Can we speak the TRUTH without being maligned?  I don't think so... so we better prepare for the realities ahead.

20 JULY 2015 :: Facebook wanderings

I was wandering through Facebook a long time today... following links and notifications and articles.  I guess the one that most deeply impacted me was the one about a little puppy that had been abused by what looked like it must have been young teens... they made the dog lots of colors, shaved its hair like a Mohawk kind of thing, and who knows what else.  The headline was right :: you couldn't even tell what kind of dog it was.

I watched the video.  It made me cry.  In the end the "hero" is OK, but to have been treated like that is not.  I didn't check on the original post date, but the video said the dog was now available for adoption.  I hope it gets adopted by a loving person or family and has tons of room to run and play for the rest of its life.  It was a German Shepherd puppy... approximately 8 months old by the time it was available to adopt.

I followed a link to an article on an off-grid farm in Alaska.  I don't know what part of Alaska, but previous stories I had seen never showed the wonderful veggies they were growing and selling at their local Farmer's Market... really great food.  It did mention that one head of lettuce was about $5... about 5 pounds of food at $1 a pound.  It said they garden half an acre... and now earn about 2/3 of their income from their farming.

  • This family of now four started out as a couple.
  • Childhood sweethearts that found each other again after college.
  • They have been there a bit over 20 years.
  • They have two sons.
  • Homeschooling is the norm.
  • They don't eat meat and only occasionally drink milk.
  • They can what they can.
  • They have an outhouse with glass all around  (yuk)  and 4 seats  :-).
  • They paved their own 4-MILE road (driveway?) to the highway over several years.
  • Have to have a 4-wheel drive to go across the road/driveway.
  • It didn't say how many acres they own, but said it was $500 and acre in 1994, when they got there.
  • It took them 10 months to build their first 12 x 12 foot cabin.
  • They have solar panels to heat their water and run their appliances... 80 watts... 4 batteries.
  • He is a biologist, she is multi-talented and works very hard.
  • They were originally from Missouri.  He wanted to go, she followed him.
  • This article was on 4 separate internet pages... which I HATE reading, but I loved the topic and suffered through it.
  • The boys are heading into their teens... we know what that means!   :-(

A really interesting story I came across, and was reminded of while looking through my saved files, was one about an AFRICAN teen who found a book or something with a plan to make a windmill for electricity and water flow, so he made his own.  :-)  Isn't that great.  I was amazed by the finished windmill... it was made from scraps, including a bike wheel, wood pieces in lots of sizes, and who knows what else.  I went to look at the article again and decided to share this part of the initial paragraphs...

This might not seem like a mighty feat. But Kamkwamba, who grew up in Masitala, a tiny rural farming village off the grid in Malawi, was 14 years old in 2001 when he spotted a photo of a windmill in a U.S. textbook one day. He decided to make one, hacking together a contraption from strips of PVC pipe, rusty car and bicycle parts and blue gum trees.
Though he ultimately had big designs for his creation, all he really wanted to do initially was power a small bulb in his bedroom so he could stay up and read past sunset.
But one windmill has turned into three, which now generate enough electricity to light several bulbs in his family’s house, power radios and a TV, charge his neighbors’ cellphones and pump water for the village’s fields and household use.

It goes on to say the young man is 22 years old now.  He has made a big difference in the lives of many people in his area.  I hope someone is helping him to become better at what he is doing.

I have been very enlightened today... these are the days I stay too long at Facebook, discovering things that I hope to be able to use/utilize one day.