2016 is about to disappear!

I suppose this seems like an abandoned blog, but it isn't.  I pray for months, sometimes years, about important issues.  Working Together is the biggest issue in my life, so finding GOD's solutions to the goals I have for it makes the answers even more important.

I wish I could share the very great difficulties I have been facing, but I can't.  My view is that GOD is bigger than these issues so whatever is happening has something to do with His plans for the Body of Christ.  I am simply trying to find my way through them.

In the process of finding a way through my difficult challenges, I am working out some priorities, creating plans that I might be able to achieve.

Sadly, it doesn't look like my annual DECEMBER Membership Drive will happen.  You can still purchase the Trial Membership for only $5 a year, but the regular membership options will have to wait until I can reach a better place financially.  A PayPal link is on the main webpage... http://work2gather.us

The Trial Membership is a quarterly newsletter published in the English language and delivered by email in March, June, September, and December.  This newsletter will update recipients on the activities of Working Together (WT) and it's programs from one publication to the next.

It is not a hugely profitable endeavor, but will begin the process of connecting the Body of Christ at a global level.  We are the Body of Christ together.  The main goal of WT is to get us past denominations and into helping each other as ONE Body. 

The Trial Membership is open to anyone.  Other membership choices will be separated into Christian or Public.  It is my belief that the introductory relationship will help you to understand the mission of Working Together and allow you to make a better decision about further involvement. 

I hope you will purchase these inexpensive and introductory memberships for yourself and others.  It does require a PayPal account to order online, but if you want to send your payment (via an internationally accepted money order) along with individual registration details (email address and your contact information) in a letter format, the mailing address for WT is ::

Working Together Inc
PO BOX   8 2 8
Eugene  OR  97440-0828

Your membership would begin in January 2017.

We will all have to see what GOD will do in 2017 for 77 as individuals, as families, as Christians, and as citizens of our countries.

Sincerely, in Christ,
Deborah Martin