26 JUNE 2015 :: Sorry for the delayed post

Some days are better or worse than others, depending on how you see it.  Yesterday was not a good day and I decided not to post.  I am still recovering from yesterday, but want to get something written here.  I hope no one was distressed.

  • I am still not feeling well, and dealing with all the same issues as I wait on GOD, but...
  • I am continuing to post my thankfulness messages at Facebook... 
  • but I haven't decided about my Bible verse posts...where to locate them, how to proceed, what to share.  I will have to make a decision soon... just think of me as being on vacation.  :-)
  • My Twitter #crowdfunding campaign is nearly over...the 30th will be the last day for those.  Then I will be trying to figure out posting with @ signs instead of #'s   :-)
  • I am reading as much as I can about business, crowdfunding, marketing, sales, and all those topics. With my focus on poverty and prison reforms and changing the world, I find a lot of other topics to read about, too...like shelter options, financing, and senior needs.
  • Budgets are always in process.
  • And there is always the regular life stuff like dishes and laundry and eating.
That's what is going on right now... as well as my crafts being developed.

I am looking forward to seeing an amazing act of GOD one of these days.  I hope it is SOON !!!  :-)

25 JUNE 2015 :: Bad day... see you tomorrow :-)

Hope you don't mind, but I'm going to do this blog post tomorrow.

24 JUNE 2015 :: Thankfulness posts and myTwitter campaign

Being thankful for the small things that often go unnoticed every day takes a lot of attention.  I discovered a thread at one of the Etsy teams I joined that was a place to share what you are thankful for that day.  After entering one post, I realized it was a great way to change the habit of seeing all the problems we face...so I decided to enter posts either every day or as often as possible.  Later I settled into my Monday through Thursday schedule, but I still post whenever I am inspired to do so.  This week I decided to move my posts to Facebook and speak to a public audience I hope will grow.

You can find my old posts at this link ::

When I started my shop at Etsy, I also discovered the other forums, the public space where sellers and buyers share questions and ideas and general conversations.  I decided to start a Chit Chat thread to share Bible verses and other Christian inspirations.  I haven't decided yet if I will continue this effort at Etsy... I am taking a short break as I check out my Facebook activities and finish my Twitter #crowdfunding campaign.

You can explore this thread at this link ::

Etsy is not a Bible-friendly place, but it is a great place to build a crafts shop...I hope.  I have only sold one small item so far, but that is partly my fault. I started out in a Christmas selling season and wanted to find out everything I could so I would be ready for the next Christmas season, which is this year.  :-)   My deadline is sometime in September, so I need to start moving at a higher speed if I want to get enough listings to be a part of it! 

Right now, my Twitter campaign is winding down and I am posting about once a day there.  As I do this I am considering what I should try next.  I have only used hash-tags this month.  I am thinking I might start developing some kind of strategy with the (at) sign.  I have to explore the idea a bit more, and gather the connection information that matters to my topic.

Social media and marketing are a really big challenge, and require a lot more time than I have, but they are part of the online market so I need to learn all about them.  I do like to see how they work as I develop my plans for the future.  As I say all the time, everything depends on GOD -- how long He will let me live, and how much He provides for my efforts.  :-)

Well, today has been a strange day and I need to get ready for tomorrow.  I hope you have been thinking about supporting my efforts to raise funds with Twitter and Fiverr, and Etsy (if that is what you want to shop).  Here are the links that matter.  Explore them, read what I have been trying to tell you about, and then make a purchase.  Thanks for the time you spend on this. I hope Working Together will one day help you or someone you love.

http://work2gather.us -- the reason I was born :: Working Together Inc.

http://working-together-inc.BlogSpot.com -- my main blog.

http://fiverr.com/work2gather -- buy the GIFT gig and the gig extras!

http://work2gather.etsy.com -- buy whatever you want to buy!

Comments and suggestions about Working Together ::   office@work2gather.us

Pray for my needs to be filled so that I can create places for Christians to turn to as the End Times continue.  Membership is the foundation... but start-up funds are critical right now. Thanks.

23 JUNE 2015 :: Housing & notes about other things

One more class left for this RENT WELL program.  I am thinking of attending another one to see how it is presented... maybe even a third after that.  My major challenge for today's class was creating a "cover letter" for my applications for housing.  I'm not sure it is a valid activity anymore, so many applications are online, and that means they only allow you to fill in their blanks.  I am planning to fill in a few online applications soon.  I guess I will find out then.

I am wondering how I will do financially if I can't increase my income through my craft sales at work2gather.etsy.com and fiverr.com/work2gather... and other online sales sites.  Subsidized housing takes 30% of the little I have... a great deal for my budget, but still a large amount.  I am wondering how I will make it.  Much of my problems have been not having money to develop my sales goals, which also translates into income when it works.  I can only keep trying... and get better at it as I keep trying.  :-)

I continue to pray for land and ownership... a place to live in until I die... a place to begin the building process, and work, and live, and grow.  I wish this for all the poor... especially young families.

I have been watching the PBS series on the Roosevelts, and tonight is the final program.  Right now they are talking about Eleanor Roosevelt after the death of FDR.  I didn't realize she had to endure so many affairs of her husband and other things.  I have always admired her for "being the feet of the President" in matters that concerned the poor.  If we put a woman on one of the bills we use for money, I think she deserves that honor.

Well, I still need to do my Twitter campaign for today... and make my list of things to get done.  I will meet you here again some time tomorrow, GOD willing.

22 JUNE 2015 :: Another week is here, JUNE is almost over.

The days go by so fast...  I never get everything done!  

This is my last week for my housing class.  I have been working on my class assignments today, trying to get it all done by tomorrow or Thursday.

I discovered that Etsy is doing a crowdfunding PILOT PROGRAM with a selected group of participants.  It will last from 16 JUNE to 15 AUGUST.... so don't wait too long to see what they are experimenting with.  :-)   If you want to make your own comments, you have to go to the forum pages and search for "crowdfunding" or something related to it.  Mine is on page 17 of the announcement.  :-)   I am already thinking of a project to post!!!!   :-)

My weekend wasn't too good... I was ill most of it, had to rest a lot, but managed to do those low-physical-activity things, like checking online... posting to my Twitter crowdfunding campaign... etc.
Don't forget to make your purchases at
  • My crowdfunding focus is a GIFT gig there.
  • The minimum is $5, but you can add gig extras and get a mention on my Twitter page.  :-)  
  • I have a THANK YOU extra with a signed postcard.
  • If you'd rather support me at ETSY, go to  work2gather.etsy.com and purchase something there. 
When you support me
you are supporting Working Together.

I still have to do some Twitter posts for today.  I have started putting the DAY## at the start of my campaign posts.  I like it better.  I am collecting my messages to study later and decide which ones to do again at some point.  Only eight (8) more days for my JUNE campaign after today.  And no sales. No questions. No comments. No response of any kind.  Strange, huh.  It's been a problem since about 1987, when I started Working Together.

If I didn't think GOD was greater than my enemies, I would be crazy or probably be dead by now. 
I am glad that I know GOD, am saved, and trust that everything happens for His reasons. 
Our purpose on this earth is not always measured in money. 
GOD accomplishes His Will in many different ways... all you have to do is read the Bible to see that.  I do hope that I am able to see His provisions for WT soon, before I die, but I don't know if that will happen. 

Please PRAY for my life, my work, my sons, and all that is needed to reach the Body of Christ with the resources they will want for themselves or those they love.          Thanks.