What Government Is Becoming

As I watch my own country head into a socialistic format, and remember my own experiences within the Welfare system, I am deeply frightened. Is it the loss of God's place in our society that has moved us into these directions? I have to believe that is true. Many of the decisions being made, many of the biased media reports I have seen, and all of the increasing hatred of all things that have to do with God, are signs of God's absence from our lives. It means we have lost His protections, His blessings, His bounties, and that the End Times will include the demise of America.

Health care is one of the major problems we face. To care for the poorest and the neediest of our citizens is a very different program than to have ALL Americans signed up for government care. We cannot afford to have all Americans "insured" by the government. The government doesn't take care of the poor citizens they are already responsible for. Why does anyone expect they will do a better job of caring for all Americans?! Their solution is to take away from Medicare and extend the age of retirement for Social Security. What does that tell you about our financial situation as a country? It says we cannot afford these directions.

When I read about small banks going under, I have to wonder why. If we can LOAN money to the largest banks, why are the small banks left to die? There is something wrong with this thought process.

I watched an alarming video at a link I happened upon, about the threat of terrorists against our country. http://cloudvideos.tangle.com/c41d1763008601510d3e9a679de49839.flv - this should lead you to it. It makes real the thought of hatred and violence against our country. . . and how vulnerable we are. In my mind, God's Hand of Protection left America on 9/11. I don't know what the future holds for America, but I don't think it will be good, and I think we need to start preparing for it as Christians.

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Our food supplies are being altered, and we don't have any idea what long-term effect that will have. This problem is becoming a global issue. Along with droughts, natural disasters, and wars, the ability to provide for ourselves is becoming more and more threatened. Urban communities are more vulnerable to the effects of tampering with our food supplies, but a lack of seeds to grow and altered animal stocks will affect our survival.

Technology is taking over the body and taking away our ability to protect ourselves, to have our lives, to be what we want to be. Very soon we will be "watched" and "controlled" by the technology that is being developed now. As the government increasingly takes over every aspect of our lives, we will cease to be free.

And what about the criminals we have to deal with? What will it be like if they control everything in America and the world. Drugs are a battlefield, and we are losing the war. Now they are making it legal to grow and smoke marijuana, which incapacitates a person's ability to think rationally, much like alcohol and other drugs that affect the brain.

The only thing we know about the Antichrist is that he hates God...and God's people. He will move to destroy us if we don't submit to the "mark of the beast." That moment does not seem very far away.

My efforts to create Working Together are not the answer to world poverty or Christian survival. They are just a small effort to prepare for the events the Bible predicts will happen. There are no guarantees we will survive, only the fact that we will die, be judged, and go to heaven or the lake of fire. Hunger, thirst, heat, the sun's light...these are what the Tribulation guarantees for Christians. Working Together can only hope to salvage some of our people as we head into the time when the Antichrist will seek to kill us. If God does not provide for Working Together, it means there is no hope for our time, the end will be upon us more quickly than we believe.