26 FEB 2015 :: Politics & Government, Life Issues, and Retirement

The title lists the tentative topics for Thursdays...

It's been a long day...I'm trying to get what I can done before going to bed for the night... which is a goal of 10pm these days.  I'm hoping it will help my health and my schedule.  I guess I'm kind of retired now... I received my first Social Security Early Retirement payment... not much, but I have nothing right now.  It seems like a million dollars. 

I was on Facebook tonight and discovered the Calendar in the Events section... so I added some major holidays for me to keep track of...Earth Day is coming up on 22 APR, and the National Day of Prayer is on 7 MAY this year (first Thursday in May).  I didn't get to Resurrection Sunday yet, but I noted my goal for the next Christmas selling season (1 SEP).  The 4th of July has been entered. And I even went to Valentine's Day 2016.   Who really retires?  We just change our activities... right?!

I discovered the most unusual post on Facebook yesterday, but I saw it again today.  It was a baby that was deliver still inside its sac. I assumed it was premature because of the size, but it looked fully formed.  We don't see things like that normally.  It is quite a different world with the internet, and smartphones.  (I want one!   :-)

It isn't too hard to see the future...just look at the headlines and expand the concepts.  Genetic engineering is leading to places we may regret we have gone.  I saw a headline somewhere about people living to the age of 142 or more.  It's not too big a leap because some people have made it to about 120 already... in our generations.  With increasing medical discoveries, the future is beginning to look too orchestrated.  Only the healthy might be allowed to exist... and people may be created in DNA labs even if they are incubated in a womb. I suppose the main reason will be the costs of illness.

When we force people to take vaccinations, against their personal values, we are heading our country into larger areas of forced compliance.  Freedom has risks, but it is still important to allow citizens to control as much of their lives as possible.  I'm not sure how to describe the boundaries because laws that limit regular choices like vaccinations and medical insurance and education and income and more do not fit the "within the boundaries of law" I would like to cite.

What is freedom, and how do you create a foundation of freedoms that can be applied across generations?  We don't have the Bible as our guide any longer...what does that do to all the other values that made America great?  When does one citizen's freedom trespass on another's freedom... and how do we create boundaries that reflect our national beliefs? 

It's not an easy problem...and I don't think we will find an easy solution.

25 FEB 2015 :: Prisons, Education, and Medical Issues

In my desire to separate topics and time, I have (so far) decided to do these three topics (in the title) on Wednesdays...but that will be changing in the near (kind of) future. Once I figure out the separate blogs, I hope to add to each of them as events create information to be shared.

The big headlines I noticed today were  ::
  • the life sentence of a man I would have considered mentally incompetent when he killed the hero of a movie called American Sniper
  • the impending financial shut down of a government department called Homeland Security (Immigration and Terrorism related department, I believe) by the (Republican) Senate, with a lot of media references to the similar (Republican) budget events in the past
  • the Democratic President's veto of the Republican Keystone Pipeline project 
  • the apparent loss of unity within the Republican Party after its landslide election, possibly because it is already worried about the next election
  • the arrest of three men who were willing to harm America on behalf of ISIS or another similar terrorist group -- from what I could tell, they were arrested like others with the same desires: while they were leaving the US to get into the terrorist's training program
  • the committee examination of the head of the Federal Reserve...which focused only on one Republican member with a question about making sure there is equal access to her office by both Republican and Democratic parties

These topics show you what the news media thinks we care about, OR, they reflect what the media thinks is important and they present their viewpoint on the topic.  What do you think it is?

I commented tonight on Facebook about the sentencing.  I was angry that a man who was obviously mentally unfit was treated as a competent adult.  I wondered what the sentence would have been if there wasn't a movie about the victim, or a media presence.

Other people kill and don't get life imprisonment.  Some people kill by accident and get large sentences.  Mandatory sentencing doesn't allow for special circumstances surrounding an event or person involved in a crime.  Our criminal "justice" system is in need of serious reforms.  It doesn't allow for change in the future -- in the person or in the laws.  It takes away the incentive to be better.  

What we want is a better citizen.  If they do the work to become a better citizen, shouldn't they warrant a chance to prove themselves?

I vaguely recall seeing a video presentation about Canada's prison system many years ago... I was so impressed by some of the concepts presented.  I don't know if it is still this way, but what I remember is they allowed inmates to earn their way out of prison.  They inmate would be living in a prison apartment, working and keeping their own schedule, before they were released.  They learned how to be what a society needed them to be, how to fit in to normal life, how to live without feeling they needed to commit a crime.

I tried to remember where I saw it, and how to find it again, but it wasn't possible (for me).

What kind of person would you be if you knew your whole life was going to be in a cell somewhere, about 8x10 feet I hear, and there was no one who cared if you lived or died?  What reason is there for you to be a better person?

24 FEB 2015 :: Basic Needs and preparing for the future

The Bible tells us that food and clothing are basic needs, we tend to increase that list to food, clothing, shelter, and more, depending on our situation.  In my efforts on behalf of Working Together, I have been creating a list of things that will need to be covered, and their priority in the economic process. 

Food -  which leads to growing and processing and preserving all that we need to eat each year
Clothing - which means we have to share what we have, and create new items ourselves
Shelter - which means COMMUNITY living
Utilities - which means off-the-grid survival, or candles after dark
Transportation - which means public transportation, group vehicles, walking, biking, etc.
Medical - which means ONLY basic medical care and accepting its limitations
Dental - which means basic care so that there is no pain, that people can eat, etc.
Eye Glasses - which means frame glasses
Hearing Aids - which means basic equipment so people can hear
Financial Assistance - which means credit options within the WT system, for members
Employment - which means filling the positions that will create all the things we need
Retirement Services - which means a commitment to the living needs of those who cannot work
Life Services - which means providing basic care for those who cannot care for themselves

All of these needs take money to provide, and to continue, which means we have to have some form of income...  that would be membership, product fees, service fees, program fees, and a program where work is equated to the supplies needed to survive.  It is protecting the resources that already exist so they will be available in the future for those who are alive when they are needed.

We don't know when our persecutions will increase, when our jobs will be lost and our possessions then lost, when we will lose our family structures, our support networks, our church and community access.  If we wait too long... there won't be anything to turn to.

Read about the End Times, not the Rapture that is talked about... we don't know when, or if, there will be a pre-Tribulation rapture... it is only a theory.  What does the Bible tell us about the End Times?

23 FEB 2015 :: WT Review

Here it is another week...a lost Monday.  I need to figure out what to do with these ill days... and how to manage the tasks I want to get done.  Anyone have suggestions?  :-)

Working Together (WT) is not much different today than it was last Monday. I have been collecting the current information on the accounts I have for personal activities, and accounts I have for WT activities... trying to organize them, revise some, add to others, and figure out what to do with them.

Below you will find some of the links I posted at Friday's Crafts Explored blog.  Facebook pages are a challenge for me.  I am learning more about the site and groups there. I'm not sure which ones will be the most active... and a lot depends on whether GOD provides for employees. 

At Etsy I am learning some of the networking games (BNR, PNR, Treasury and shop promoting, etc.) and still trying to find the Christian selling populations.  I continue to develop personal crafts to sell for personal income needs.  I am getting better at my "studio hours" commitment, and the daily schedule I am developing to be able to accomplish things. I have discovered some Etsy groups at FB and am learning to use hash-tags with my posts at Twitter.  At Etsy Chit Chat in the forums I post Bible verses and inspirations on a thread I started for the Christian Community. I do this as often as possible, trying for a Mon-Thu commitment. I also have started entering a post at a CIC team thread called "I Am Thankful Today For...."  It is a challenge to recognize all the things we take for granted.  The Crafts blog mentioned above is part of my Etsy efforts.  I haven't yet decided whether to start an Etsy shop for WT.

Fiverr is a challenge to find the right items to sell.  I have a tip gig now.  I posted it for a "crowd-funding" effort, but seems to be a lifeless endeavor.  I market fiverr as I market my other sales efforts, but less frequently... I am searching for the right solutions for fiverr.  I made accounts for myself and WT at fiverr, but have let the WT account be dormant until I work out the other issues I am struggling with on behalf of WT.

I checked on my eBay accounts, another site I made accounts for both personal efforts and WT sales.  I am going over the pages and working on the updates. Also looking for things to list that would be eBay material.

Amazon.com and Amazon payments (Kickstarter requirement, I think it was) are still being developed. Not completely finished.  I wanted to sell books at Amazon, mine and others.

If my health gets better, the future may be better than the past. GOD is a constant prayer connection for all the issues I am dealing with, including health and finances, and I am still waiting for His interventions.  You can pray with me, if you would.  I keep reminding myself that WT belongs to GOD, and my only responsibility is to do my part.  I try to focus on that and pray that He will help me start the process.

All of these efforts are helping me find a path to sell WT products... soon, I hope.

20 FEB 2015 ::
Welcome to my relatively new blog just for craft issues and topics. Here are some of the webpages that are connected to me as well ::

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This blog may someday become part of the WT program for creating income and creating your own necessities.

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