Thursday, 5 NOV 2015 :: So glad it's Thursday

I discovered my eBay store again  --  what a day!   I have no idea how much updating I will have to do, but it is on my list of things to get done. 

I need to get some items listed there.  I discovered the photo requirements page in the process of looking for everything.  I am trying to collect all the different requirements for my selling/photo requiring sites.

Maybe I can find some good items to photograph and try to sell there... I hope I can figure out how to take some decent pictures with my camera.  I did discover that the lighting in my room may be part of the problem.  No wonder the sites all recommend "natural light" from a window... it seems one kind of light bulb makes your photos look yellow, and another kind of light bulb make them look blue.  I also discovered a setting to check.  We will all find out by next week... right!?   :-)   I hope so.

I also looked at a bunch of categories to see what the prices were like and what kinds of items they had available for purchasing.

I'm not sure I will do much at eBay... it is a hard site to browse.  Every time you change the page, you have to re-choose all the filters.  I don't want to buy first from other countries... but the US only filter keeps going away. It is a time-consuming and frustrating issue.  When it started happening again, I remembered the last time I was there.  Having the option to look at products in another country is good, but I want to avoid a lot of shipping issues and I want to buy US first.

I'm pretty tired, and I can see I am cranky.  I will be changing my blog writing habits so I will let this go for now.

I did make my first "bid" on a product tonight.  That was interesting.

I think my shop address is   --- so you can keep checking on me and watch how I develop things.   :-)    Contact me with any suggestions you may have... I need them!  :-)

Wednesday, 4 NOV 2015 ::

Today was another day of revisions...

I guess I was able to catch up with some of my other day-to-day living requirements... like taking a shower.  :-)   When I stay home and get busy, I don't always try to impress myself by taking a shower... it seems to be a non-priority item on those days... especially on the weekends.  :-)  I wonder what the neighbors think.

Not really.  :-)

I received one of my Etsy orders today... from the San Francisco area.  In the box there was a section of their local paper.  :-)  I am wondering what I will discover there.  I guess that could become one of the great advantages of ordering from other places.  We could share the local news with each other and find out what they do there.  I have lived in Oakland, and use to work for the BART system way back when, but I am sure it has changed a lot since then.  I heard on a news program today that the price for a one-bedroom apartment there is somewhere around $3500 a month.  I'm sure that is for the people who work at minimum wage.  Even at their new wage level of $15 and hour, if they are fortunate enough to work 40 hours a week, they will still be homeless.

I guess I will let you think about the problems of poverty...  some of the issues are so difficult, I wonder what will happen to our country.

Tuesday, 3 NOV 2015 :: moving into slow gear

I can see my decisions moving toward once a week blogging... it is very time consuming to blog, even with my limited topics.  :-)  It is hard to get out of a habit  once you work hard to make it part of your life, and now I need to reduce my load... at least for a little while.

This will be interesting.

I have been trying to get to my crafts, and sorting through my goals forces me to make hard choices.  No one can do everything... we have to find the most important things to spend our time on.  I have a whole bunch of crafts waiting for me to get to them... and other things.

Today I spent most of the day with more revisions on my goal packet... It is really beginning to take shape, but it is another time-consuming effort.  I guess it is the creation process... the writing, the designing, the revising, the trial-and-error process... it all adds up.

My health is making me realize that I need to keep a limit on what I commit to.  So... I am working on that as I go through my goal pages.  What can I do?  What do I want to do?  What will bring the best "return on investment"  (money to live on!), and all that stuff.

So... I am hoping I will be able to organize a desk and files to collect info and write better blogs on more involved topics... and include photos, etc.  I am even thinking of creating PDF versions to post in a more concentrated and printable format.  I have been planning to do that for ages, it just hasn't risen to the top of my "list!"  

Well, I will let you know how this personal conversation goes...

It may be I am just exhausted right now and don't want to see another keyboard.  :-) 

That does sound like a good idea.  I will rest, see how it goes, and make a decision on another day.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, 2 NOV 2015 :: A new month, with holidays approaching!

I started my end-of-the-month activities last week, but wasn't able to finish them this weekend because I spent many, many hours revising my goal pages, trying to get them all to mesh together and not be repetitive.  I am still working on these changes. 

I hope to get a single set of pages to use for all of 2016, to keep all my data consistent and easier to find and use for whatever I need it for (planning, budgeting, taxes, etc.).

There are so many different details to keep track of...
  • starting balances
  • general budgets
  • category spending
  • goals
  • priorities
  • selling activities
  • calendars
  • websites
  • listings
  • gigs
  • auctions
  • buy it now's
  • sales
  • coupons
  • food
  • time
  • special events
  • income
  • ongoing needs
  • long-term planning
  • payments
  • gifts
  • short-term activities
  • and more...
When I am rich and famous, I will be able to hire other people to do some of this stuff for me, but even the rich and famous need to create their own goals and plan how to achieve them. 

GOALS never go away... they just change. 
Achieve one goal and you need to create a new one.

Most of these efforts are at a personal level, but my business goals are dependent on my personal goals.  It's vicious cycle... (circle?)   I am sure I will find the best option for me... it just takes time and effort... and lots of revisions !!  :-)


Getting ready for Christmas is another goal for me this quarter.  I didn't have money last year, this year I have a little bit of money.  How to stretch that little bit is my challenge.

I love Christmas.  I love to give gifts. I love to share as much as I can with those who might need it.  Here are some of my favorite ways to give.  

  • NOVEMBER is the time that Samaritan's Purse collects Shoeboxes filled with gifts for children all over the world.  This year the collection week is from the 16th to the 23rd.  You can find a place near you to drop off a shoebox gift, where to send one, how to donate to the cause, or buy a shoebox online at the links above.
  • NOVEMBER is when we celebrate Thanksgiving in America. I don't know what happens all over the world, but I am slowly learning.  I have spent the holidays at Homeless Missions, so I always want to share something with a local mission for Thanksgiving.
  • NOVEMBER may be a good time to check on Toys for Tots, a great gift resource for poor families.  I have been a recipient in many over the years, and this is the best one I found.  I know that things change over the years, but I sure appreciated the difference between them and other gift-providing agencies.
  • DECEMBER is when I start looking for Christian Giving Trees so I can pick a name and try to find something they would like.  Usually that is a Salvation Army tree in Walmart or the community mall, but larger churches often have Giving Trees filled with the children of their congregation.
  • DECEMBER is when I try to make holiday goodies to share... cookies, candy, whatever I can.  With my kids grown, I have to find other places to give these traditions of food and time.

Enjoy your good goals and help as many as GOD allows you to.
In the weeks ahead, I will try to share more about the season of love and giving.