WTI :: December is not too far away... PRAY! I need to get things ready!

I keep seeing all the prep work I need to do on my lists, but when the dy is over, I haven't really finished what I wanted to.  This is such a pain.

This week I have been sorting through old paperwork and found a lot of my records for WT and the work I tried to do for it way back when.  This weekend I will have a separate pile of papers about Working Together to explore and remember and try to plan 2021 with.

I think about WT all the time.  Trying to decide on prices and benefits for Membership, how to advertise, what kind of graphics I should do for posting in December... and more.

I can only do what my current situation allows me to do.  It's not as much as I would like it to be, but we know GOD is aware of these details so I keep trusting there is a reason for my limitations.

As just one person with a very small income, I can't make endless offers via the internet... I can't pay for them without the fees I need to charge.  Finding the balance between fees and the benefits I would like to provide is my challenge.  In future years, with ongoing income, there will be more "flex" in the process, but right now (and in the past) there is NO room to experiment.

These are my challenges to build Working Together.  

They haven't changed in all these years of trying.

I hope to share more about what I end up with in future posts.  Keep checking in.

Let me know what kind of benefits you think are important for an online space for Christians.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


and more...

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