26 MAR 2015 :: Moving forward...

It seems pointless to go back and add to yesterday's blog post, so I will just continue on.  I don't know how much I have to say, or how I will organize my many opinions  :-) , but I am sure that will develop as the days pass...

I am planning to do something like a "zine" to sell on Etsy or somewhere... I have been trying to focus my writing energies in that direction... I understand they are about 16 page booklet-like things.  I am trying to figure out a maximum of 5 printed pages, which would become a 20-page booklet.  I am aware that one first-class stamp works with that maximum when you use light paper... I hope that will be the case when I get my first sample done and check it out.  :-)  

I have also decided to make my writings and other efforts into some kind of stationery that would be available online.  I haven't figured out e-cards yet, but I will in time... and am looking for a way people can write letters in online formats with stationery I create... don't have any idea yet if that is possible.  A regular PDF is going to happen first.  It is a wonderful thing to get regular snail mail...  I haven't liked the birthday events I have seen on Facebook... and wonder if they get any real cards in the mail. 

I did find a nice greeting card / address book thing at the thrift store... I will begin to collect the addresses for these events and someday be organized enough not to forget them.  :-) 

I also have my collection of picture frames ready to clean up and make artworks for ...  finally.  It all seems to be such a long process because there are so many other issues to deal with.  I do hope I live long enough to see the fruits of my ongoing labors!  :-)

I will try to do something for my crafts blog today... I am thinking I can add links to other blog efforts here, so that means a WT blog post every day, and the others as they come up.  This will have to be the primary focus for now, I think.  It seems like a good way to deal with this question.  We'll try it and see.

The crafts blog is at   http://crafts-explored.blogspot.com

I hope you will check on it later and see what I came up with!  :-)

In Christ,
Deb   <3 p="">
(I'm just learning how to do those text shapes... isn't that great... I have to get the fish ones down.  :-)


25 MAR 2015 :: Budgets and Goals and Changing Situations

I was able to go to my Wednesday sale at the Salvation Army today... 50% off everything in the store makes it part of my budget.  I go as often as my money will allow, and in normal times that is usually once a month.  Now that I am receiving early retirement funds from Social Security, I am able to explore the "white elephants" ( I think that's what they are called... ) of other people.  It is great to see what other people once owned, and I love trying to figure out what something is when it's something I have never seen before.

Today I found a small little crepe making pan... and I had to go over my planned budget of $10 just to buy it... after the discount, it cost me about $2.25.  It kept "calling to me" because I have been wanting to try crepes more, and it is just the right size.  It's real name is "Crepe Magician" and it is  made by Popeil.  I think it is old.  It looks old.  It also looks cared for. So, I am hoping it will make great crepes when I find a good recipe for them.

I discovered a number of great items that made my heart glad.  It is my version of a big shopping day.  I spent a total of $13.64 --  and had enough left of my $20 to get household items like shampoo, toothpaste, etc.

Unfortunately, the day was too hard on my body.  Right now I am not able to continue writing. I will try to finish this post in the morning, and get my Thursday post done then... maybe on Crafts.  I am changing to a Monday through Thursday blogging schedule... just haven't figured out what to do about my many topic goals.

See you then.  Deb 

24 MAR 2015 :: The difference between Truth and Fiction.

I was greatly disturbed by a photo I saw on Facebook last night. I wondered if it was showing someone who was actually being hurt and not able to get away from her captor.  It was displayed as a competition photo in a category I would never explore, but there it was, on a timeline I was exploring for artistic reasons.  This isn't the first photo I have been concerned about.

I have seen photos of children crying so hard I felt they had to be abused to get that level of "reality" into the photo.  As time went by, I wondered if anyone would notice a criminal sharing a photo of his conquest...  in a public forum that makes it seem "innocent." 

Can anyone tell where a photo came from when it appears on the internet?
How do you know what to report as suspicious?  violent?  criminal?
Where do you report it?  What happens to your report?  Anything?

It terrifies me when I think of what the future holds for the battles between good and evil.

In our day, the lines between reality and fiction are blurred so much you can't always tell which is which. I am an adult. I sometimes forget about computer alterations in films, special effects, and fantasy that is only meant to seem real.  How do children absorb all this information, and decide what is real and what is pretend?  I don't know.  So many are left in the care of others.  Many of their parents don't have the time to help them understand these differences, and these are the ones that love their children... what happens to children who survive homes where they are hated, neglected, or abused?

A Christian program on the radio today talked about how kids are raised with technology. They communicate with technology, and learn to evaluate their worth by what happens on/in this technology....  Grade school children talk at a different level than middle and high school kids.  Peer pressure is now photo sharing and texting and how many "likes" you have on the popular sites.  The teen hormone fights I use to see and avoid after school are now waged on the internet, and the consequences today can be life threatening instead of a black eye or a bruised ego. Some will last the rest of someone's life.

I wish I could find a solution to this growing problem, but there is no solution.  It reflects the heart of Man --  and Man's heart is dying.  It is called "growing cold" in the KJV, but it means the heart of our societies are dying.  It involves "road rage," "going postal," terrorism, "hate crimes," political unrest over immigration, abortion, race, sex, education, food, shelter, water rights, and anything that we disagree on.  It means the police, the military, the government, the church, and even the family, will not be able to save us one day.  Criminals will become better at what they do, and the rest of us will suffer for it.

23 MAR 2015 :: Defining the future

The future... what does it hold? 

Recently, I listened to a news segment (Sunday, I think) about the sun. I didn't hear the entire presentation because I didn't like the person presenting it.  I did catch a small part of the conversation, the part about the sun exploding eventually, but the voice of authority said the sun wouldn't explode for another 5 million or billion years.  I said to myself, who really knows?

We put our faith in scientists because they speak with authority, they do experiments, they gather the facts that come from those experiments. When they try to fit the pieces together, they are just human beings trying to justify their views.  What they present to us is one opinion, one theory, one idea about the issue they are pursuing.  We have been trained to think of science as facts that can't be changed.  What science is, really, is a reflection of the times it exists in.

Why did I shrug at the idea of the sun taking so long to explode?  Because no one really knows what is happening inside the sun, how it is aging, what will happen when it weakens enough to explode and die. Do we know what is happening to our ozone?  Not really.  We guess.  We make theories.  We try to understand what it will cause and how long it will take, because the ozone, and the sun, are tied to our existence.  We can't live without them operating properly.  They are damaged, but can they be fixed?  The Bible says that Man will destroy himself this time, GOD will not do it.

We lift up doctors in the same way.  And professors at universities.  And people with lots of money.  We see them as being more than us, but they are learning new things in their lives, just as we do.  Pastors can be fooled into thinking they know more than they do... and become imprisoned by those views.  We keep learning until the day we die, and if we keep learning, it means our thoughts and views and opinions can change.  We never know everything, we only know what we have learned up until today.  Tomorrow we may learn something that will change everything we ever thought was true.  That is kind of what happens when people discover the salvation of Christ.

It is hard to find the Truth, the big T truth. We can spend all of our lives searching for it, and then find at the end we still don't know everything we want to know.  I have heard sermons about the difference between the Christmas we see in marketing campaigns and the real events in the Bible.  We prefer the fun versions, the great decorations, the emotions that make one of our celebrations worthwhile. If the Truth interferes with those beliefs, we don't want to know it.

There are some truths in the Bible that can't be ignored,
and won't go away because we don't want to think about them.

Discovering what GOD is trying to share with us is not always easy.  We can listen to a great variety of sermon views, we can read it ourselves, think about a topic at great length, and still not find a final answer about some topics... like how to honor the Sabbath, or what foods to eat, or how/why Judas suddenly had Satan "enter him" so he would betray Christ to fulfill the Word. (1)  What is a firm truth?  What is a flexible concept?  And, what are the consequences of our choices?  Even the commandment not to kill has a different definition for war than it does for murder.  You have to find your own answers.

Your voice of authority needs to be GOD.  He is the only one that matters.  He is the one that has the right answer, the truth, the details about the future.  If GOD wants the sun to explode, it will explode, at any time He wants it to...  make sure you sift your information sources through the eyes of GOD... not the eyes of Men.

In Christ,

(1)  John 13:27 KJV ::  And after the sop Satan entered into him. Then said Jesus unto him, That thou doest, do quickly.  --  https://www.biblegateway.com/quicksearch/?quicksearch=entered+into+him&qs_version=KJV