Is staying faithful like a goal, like a path to success?

I wanted to share a note I found as I was again sorting through my many "piles" of papers.  It is on "grit," which is about the process of staying faithful to the end.

A couple definitions I copied from the FORBES video I watched, from Angela Duckworth (a psychologist), about who succeeds, are these ::



"Grit is the ability to persevere, to be resilient, passionate and hardworking."

Trying to imagine all the hardships we might face as the future becomes less godly and then the domain of the Antichrist is very hard.  I don't know how we are going to make it.  The prophecy that many will "fall away from the faith" seems like it is going to happen very easily... and is, really, happening now.  We listen to the news and are amazed at what some churches are doing.  How will we who have a strong faith be able to stand, especially if we are alone in our beliefs and alone in our lives.

I started the quest for saving as many Christians as possible when I discovered poverty, government assistance, homelessness, and more.  I knew others in the church would not know how to deal with it.  I could see there would be a lot of "shock" and chaos and fear and pain and hurt and loss.  There wouldn't be enough benevolence funding to really help anyone.  This was way back in the late 1970's and 1980's, and it continued through the 1990's and 2000's and 2010's and up to the present.  The problem has only gotten worse. 

There were things in the early years that I never would have considered.  There are even more unexpected changes now.

What would be the best path to our future as believers in GOD and Christ?

The answer to me is still the same, but the path has changed.  It has become more urgent.  We need the basics.  Food.  Shelter.  Work.  These can all be combined into making spaces for our protection.

Rural seems better, but there will be many in urban areas who will need these basic resources without the ability to farm and grow livestock.  They will need a different kind of organizing.  The main issue is preserving our resources and protecting our vulnerable.

Alternative energy options for power will be necessary, whether urban or rural.  No money means we have to have everything we need to survive.  I think we need to work on options for each dwelling.  Solar on our roofs and possibly our housing materials.  Water collection and power through our gutters.  Wind energy in small sizes, like old-time well fans or weathervanes, even the new small versions for roofs.  Wood for heat in small, tiny-house stoves or large cooking stoves.  Electric blankets that are low energy users.  Propane for cooking and heating.  

We see "Preppers" and think they are crazy, seeing disasters everywhere.  In truth, they are trying to find a way through what is ahead.

One of the best statements I heard from a prepper on YouTube was "It's better to be ten years early than one day late."  

The only way to live without money is to have these preparations already available.

We don't know what is ahead, or how it will affect us and those we love.  Our churches are not prepared to care for their own.  The government is not prepared to take care of anyone... it is living on a credit card (the debt) and will soon reach the stage of bankruptcy.  Then everyone who depends on the government for their money and their life will be left with nothing.  Who knows what will happen in our country or the world.

Martial law means we lose all our registered weapons.  Violence in our streets means we can't protect ourselves.  Our families are separated now, because of jobs and surviving life.  We will only have local resources to access.  Preserving what our people already have is just as important as creating food pantries and clothing closets.  There are so many things we could be doing right now but aren't.

Food.  Shelter.  Work.

We really need to make prepping our goal.