23 DEC 2014 :: Catching up

I just finished with yesterdays post, and want to get this one done before the midnight change of days... will I make it? Sure. It's just going to be a short post!   :-)

I finished a new post for Etsy about 3:30 AM --- I couldn't believe how long it took. I was making a new kind of listing, for ACEOs that can be defined by the listing or made into a custom order. It's an effort to move into the art world in a slow small way.  I am hoping it will help me get motivated to do more artworks as time goes by.

I will be making new ACEOs to post for sale that will be ready to ship and have different terms. I'm exploring the sales process in art... which rights do you keep, which rights do you sell with the work. I know very little about this world... I never really considered trying to make money with my art... or I would have started a LONG time ago!!!   Imagine the changes it would have made in the lives of me and my sons!

There will be some other listings soon... I am working out the items and the photos.  Photos are always a problem for me.  :-)  I'm getting better at it.

I have been able to watch some Christmas movies for the holidays, and tonight I was able to see some music specials.  If you don't have a schedule with all the channels on it, it is hard to know what is available to see.  I miss that.   I use to get the daily newspaper and I would check the TV schedule to see if there was something I wanted to make sure I watched, or tries to watch.  I can't do that anymore. It's "hit or miss" these days.  :-)

I have almost decided about my new craft blog...   almost.  I will let you know as soon as I figure it out. It's exciting for me... I am planning ways to separate my creative activities from my WT activities.  And I have a bunch of ideas to start with... but don't know how to organize for a weekly blog.  I am also trying to decide on a name.

I received a small cash gift for Christmas, so I may survive until my Social Security starts... it looks achievable.  Pray that GOD will help my funds stretch to meet all my needs.

Time to go.

I may take time off for the holiday...  so you may or may not see a post for Wednesday and Thursday. For that reason, I want to make sure I wish you

I hope you get the one gift that you really wanted to get.   :-)

Remember to thank GOD for the gift of Jesus...

22 DEC 2014 :: It's almost Christmas !

It's almost here... Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.  I wonder what this year is like for everyone else. Is it a good year? a bad year?   I wonder who is celebrating Christmas, who celebrates Hanukkah, who doesn't celebrate anything.  With my efforts to learn Etsy at the holidays, I have a need to watch the selling season unfold online. And I still have some gifts to finish.  :-)

I don't think I will share my special Christmas writing this year. I am trying to decide whether to make it into a gift tag, a notecard, or some other format for selling. I may just use it with my planned ornament collections.

23 DEC 2014  
I didn't get back to finish this post on Monday night... sorry.
I was revising my PayPal links for my website,
and creating a new listing for Etsy... didn't get done until about 3:30 AM this morning.
I just totally forgot to come back and get this posted.

I am sorry for that.

Now, I need to go make today's post, too! 
Feels like the holidays --  and I still haven't finished my gifts!   :-)

18 DEC 2014 :: Moving toward 2015...

I made a (tentative) decision to start a craft-related blog and make weekly posts on Fridays... It seems to be the best way to separate the activities I am moving toward.  I will try to get that organized by January, to make it a full year effort... January thru December.

 :-)  This will be interesting. I have some ideas for the blog, but not that many.  I am thinking I will share the sites and products and business articles I come across in my own search for answers. 

Today I spent some time organizing my Yahoo email site/s.  My contacts, notes, calendar... all have been avoided for years.  I especially need to get going on a notification calendar because I check my emails on most days.  I am hoping to see how helpful these things are.

I think Yahoo may have a blog option, if I remember right. I am trying to decide which site to start the new blog at.  I want to separate my WT and personal efforts as much as I can.

I was up very late last night reading a lot of things on Etsy and searching for the best way to build my shop site. I also looked at a few of the Etsy videos available... I still have one or two more to get through.  I long for the day when I can make my own videos.  I think it is a great way to share information.

Linking to other sites from Facebook and other places is becoming a really negative experience.  I keep going to find out information, and end up on a site I would rate extra-R or nearly-X because of the site ads and other choices... the ads make your computer barely function.  I am making a list of sites I will never go back to again unless there is a REALLY urgent need... and I doubt that will happen.  :-(

I can see that the future will be finding the sites you want to participate in, and forgetting the rest.  I am hoping to be part of the Christian movement toward that commitment.

I pray every day about the funding needed to accomplish better choices and resources for the Christian and Jewish communities.  It may not be my task, but GOD is doing something with my life that will lead toward it.

17 DEC 2014 :: Holiday prep and Planning for 2015

What a long day...  I almost took a nap several times, but trudge along. 

I was finally able to make some more of Martha Stewart's Hot Cocoa Mix. This time I used dark chocolate powder and made a full double batch.  It should last me a long time... and I can still share some as a gift if I decide to.  :-)

I also had to make a double batch of fudge, instead of the single batch I wanted to make. I couldn't find the right size pan, so I used a huge spaghetti making pan.  One batch would have been so small, it would have burned, I think.  So I went ahead and made all my fudge for the season at one time.  :-)

As a double batch, and cooking without the candy thermometer, I had to guess at the cooking time.  For one batch, it said to cook for 4 minutes at a full boil on medium heat. When I got the mixture up to a boil, I wasn't sure it was a "full rolling boil" and didn't know if I should boil it for 4 minutes, 8 minutes, or some number in-between. Double batches are different.  Some things get doubled, some don't.  Cooking time doesn't always get doubled. 

I estimated a random time.  It is soft fudge, like I enjoy, but might be too soft for some.  :-)

Everything is a learning experience.  :-)

That was enough holiday food activity for me!   Tomorrow I will see if I can make the granola I need for breakfasts, and something holiday. 

While I was doing all the holiday foods, I was also doing things in my room, in my mind, and in my plans.  I live in one small bedroom so I need to move things around a lot.  In that ongoing activity, I sort and re-sort notes and records I have made for different projects I have "in process."  It is slowly getting organized, but I continue to pray for GOD's provisions for my larger needs. Hopefully, I will be able to create and photograph and list and store the items I want to sell during 2015, including memberships with Working Together.  PayPal links are high on my to-do list now.  Not much time left for the change to 2015.

I find it strange that not one response has come in response to my efforts all these years. Not even a question.  I can see and hear reactions about the topics I raise, but no responses from the Christian community.  I have to wonder why, but I am trusting that GOD knows the details and will deal with it at the appropriate time.  It is a challenge to wait for GOD, but I believe that His Judgments will be the most appropriate.

Lately I have heard a few sermons about the topic of sin and repentance and forgiveness and judgment. One sermon kind of mentioned the thing I also noticed about GOD with David's sin with Bathsheba.  GOD waited a long time for him to admit his sin and seek His forgiveness.  When David chose to ignore it, GOD sent the prophet to confront him.  I think our judgments are worse when we don't do what is right, when we don't admit our sin and seek forgiveness, when we don't repent.

I can't remember who else was mentioned in these sermons because this passage about David has always been a huge revelation to me about sin and judgment.  It also defined, for me, the difference between killing in war and murder.  David only murdered one person in his entire life...  that was the husband of Bathsheba, to hide his sin. For committing this murder, the judgment was huge...I believe it was that violence would never leave his household.  At one point, I wondered if David cried about Absalom because he felt the problems were caused by his sin. 

In another sermon, by John MacArthur, I heard that this kind of judgment from GOD lasted for ten generations...but I have never heard that before.  There is a judgment against Eli that is stated to be forever.  We can see a lot of things in the Bible that GOD never meant, but our version isn't the one that matters. GOD will do what He says, not what we say.

When the Bible tells us to fear the Lord, it is a wise warning. If I have to choose between avenging myself and waiting for GOD to judge those who have wronged me, I try to "let it roll off like water" and give GOD time to be the Judge. It isn't always easy to do, but I focus on that response. I don't want GOD to have to judge me, too.

Please, continue to pray for me and for provisions for Working Together. I hear every ministry calling for end-of-the-year donations, and I just want to be able to start WT the way it should have been started in 1987.  Some situations are dire in my life...pray that GOD will provide ASAP.  Thanks.

16 DEC 2014 :: Keeping up with things and finding our values

Another day of trying to catch up with my various tasks on a to-do list.   Mundane things like doing the dishes become "critical" when the pile is almost a foot high in my little dish pan.  :-)   I started the day trying to get one Christmas message in the mail and wound up writing to almost everyone I thought I should, and sending off one more gift letter.  I think I did nine letters... this is a big deal because I haven't had stamps to write anyone for a long time.  :-)

That was enough for my body... I rested on the computer, checking everything, and now getting my blog post done.  The news was on the TV since 5:30, and I just turned it to a PBS music channel with a jazz emphasis (but I know I have heard non-jazz on it when I keep it on for the whole night). I like the mostly slow tempo... it is soothing for me... and takes care of background noise when I want it.

I don't want to think about the news I heard today... I can't imagine how it happened...all those children killed for political reasons.  It was on Facebook, too.

I think we are all on overload emotionally. It is hard to deal with all this tragedy 24-hours a day. It numbs the mind and heart and soul.  It may be why violence has no sense of wrong attached to it anymore...

Time slips away from us...

I watched an old Christmas movie I happened on last night [Christmas Without Snow]. It was from 1980, with Michael Learned as the main star, and John Houseman as an elderly church choir director, and John Cromwell as the third main star (I think). I remember faces better than names. I watched a lot of the Walton's on TV, so I knew Michael Learned from there.  John Houseman looked different, but I can't remember which show I remember him from.

The main thing I am trying to say is that the movie was over 30 years old.  the subjects and their presentation were different than what you would see in a movie today. Old movies are more about the characters I think.  Today it's all about sex and skin.

It's funny what we remember.  Sometimes I try to remember the things I have read, seen on a video, on TV, or heard on the radio. It all seems to blend together because there is so much coming into the brain and only the really interesting things rise above the rest. It takes some time to get through the haze, searching for something that will push my memory.

When I can't remember these things, I think about the time I used up watching them. I wonder if it was worth it.  There is a need to rest, to balance work and other activities, and there is the situation we live in...  we create the values we put on things.

I am searching my life for what my values are and how to honor them in my choices. I don't have much time left, and my situation is limiting, but how do we as individuals, cities, schools, businesses, governments, etc., honor the differences between us? 

America was founded because Christians were forced to worship something they didn't believe in. A new kind of government was formed because of it.  But do we build America on that same foundation of individual freedoms, or change it into a pureed soup of social regulation?

The difference between the Bible as our foundation and Man as his own master is like the difference between Leave It To Beaver and Married With Children, Archie Bunker and the Cosby Show, Roseanne and the Waltons. We are becoming the land of media values (maybe the world governed by media values), and they affect our concepts about all different kinds of values.

As Christians, we need to think about how fast things are changing, too.  We don't know how long the End Times will last, only what some of its characteristics will be.  The loss of godly perspectives is one of those signs.  Values matter. 

15 DEC 2014 :: Another week

I want to get this done for the day. I am on the computer (had to review and try to submit my healthcare.gov application) and have other things to do. I was up until about 3 am catching up with the weekend online, and will need a nap later on (I think!).  :-)  

I haven't received my first check from Social Security and I am already hating the system.  :-(   This is not good.  ---   I thought  you would receive a check from the month you were eligible for it.  I thought you received your first check in the month that you had your birthday.  I made plans using that as the foundation.  Now that I have applied  (for early retirement), I have discovered that I am eligible for my first payment the month after my birthday, but it takes two months to get the first check.  That messed up my budget.  :-(

Today, just a little while ago, I finally went to the healthcare.gov site to finish my application. I had gone there on the 2nd of December to get it out of the way, but the computer wouldn't process it. Today was the deadline for renewals, so I hoped it would go well.  I had heard a program segment about the business side of the website that said you had to have every detail right or the computer wouldn't process it.  So, I decided to do a full review of my application and then try again.

I changed my income amount for 2015 because I thought that might be the problem.  I only counted the actual expected income (11 months of $375), but then decided the government may count January because it would be considered their January payment... so now I have $4500 to look forward to in 2015.   :-)   (as my income so far)

My other efforts have not resulted in income, so I didn't include them.  Not sure how that will change, but I hope that the problems will be dealt with soon.

I was finally able to go food shopping this weekend, so that was a need taken care of.  I have food variety again.  :-)  Not many food stamps left now, but enough for fresh fruits and veggies or any emergency need.

Poverty is a strange process.  I went for many years depriving myself as much as possible... I remember I finally made the decision to buy myself a treat each month... I think it started with a candy bar or something, and then I remember it grew to the specialty coffee I like.  It's hard to recall all those details anymore... it has been a long hard struggle with lots of bad memories and lots of prayers and lots of efforts. 

I guess I said that because I bought a lot of baking supplies and staples that I don't always buy.  I have been making bread again... so I bought some dark rye flour (it looks like white flour to me) to see how it works. I also bought some polenta, which I have never had before. I watched a cooking show about making graham crackers so I decided to see how graham flour works in bread and other recipes. I may try to make something like a graham cracker.  :-)  I really made a leap of faith in the health food arena when I decided to purchase some date sugar.  I like the concept of sweetening with dates, but have only tried one teaspoon so far in my coffee.  I think baked goods will be good...and the package says it is good on cereals.  It is like gold to my budget, so I will have to use it carefully.

I am single now. If I had children to care for and feed, I wouldn't be able to take these chances with the food money.  I still eat a lot of the pasta and other items I have eaten most of my life, but I am trying now to change to some better food options.  I eat a lot of brown rice now, and have just started eating steel cut oats.  I made my own granola when the kids were young, and our own granola bars. I also made my own bread and whatever else I could.

Our needs and abilities and options change with every age, location, and budget. Now I am trying to prepare for my senior issues and death.

I don't know what it will be like, I never expected to have the life I did...but I keep searching for GOD's purpose in all of it.  Somehow, this all has meaning in His Plans for my life, for our world, for the future.  I hope to see some good come of it, but I may have to wait until I get to heaven.

I do hope and pray that you will consider the needs of our world in your holiday celebrations.  Start thinking about your past, your present, and your future.  What matters most?  What has GOD created you for?  How can you make your life reflect the best of what you are?  ---  Make plans to change the things that are wrong in your life.  This is the best time to do that, we are starting a new year soon.

11 DEC 2014 :: Feeling better...

I'm not well, but feeling better. I want to get this post done before I finish the day... I'm trying to catch up with all the things that got left undone, and have to work in stages.  :-)  Life is so much fun when we get old.  :-)

I watched a bunch of VHS tapes in my resting moments... including Bambi, An American Tail, Pocahontas, White Christmas...  what I have available and wanted to re-watch. I already kind of watched It's A Wonderful Life, but need to watch that again... it was a watch/listen while you work kind of viewing.  :-)   I love that movie.  I hope my tape lasts the rest of my life.  I still have Dumbo to see, too.  You can tell my preferred level of movie ratings. I have some of the R movies, but don't really like the yucky parts in them... I wish everything was revised for the old TV standards... no nudity, sex, profanity, etc.   That seems to be all that is on anymore. It's hard to like any of the series programs...they always decline into smut.  :-(

I watched a re-run of Cold Case last night and was reminded again about the attitudes and impacts of the Hollywood decision-makers.  The theme of religion... specifically, anything having to do with GOD, Jesus, the Bible, Christianity, some Jewish, etc... is always creatively smeared.  Pastors are always adulterers, sex fiends, abusers, degenerates.  Doctrine is always a farce.  The social themes of Hollywood are always glorified... free and open sex, homosexuality/etc., money, power, abortion, and a zillion other social mores that go against the Bible.  Even the "news" is biased toward the Hollywood agendas.

It always makes me want to get rid of my TV... like I did so many times before. There isn't an easy solution to this moral issue, and it will only get worse as Hollywood gains more dominance, and GOD decreases in our societies.... all part of the End Times process.  Christians will have to make a decision at some point, and separate from the larger society just to protect itself and it's families.

I hope my body will allow me to get some things done this weekend...  I will talk to you again on Monday, GOD willing.

10 DEC 2014 :: Checking in again.

Still not well... wanted to enter this in case the day gets worse... but I will try to come back later if I feel better. Sorry for the lack of opinions...   :-)

May GOD watch over America and the ones we love...
May He guide our leaders and help them to choose right over profits and campaign donations.
May He help us to see the need to lift up moral foundations and not tear them down.
May He show us how to reduce our debt and stay within a reasonable budget... both country and families.
May He protect our country by revealing those who would use hate to achieve their ends.
May we see that love is what matters, and GOD gave us the poor and helpless to keep our hearts tender, to keep us humble, to allow us to share in their needs.
May GOD judge those who need to be judged, and have mercy on those who deserve it, those who will one day serve Him and love others, who will find a better life, and contribute to America what no others can...

In the holy and wonderful and blessed Name of Jesus,  Amen.

9 DEC 2014 :: Quick check-in

I hoped to feel better by now, but don't... so this is just a short check-in. Mostly resting, trying to eat, etc.  Not able to catch much of the news... the weather is wet, windy, cold.

I don't have the ability to do much... just wanted to enter a blog post for the day.

Please pray for my situation...  I am depending on GOD, and hoping for a good miracle soon.

May GOD protect His Children, May Christ protect His Bride, and May the ones we love get saved and be with us in heaven.  Amen.

8 DEC 2014 :: Planning for the future, getting through the present.

It's hard to get through the days when your health is like a roller coaster: up, down, up down.... :-) I do what I can, and pray for wisdom on the rest.  I am more aware of my fragile nature, and that all I want to accomplish will be left for someone else, or no one. 

I was able to create some new bead items with the recycled supplies I have on hand. And have a variety of projects in different stages.  It is good to have something done.  Once I make photos, and decide what to give as gifts, what to sell, and where to list them, I will begin to make listings at Etsy, eBay, and other options that are in process.  I can't make it for Christmas, but we are already planning items for next year.  :-)

I hope to catch up with some of these income activities by next weekend, but only GOD knows the future.

I am heading into a better schedule for me.  Monday through Thursday as an online work week is good for me... Trying to decide what to do with the weekends has been part of my prayers since beginning this.  I will need to make notes for my sales sites when I finally decide.  It will be better for me to have time for creating and time for ongoing activities.  I think the world will survive these needs, and I am praying that GOD will provide for my needs in the midst of these boundaries.

I caught up with my Facebook page today... and discovered a new seed catalog called Rare Seeds. The website is http://www.rareseeds.com and there are amazing foods available there.  You can order their 2015 catalog now... and look at the current/last catalog online.  Heirloom seeds are really very important for our future... get as many as you can.

I watched a video, finally, with the volume on, about the earth and our survival. I can only remember the hashtag: #earthlings -- because the video makes the point that we are all earthlings (man, animal, plant, land, water, sea, air...  well, I may have gone a little beyond their definition... the message is very essential to our survival... how we view ourselves creates our view of others, and defines how we treat the earth and its earthlings.  It is about a 10-minute video, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix ( I don't know how he spells his name, this is the spell-checker version.).  I hope you can find it with the hashtag.

I don't want to comment right now on the deaths by police of several black people, but I can't avoid making comments on the issues that are involved in their existence. Black people are not the only victims of police violence, and many great police officers are victims of criminal violence.  It is not a simple issue, not just a race issue...it is a very important policy issue that needs to protect both sides of the public safety issues we are seeing now. I would like a wider view into the deaths by police issue... make it more than a Black conflict. We depend on our police as a community force to protect us.  Without them, without good people willing to do their jobs, we will all suffer.

I guess I could share a comment I heard on a Christian program today.  June Hunt is a new program on a local Christian station in Portland, OR, USA.  She deals a lot with the emotions of suicide and forgiveness.  Today she mentioned a plaque she has in her office somewhere. I thought it was a great statement.

To err is human,
to blame it on someone else is more human.

Isn't that the truth!!!   :-)

I hope we can find a better way to handle our problems. We see the "blame game" every day in the media. It doesn't seem to help us, or solve our really BIG problems.

4 DEC 2014 :: End of week review

Spent much of the day trying to start some art and craft projects I hope to list and sell.  :-)   After finishing a handmade card for one of my sons, and then another one for my mother.  Money is very low for me, so stamps have been an issue.  I was rummaging for some of my craft supplies and found some... that was a present for me!  :-)  Found some card envelopes to use, too.  Hopefully, I will be able to get them ready to mail tomorrow or Saturday.  

I use to send out homemade cards with the news of the year...then I went to regular cards.  The number decreased as the years went by and money problems were a seasonal issue.  I barely send out any now... but I hope to rebuild my list before I go (to heaven).  I think I will work on a stencil design for next year. I have been wanting to do stencil creations for some time.  With Etsy, I can make sets to sell, too.

Found some things to list at eBay today, too.  I will do that later.  Right now I am catching up with my computer tasks.  I entered my daily verse early this morning.

I don't know that I want to comment on the racial issues America is facing, and its associated police issues.  I would have to write pages of opinion and experience.  I am close to watching the news, maybe I will save this as a draft (at approximately 5:45 pm PST) and finish it later.  I am sure there will be something to comment on.

Talk to you then.


Here I am again... didn't hear a lot of news... checked my Facebook, emails, etc.   Most of the talk is the same --  police associated deaths... immigration and the President...   Not sure why I don't get more info from groups I have liked.  Will have to check on that.  :-)

I answered a post by the Hagee ministry... asking for comments on the economy for their coming radio program.  Here are the questions, and then my reply.  I suppose it is worth sharing.  You will need to prepare for the future, too.


John Hagee Ministries

We are preparing for next week's Hagee Hotline with Pastor Matt, and he has asked us to get
your opinion. So let us know what you think about:
1. What are your concerns about your personal finances? How are you planning for your
financial future? Is it more difficult to plan for your family today than it was 10 years ago?
 2. Are you concerned about rising prices globally, locally? What concerns you most about the
global economy and how it might directly affect your family?
 3. What concerns you most about our national (or global) financial status?

[My comment, with the errors I made in my terrible typing and lack of proofreading.  :-)  ]

1. I start early social security retirement in 2015 and don't get my first payment of $375 until
the end of February... My only income for some time has been less than $200 a month in food
stamps... and I think it was 2 cash gifts of about $150 for all of 2014. -- 2. I think the hidden
crisis is famine... growing in the USA as well. GOD judges nations by drought, famine,
pestilence, and war. I think America is deep into all of them. My opinion about the End Times
(now) is that the churches need to prepare for the change in support, from receiving to giving
to the needs of their congregations and communities. It may start as a trickle, but it's going to
be continuous and grow as the years pass by. The loss of money to give to organized charities
is going to affect the world. We support a lot of people in a lot of places... and we won't be able
to do that anymore. 3. -- America's huge debt/defidit is our greates issue, and Obamacare is
causing a ripple effect that will grow and destroy many other government programs. Medical
costs cannot be contained... only regulated by not paying for them. Christians are going to
lose everything they have built up and invested in, and depend upon, if/when the US
economy falls... who will there be to help them? How will the churches they have supported all
their lives be able to support them? --- In the market crash of 1929, people lost at least half of
their wealth, if they had any left. Retirement funds are all realated to stocks, bonds, gold,
commodities, etc. --- We may have GOD, but the numbers of needy and the seriousness of
their needs are going to have to be prepared for. http://work2gather.us


I'm sure you could comment on the questions, too.  Find them on Facebook, or maybe you can reach them online at  http://www.jhm.org

3 DEC 2014 :: Getting back into focus

I started getting to my artwork ... finally.  Last night I tried to think of things to draw, and to make them small for my shipping plans.  Small is hard.   :-)    I need a separate workspace for my art and my crafts...  I end up doing computer work all the time, and can't move around to change my activities easily... and some projects need to sit between the parts that make them.  It is a challenge I have had in all my living spaces for many years.

I am getting some kind of order figured out, though.  That is good.

I am praying through my current situation, and trying to find the right attitude for the process.  It is easy to quote verses in the Bible, to say that we need to be one way, and very hard to actually find that place in our mind and life.   I believe that GOD is sovereign...and that He has a purpose in all that happens to us, in our world, etc.   Finding that purpose has always been my challenge.

I have been very affected by the Thankfulness Journal I shared about earlier, from a Focus on the Family program last week.  I tried it out in a prayer posting at one of the Christian Teams at Etsy. This is what I ended up with.

Thank you, Lord, for this great and wonderful day... thank you for all the blessings that you provide for us...especially the ones we don't really know about. Thank you for food, shelter, clothing, shoes, freedom, money (if we have it :-) , time, health, the ability to see, the ability to hear, the ability to speak, the ability to feel, to love, to think, to read, to eat, to walk, to touch, to make things, to have access to the internet, to have a computer, a smartphone, a telephone, a lamp, a bed, warm blankets, pillows, and all the other things that we may have or not have, depending on our situation.

Help us to trust you more today, no matter what happens.
Everything in our world has somehow been created by You,
help us to take better care of it, and of each other.

This is the season of giving for Christians, Lord...
help us to share as much of our bounty as we can.

I was quite impressed by what happens when you start listing all the "small" things you take for granted as you focus on the pain or need in your life.  It doesn't solve the immediate problems, but it does help you see things in a different way.

I guess it is the old problem of establishing priorities.  What really matters?

Today I decided to enter another prayer/praise posting at Etsy's Christian teams and threads. I was thinking about the sovereignty of GOD in the events of our lives... so this started out with questions about that fact.


Is GOD sovereign? Yes. What does that mean to us as we go through our lives?

Lord, Thank you for being my LORD, my SAVIOR, my FRIEND, my GUIDE, my TEACHER, my HOPE, my PROVIDER. Help me to always keep my trust in You. Help me to see the lessons you have in the events of my life. Help me to find the direction you want me to walk in. Help me to see the people you are trying to reach.

Provide for me the things I need to accomplish Your Will for my life.


The theme of the Bible is that GOD provides for our NEEDS... they seem to be minimal needs, basic needs, things that are required for survival.

I have always believed that GOD provides what we need to accomplish His Will for our lives... for our task/s in the Kingdom, our part of the Body of Christ.

I have problems when what I think is needed doesn't seem to be GOD's idea of what is needed.  :-)

2 DEC 2014 :: Social Media, the Internet, and Online Sales

Been trying to go through my Facebook page/s... looking for important news and events.  Seems to be the same thing every day... not really worth a lot of attention.   I still haven't figured out a way to log in and check the pages I want to know about.

I went to Etsy earlier. It is becoming my first stop because I enter a daily Bible verse, check on my shop's needs, and browse the forums for information I might want to know.  I shared with someone that I am trying to decide what teams are about in the online (Etsy) environment.  Connecting and accomplishing and growing in the Internet world is not the same as the real world.  I think it needs to be an option, not the whole focus... but that isn't always possible, and the world is being taken over by the computer and its forms of communication.

I have pages on fiverr.com as well... and they have forums, too.  A lot of marketing goes on in the forum pages because it has your avatar and a link to your page/s.  Etsy is the same.

There are over 10,000 teams, and I think there are millions of shops and buyers... or maybe there are millions of listings.  I can't remember right now. It's all big numbers.  Finding your customers is not a simple task.

Every website is protective of their place in the online economy.  I am becoming aware of a need to build a separate presence for all the sites I sell on... BUT, they can all meet at my personal/business website somehow.  Working out all the details of that connection is the challenge for me... as one person, too poor to do what I need to do, I have to keep waiting, look for alternatives, find ways that will work in my situation, and pray a lot.

The online community has its own forms of prejudice and bias and manipulation and crime.  It is just a larger community, global, and without regulation.  That is why the international government will be a necessity soon... and the Antichrist will be right behind it.

Everything is a tool for good or evil.  I choose to follow good, follow GOD, and follow my dreams within those limitations.

1 DEC 2014 :: Christmas shopping is really here...

Cyber Monday is pretty much over now... we survived Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Sunday (actually the first Sunday of Advent).

I was devastated to lose my internet access on Sunday afternoon and evening. I don't know what happened this morning... I didn't get on the computer till mid-afternoon.  I have been catching up since then.

Made some bread today.  I am working on my own recipe for one loaf of bread.  Trying to make it with different ingredients each time. Today I used sunflower seeds. I tried to make a crust of flax seeds, but they didn't stay on.  :-)   Will have to knead them in next time.  I took the temperature of my bread loaf this time... to see if it was done.  I watch America's Test Kitchen a lot, and they said that bread is a certain temperature when it is done.  Mine was 180 degrees, but I couldn't remember what it was suppose to be.  I haven't checked on that yet.  :-)  [While looking for the link, I did several search terms and couldn't find the temperature that way... I will continue my effort another time.]

I am fond of County Fairs and when I started trying to enter things for the exhibits, I would look at the food items, including breads, and wonder how they judged them.  They open a loaf of bread to judge it... I have no idea what it is suppose to look like to be a winning exhibit, yet.  I want to see the fairs have samples for people to try... especially the winners.  What does a winning entry taste like?  I want to know...

I didn't have a Thanksgiving, but some years are like that.  I remember one year, when I had kids, that our meal was stew.  It was a good year. 

I discovered the option to offer prayers at one (then two) of the Christian Teams at Etsy this weekend. I was impressed by a recent program on Focus on the Family about a Thankfulness Journal and decided to say thank you to GOD and then added a small prayer for blessing on those who love Him. I am wanting to add more prayers/praises now... this may be a good thing or a bad thing.  It depends on what GOD is trying to achieve and who is reading them.   :-)   It helps to remember all the blessings we have in the middle of our hard times... it changes our perspectives.

I watched most of It's A Wonderful Life over the weekend.... need to see that again... and dig out more of my VHS tapes.  I discovered that my DVD player doesn't work anymore. VHS is fine as long as the machine works and it doesn't eat the tapes.  I like them... you can't flip through like a DVD, but it is still the movie.  And it is relatively cheaper. 

I love that movie. It is my all time favorite.  It shares so many concepts about life and GOD and how important every person is to our existence.  I don't think angels are like Clarence, but it is a nice movie. When we look at the changes in our society, we can see that America is becoming "Potterville,"  and that is not a good thing.   I don't think we can change that direction anymore, that is what prophecy tells us is coming.

Christmas is really close... and I can't catch up.  It will be another race to the finish.

Enjoy your holiday season... I have been hoping that everyone will find some good in the days ahead, share what they can, and find the love of GOD and the salvation of Jesus.

In Christ,
Deb Martin


It's about 9pm on Wednesday evening... just want to get this into the schedule for tomorrow.
Enjoy your holiday, and the weekend.
May GOD bless those who love Him and are seeking Him daily.  :-)



T H A N K S G I V I N G !


26 NOV 2014 :: The day before Thanksgiving

The turkeys are probably in the frig defrosting or brining or waiting to be purchased at the store. :-) Maybe it's ham you are going to eat, or duck, or a big chicken... or more than one. I hope your weekend is filled with joy and lots of good food.

I have been thinking about starting a Journal of Thankfulness... my name for something I heard the other day on a Focus on the Family radio program. The woman that was a guest on the program had a journal that she kept her "Thank you for..." messages to GOD, to help her remember the things that were good in her life.  In a hard time she and her family were passing through, on a terrible day during that hard time, she went to her journal instead of going to that horrid place we can go in our misery and wrote three or more pages of thank you messages.  By that time her heart and mind were changed and life had a better taste than when she started.

I was impressed. I have heard of these kinds of journals before. Some keep a prayer journal, to record their prayers and when (if) GOD answers them. I didn't hear the whole program, just parts about the prayer journal.

I have discovered myself that praying changes our heart toward people we can't seem to get along with, those who hurt us, etc...those we wish GOD didn't have in our lives.  :-)  It is something that changes in our mind, the way we see the problem, and then a way to see the issues through the eyes of GOD.  Writing down our small and large thank you messages lets us look back on those days and see what was important to us.

I wasn't raised in the Protestant church, which is very different than the Catholic worship. Since attending these new churches, and listening to programs with women from them, I have discovered a lot of different ways of celebrating the day.  The tradition in some homes is to go around the table and share something that you are thankful for.  It is a great way to keep your focus on the blessings of GOD, not just the food, and not just the holiday.  I suppose the journal would be even more helpful to keep our faith in the right place.

I hope you think of at least one thing that is a blessing of GOD in your life. 

Maybe one of your New Year's resolutions could be to start next year with a Thankfulness Journal.  :-)

25 NOV 2014 :: Tuesday's post - a copy of SERVANTS

I was busy trying to format some of my writings to list on Etsy and got carried away.  It is just a bit past midnight, so I will hurry to finish this... was just going to stop for the night.

I guess SERVANTS is one of my favorite writings. It is what I would think of as a classic writing. I hope it lasts. Right now I am too tired to remember the details of writing it... but it has been awhile.

One of my goals is to write a classic Christian book, if I am able to do that before I leave this world.  This writing, and a few others, will have to do until we can overcome the hurdles I face these days.

I hope you enjoy it. 

I am formatting it to be a printable PDF.  I suppose US$5 will be the cost. I am thinking of making some designs for using as a stationery page, when desired.  Will have to see how that works out.  Postcards are a great shape for me...I love them. I save designs that I think are really special for one reason or another.

Here it is.


Each moment, each day,
the mysteries of God unfold.
They surface in the innocent words
and complex actions
of those who share our lives…
Through our families, our friends,
through strangers and His tender
manipulations of our circumstances,
God speaks to us –
if we are willing to listen.
By the same methods
he uses us to reach out
to a lost, hurting world,
and to fellow saints –
when we are willing to be channels
of His mercy and grace.
In all things it is our choice…
to listen, to obey, to be devoted to,
and used by our Lord.
When we live in constant awareness
of the promptings of the Holy Spirit,
Life becomes an adventure
of enormous proportion,
and we become
servants of the One true God.
It is on my website, too.  But everything is up for change these days.
We are all at the mercy of those who know more about technology than we do... sometimes those who are closest to us.  But I keep remembering that GOD is all-powerful and will have the last word. He knows the things that are happening to us, but He also can't interfere with every little or big thing. He gave Man free will... that means we sometimes suffer because of the ability of others to choose wrong.  Pray that GOD will help us all as we move more deeply into the End Times.

24 NOV 2014 :: Trying another scheduled post to see if it works.

It's almost 11 am.  I have checked my first effort and discovered some details about the process.  I am trying to see if I do the process another way, will it post correctly...as planned.  :-)


It is now about 11:15 am and when I checked this blog post, it worked.  Now we can make sure there are notes within the blog post to identify it is scheduled to post, etc.

Don't forget to read the "official post" for 24 NOV at this link.   24 NOV 2014

23 NOV 2014 :: Early post for Monday (Finally scheduling one to see how it goes.)

What a weekend.  Long, battling with illness...etc.

I did watch 60 Minutes tonight (Sunday) and they had one segment on the long-lasting effects of radiation from nuclear disasters.  It was on Chernobyl in Russia.  They have had more than one program about the devastation from the disaster and the length of effects.  I was amazed when I discovered how many nuclear reactors there are in the world as energy sources, and the fact that there is no known use for waste products.

I spent a lot of time with Etsy this past week. I was playing my first networking game.  I learned a lot. Still have more to learn and do, but the evolution of online sales is something I have considered still in its infancy... the "ground floor."

That reminds me of some money programs I like to listen to on Saturdays.

I like to listen to a Christian radio program on KPDQ.com, a local station, called Financial Safari from 8-9 am on Saturdays, when I wake up and when I remember it.  :-)  Saturday mornings can be tough. I leave my radio on all night sometimes.  I heard it by accident one Saturday and try to listen to the Christian viewpoint on money issues when I can.

If I am awake, I discovered a PBS advice program at 9am called The Truth About Money, with Ric Edelman. I guess he has both radio and TV programs. I found him by accident when I turned on the TV a little early for another show called Wealth Track at 9:30. He has several segments that repeat each week. One is highlighting technology.  Saturday there was a segment on 3D printing.

The main thing I got out of this was that 3D printing is going to "disrupt" the manufacturing industries.  It was suggested that what will become the item to buy is instructions for creating items with the 3D printer.  The time frame given was about 5 or 8 to 10 years until it is really felt. 

It is hard to grasp the many changes that computers and technology are making on our world... including jobs. Energy systems are another industry that is being "disrupted" by changes in technology.  I say a post on Facebook that said one town was completely powered by solar and wind (or new energy of some kind).  I added the comment that the oil industry needs to see this as a warning from the world... they need to plan ahead and decide what the most important use for oil is going to be.  We don't need another pipeline going across the whole country, we need to create a strategic national plan that separates our energy grid and provides for disasters in one region not destroying the whole country.  (Do we have that kind of emergency plan?)  Terrorists don't care what happens to us...we better be prepared for them.

60 Minutes had another segment on our failing infrastructure in bridges and roads... wanting to raise the gas tax.  They said Washington doesn't discuss it.  I think it's because our economy is too stretched already...and Obamacare hasn't helped it.  How do we solve all these problems that are years (decades) in the making. I remember watching a program on the bankruptcy of Detroit when it first happened... they said it was 60 years of desperation leading to that moment.  How long will it take the USA to fall apart?  Can we solve these problems?  How can people who have no power in Washington prepare their lives to survive what could be ahead?

The issues are not easy. Like families, the government likes to avoid them.  And we always want to blame someone else.

Well, it's about 10:40 am and I checked the post.  It didn't publish, but the listed post time is the one it was suppose to publish at.  I think I figured out how to do it, so will try another one for later.  I wonder what this edit will publish as.  Do you think it will change the time, or be noted anywhere???  This brings up a lot of issues for when something is really published.   :-)

20 NOV 2014 :: The end of the week.

Sorry to report that today has become a bad day for my body, but I got most of my duties done in the early morning hours.  I will be resting again soon.   ---  The most important thing about retirement is your health.  Remember that. You can't do anything unless you are healthy and can get around.  :-)

I have been enjoying visiting Etsy shops that are operated by people all over the world.  I think shipping is an issue, but once you know where they are, you can make your purchasing decision with that in mind. If I ever need a particular gift sent to someone in Bali, and I know an Etsy seller there, I can buy something to send to that person from the Etsy seller.  It goes for all the online retailers.  We just have to create our own records and figure it out.  :-)

Well, maybe I can work on my craft and photo ideas this weekend, in spurts.  :-)

Enjoy your day. I may be back later!  :-)

19 NOV 2014 :: What the world will look like in the future.

The Bible tells us what the world will become in small pieces. We can read prophecies and try to fit them into our knowledge of what is happening now.
  • It is easy for us to associate the Mark of the Beast with the computer, especially the development of the computer chip and scanning equipment.
  • We can see the computer, TV, radio, internet, and satellites as a means of seeing the gospel shared with the whole world, or the death of the two witnesses being seen for 3-plus days by the world. 
  • We can even see how technology used by the false prophet might be able to fool people with pretend miracles.
... I just spent an hour trying to find verses that refer to Noah and Sodom in the End Times, but I can't find the one/s I want. I will have to get back to you on the scripture references.

In America, we are seeing how the cultural shift is affecting simple things we have always thought were "normal."  As the forces that are against GOD grow more powerful, we see the persecution of Christians rise.  What the LGBT/etc. community calls a hate crime is becoming a tool against their enemy...us. The Bible is the only real opposition that they have.

Other countries that are oppressed already understand what it means to be persecuted.  I imagine the LGBT/etc. community clings to its own memories of persecution and wants to help us understand it. The immigration dilemma is really another picture of man's need to feel better, bigger, more in control, dominant, and (for some) violent.  I am wondering how long I will live still, and what will change before I go.

In my desires for Working Together I have believed we will have to separate from the secular world in all ways...including the internet.  I haven't been able to do that yet, but someone will have to.  We already need to protect ourselves. It will only grow worse as the years pass.

This need to gather has both good and difficult issues attached to it.  We will have each other, we will have a greater hope of GOD protecting us as a group, and we will be able to build something that will honor GOD and not force us to be surrounded by sinful lifestyles.  We will also be an easy target for hate groups, cultural abuse, and the Antichrist.  When I was praying about this long ago, I decided it would be better to be together in one place than to be an isolated remnant of one.  But, I am sure there will be those who choose to be on their own.

I think I will have to focus on Membership for 2015. I hope you will think about joining Working Together.  I hope to have the Membership details for 2015 figured out by December.  The end of each year will be our main Membership Drive time, but you can join any day. Your one year will start when your payment is clear.  (Right now it is US$ 75, which is $5/month plus a media fee of $15. To cover expected increased costs, I am debating whether it needs to go up to $10/month plus the same $15 media cost.  That would be $135/year. Monthly payments are something I want to offer, but can't right now. As soon as I can, I will.)

Pray that GOD will help me to help you.  Thanks.

18 NOV 2014 :: Finding a way through

Work, how do we define it?

We tend to say work is only what we get paid for...but that isn't realistic. There is a lot of work that doesn't get paid (household, parenting, volunteer, internships, self-education, learn-as-you-go, etc.).

Online selling efforts fit into this unpaid education category.  It takes time to figure it all out.  Then we find the thing that sells, that we want to do, that works for us.

I hope to make millions and billions... for myself and for Working Together.  Nothing can be achieved without money, and finding out how to create ongoing income is the challenge.  I hope I find at least some of the answers before I die.

Today I spent some time at Etsy again.  I am really looking for answers to creating the best site I can for next year. It takes a lot of time.  Today I played my second networking "game" since I have been exploring Etsy. Teams let sellers join together as a "power group" so they can all help each other. I have signed up for more than 30 teams because I am just trying to decide which ones I want to be more committed to. I now have to decide how many will be my limit.  Time is the big issue... how much time can we spare for each thing?  ...what is more important?  ...what are my limits?

I am looking at craft teams, selling teams, geographic teams, Christian teams, and giving teams.  I found a small team today that is focused on making scrap quilts for preemies... that wouldn't take a lot of time, and it would do some good, and it would be something the mother could take home with her (I think).  I love using scrap fabric, and I love making baby blankets, and I love scrap quilting.  Over the course of time, I should be able to make at least one preemie quilt a year...maybe more.

Craft teams are interesting to me because they are a group of people who are interested in the same craft you are... so there is a good place to ask questions, share ideas, post your projects, get opinions. I have found recycling teams, candle-making teams, crochet teams, mixed media teams, and others I don't remember right now.

There seems to be a large amount of Christian teams.  I have found around 3-5 so far, I think.  Discovered my first online Bible Study and started my own Bible verse thread to find out what other Christians see in the Bible and why.  It is a new activity for me.  There seems to be a negative bias toward Christians, and staff is really the key to that perspective.  Global websites are going to have great problems dealing with issues that are handled differently in separate countries.  I am not sure how the laws work in global business applications.  I see problems in America already.

How the Etsy programming works is an interest to me.  Finding out how the shop is set, what the variable options are, and what can apply to my goals is ongoing.  I have no idea how difficult it is to change operation points... I see things I like and things I don't like. 

I am looking forward to developing my craft interests and the sales I hope will result from them. It is my retirement plan.  I don't get much from Social Security. If the government financially collapses one day, I need to have other income.  Making and selling things I want to make is a natural goal for me. I hope I don't have ongoing problems with Etsy because of their activist staff members.  It is becoming an American tragedy.  :-(

I better get going if I want to have more listings done by Black Friday... that is kind of my goal date for this year.  I won't have a lot of things to sell this year, but next year should be really great... as long as some health issues and money problems don't interfere.  I have been depending on GOD to help me through this.  I am hoping that will happen real soon.        Amen!

17 NOV 2014 :: Shoebox Collection Week Begins!

I went to the Samaritan's Purse website over the weekend and watched the longest video that I could find...then I downloaded it and hope to watch it again through the coming year.  It makes me cry to see all these children getting simple little boxes of toys and clothes and things that some poor children in very poor areas don't get, like toothbrushes and toothpaste.

When I first started making boxes to donate, I thought it was ridiculous to put hygiene items in there, or a lot of school supplies.  Christmas and kids are about toys, art and craft supplies, education aids, stuffed animals and dolls.  Later, I discovered how deep their poverty goes and how hard it is to get things we take for granted.

  • I try to fill my boxes with as many small and sturdy toys as I can, including one main toy, like a doll or stuffed toy.
  • Because they are so much more important than I realized, I add a smaller tube of toothpaste and a packaged toothbrush. The seem to like travel tissues. You can't put liquids of any kind into the boxes, so no shampoo or sanitary gel. I try to add a washcloth as a small item.
  • School supplies are a lot like hygiene products for me. I put in a few small things that can be used for many things, and might be fun.  Pencil sharpeners are a learning curve.  The need the hand-held kind, no electric items, just in case the box goes to a very rural area. Pencils can be purchase in singles and small packages. For paper, I try to find a little pocket book that can be for notes or art or school. I always try to find solar calculators for the age group...they have huge ones for young kids, and regular ones for the older children.
  • I am really big on art and craft supplies. What goes in depends on what I can find. You can find little art kits at a lot of stores, small packages of sidewalk chalk are great, art pencils can be for writing or making pictures, crayons are available for toddlers to teens.
  • If there is any room left, I try to fill it with the hard candy that is allowed when securely packed.
These boxes are delivered all year long...some go to places that can only be reached by rivers or mountain trails -- very far away. They can't contain anything that might leak, explode, or melt. Because so many countries are involved in war, no toy weapons are allowed. The boxes are screened for customs, so these items are removed. I suppose, if a box has empty spaces because of forbidden items, it will be filled again with items available at the distribution centers. This is a guess, I don't really know.  I try to pack my boxes carefully so they can hold as much as I can put in them and not be "violated" by staff changes.  :-)

It has long been a goal of mine to collect items for these boxes all year long.  There are great sales throughout the year. Sometimes you can find wonderful items at Valentine's Day, Resurrection Sunday, Fourth of July, Back to School, and other major holidays and selling events.  It spreads the expense out, too.  If you have a storage space, you can have boxes ready for the different age groups. What doesn't go with Samaritan's Purse might go perfect for Toys for Tots, Salvation Army Giving Trees, and other programs. It depends on what your favorite charities are.

I hope you are able to share at least one Shoebox filled with gifts this year.  If you order the label online, I think they send you emails telling you where that box is being shipped as it goes through the process. I believe you get a UPC code, which they scan for processing.

You have until the 24th to take it to a collection location, but you can mail them to the main office all year.  Postage might be a problem if you do that, but it is an available option.  :-)

I don't know if they need volunteers still... you can find all that at the website.

Make sure you find the videos and watch them... at least one of them.

13 NOV 2014 :: Christmas Shoeboxes are being collected next week

I went to check my emails and was reminded that the Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes are going to be collected starting next week. . . the 17th through the 24th.  They usually collect them right before Thanksgiving each year. You can find out all the information you need at:


There are labels to download, links to find collection spots near you, ideas about what to put in, videos to watch, pictures to go through, online shoebox choices, donation options, and more.

I went to see the most recent video... without the volume on the first time through.  It was a group of kids having a planning meeting, I think...

I really love to see the delivery videos...try to find them, if you can.  It is so precious to see them delivered to places we can never reach.

Children are so happy to receive these boxes.  It is a big event.  No one knows what is in their box. I wonder if the people in charge make sure that the right kids get the right boxes, especially if someone actually puts a pair of shoes in it.  :-)   Everyone gets different gifts when the boxes come from different sources.  They can compare their gifts...probably trade when they want to... and hopefully help each other figure out the ones they have never seen before.

When you watch one of the delivery videos, you become aware of the language issues.  How would we know what to do if we received something that had instructions in a foreign language.  Without photos, it is really hard. Sometimes the photos don't help.

This is my favorite charity.  It can run into the $20-$30 range, depending on the toys you choose, where you get them, and what the delivery donation is.  This is a lot of money for me... sometimes I am only able to donate the $7 per box delivery donation.  Lately, I can't even do that. When GOD allows, I will begin to make boxes and donate them again.  Maybe you can donate one for me.

Other charities have copied this format for their own programs.  One church I know of collects shoeboxes for Mission residents.  As a former Mission resident, it is always good to receive anything, and people think your are ungrateful if you don't like what they give you, but I think it would be better to provide homeless people with gift card sets from fast-food places like McDonald's, Taco Bell, Burger King, Wendy's, Arby's, Jack in the Box, and local gathering places. Many have to wander when they are forced out of missions... they can't prepare food... they need shelter from the weather and rest from the burdens of surviving homelessness. If they are job hunting, the need is even more critical. 

Phone cards given directly to the resident are sometimes very important, but with cell phones that has changed.  Know your resident, pick one out to care for, see what they need, and make sure it is OK with the Mission program. Some things that are received end up in the trash, given away, sold, or possible confiscated by the Mission staff.

The point I am trying to make is that a gift is for the person, not the agency. It needs to be special, for them, something they need, something that will be used by them.

I once gave something precious to me to a friend because I didn't know she already had it.  I learned in that experience that we have to give with the right heart, to not give things that matter to us a lot. Once given, our offering belongs to them, they can do what they want with it.  I think it is better to give wisely and then leave it to GOD.  He is the one that does the accounting in our finances.

I hope you will go to the Shoebox website and check it out.  I really love the opportunities it give me and the child that will eventually receive the things I choose. 

12 NOV 2014 :: Keeping up... don't want to forget... again! :-)

I have been spending a lot of time trying to work out the details of my etsy shop so I didn't want to get distracted and forget to post again.

In their forum sections I am trying to see what sellers do this Christmas so I can better plan for 2015, which I hope to sell well in, God willing.

I am trying to find the other Christian sellers on Etsy so I have been joining the Christian teams for sellers. I hope to separate the Christian sellers from the general populations so I can support them if I am able to buy something and they offer what I want.  Figuring out how to organize your goals within the Etsy system takes some time, you have to explore, and search, and try, and keep reading all the different resources.  I expect to have it all better organized in a few months and begin working out my strategy for the 2015 holiday selling season.

I am learning the social media links, too.  Etsy provides button options for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as far as I know.  I am learning to post my new listings as I make them, and trying to make the effort easier.  Facebook went to two pages and I still need to find out what happens if you have three pages associated with your Facebook account...and how to link different selling sites or activities to the right page/s.

I am trying to create a collage photo soon. I see them more and more, and I think the website I use for my photo editing (BeFunky.com) has a collage option so I will try it when I get more photos to combine.

I need to sell things to have the income to go on, and have to find a way to reach online customers. I haven't been able to do that in all these years of effort... but I am learning more now, and hope to find the path to income soon... especially for Working Together.  There are a lot of issues I am not able to deal with or control, so GOD has to intervene with them.  I am doing what I can.

Selling online is a great option for me, for my senior years, for the future... It can continue as long as I live, am healthy, or have someone to help me. 

I wrote in a Facebook post that I should have been a billionaire by now...actually, a long time ago.  I hope GOD provides the large incomes that Working Together needs so I can be an employee and not have to struggle so much...just to make it through each day.

Please continue to pray for those things for me.  Thanks.

11 NOV 2014 PM :: The official post for today!

My big news for now?  I pinned my first personal product from Etsy to Pinterest today!   :-)

I have been trying to do that since I signed up for Pinterest but didn't get it figured out.  Etsy has a pin on the product listings (now) so I went ahead and figured it out.  Will do more later.  This is going to be fun when I really get going.

The other thing I wanted to share was an INC Magazine post at Facebook or in one of my emails. It said our attention spans have gone down to 8 seconds, and a goldfish has a span of 9 seconds.  What does that say!!!!   The article also said that, if you are marketing, only plan on the first 5 seconds to get your viewer's attention.   It's going to be a fast and furious Christmas season on TV!  Maybe on other media, too.

I was reading about international selling and delivery issues at Etsy this morning.  It seems like a real mine field.  I hope I do OK when it finally gets to that point.  Some sellers said that packages can be stuck in customs for a very long time, not get delivered, get sent back, etc.  Trying to adjust for all those shipping problems causes money problems... refunds, complaints, appeals, etc.  I hope I can keep some money in my accounts until each sale is finalized.  I think that will take some kind of recordkeeping for international sales.  I need to learn the limits for each site I use: Etsy, PayPal, eBay, fiverr, banks, and whatever ones come up.

I consider Etsy a home business, a way to create online income and build a presence for the future. I am not sure how to prepare for my death. I have been looking through some materials on getting things ready for that day.  I am trying to make a list of all my website affiliations and their passwords for the ones who take care of all that after I am gone.  It is a long list.  There are legal issues I haven't learned yet. What happens at a place like Etsy? I haven't read about that yet.

Still desperately need GOD to intervene on my behalf in a number of issues. Please continue to pray for me.   Money is a tool, or it is a weapon.  I hope to use it as a tool for GOD's work and His people.

11 NOV 2014 AM :: Looks like I missed Monday's entry :-(

I was doing my morning tasks and realized I missed my blog post yesterday.  I don't like to write them in the morning, so I let it go, and then I got busy with Etsy and Facebook and email and lots of reading and exploring.  I didn't even go to bed until midnight, but totally forgot the blog post. I can't imagine how that happened!  :-)   Sorry about that. I will do two today to make up for the missed one.

The weekend was filled with lots of busy-ness, trying to sort out the things that need to get done. I worked a long time on my latest Etsy listing, a revision of a previous one... making my writings into postcards that can be mailed or sent in an envelope.  I only have one listed so far, but will be getting a separate listing up when I can. 

I am having income issues, and other problems to deal with that are beyond my ability to control, so I am taking this part of my life one day at a time.  I consider it a sign of the future we will all have to deal with. :-(   Not a good thing.   ------   We believe that GOD controls all things, and He does. I have to trust that He has a purpose for this time in my life. My sons are involved and I am praying through.

There seems to be a lot of crime shows on the channels I get. Why criminals do what they do is always a part of the story...but how can healthy people even begin to understand the causes of criminal behavior?  We can't understand drug addiction, abuse, illiteracy that is taken advantage of, unending emotional pain...etc.  I don't think all these portrayals of brutal crimes can be good for anyone who watches them... I think unstable people will want to emulate them.  It isn't a good thing? Why is it happening?   And when there is a decent program it digresses into everything gross and ungodly.  It is hard to watch any TV anymore.

I am praying for the lives and futures of my sons... People seem to lift up the things in our world that are against the goodness of GOD. It is hard to separate ourselves from the society we live in. Without a commitment to godly living, people rarely see the problems in these activities.  I have a battle with it myself.  I start watching something that seems OK, and it turns into the promotion of gay sex, has horrible crime references, if filled with abuse of all kinds, or denigrates the biblical faith. Even the news is a succession of terror...with one "human interest" item when they can.

These are the "pictures" of our society. 

I remember reading and/or hearing people from other countries saying they believed the TV programs portrayed life in the United States. They were referring to a popular soap opera of the time. Imagine what the people of Iran think of our country when they see our movies and TV programs now.  Maybe that is why we are so hated in the world these days.

All of these changes in our world are part of the End Time process...and they are leading to the ungodly and violent society that will exist. 

I would like to build a place where I can live with other Christians... where we can fellowship and work and worship and live in as much peace as possible until the Antichrist arrives.  It may not be possible, but I think we need to try.  Our time is running out.

6 NOV 2014 :: The days go by too fast

The last post of the week...this is getting to be a routine, and I am almost finding a time of the day that works best for me.  My goals are getting organized, my notebook is beginning to "flow" in the order that matters to me.  I am beginning to see the best projects to focus my energy on. Learning the differences in the sites I am trying to learn, getting them set up, figuring out how to benefit from them the best, and other internet sales activities are falling into place.  I am hoping next year will be better than the past 62.  :-)

Time goes by so fast. I am heading into the 14th week of posts, there are only eight weeks left of the year.  I am processing how my goals are going, and what I want to prioritize for 2015 now.  A Christmas list is forming, my budget is crunching, and craft ideas are swirling through my head. I am mourning the losses of my life...and praying desperately for my sons.

I often thank GOD that I was born and raised in America. There is no place like this country...and I can't imagine there will ever be a better country in the world. Our purpose in history has been very huge...in both positive and negative ways.  I am wondering what our political leaders will do in the next many years.  How will it affect our lives?  Will we be able to protect America from the dangers it faces?  When can we create the balance of government and citizen that is going to help us budget, plan, and heal the financial excess and debt we suffer with.  Will we define the responsibilities of citizens, the boundaries of government, and the importance of charity in our lives?  I hope so.

Please continue to pray for me, for Working Together, for the Body of Christ, and for America.

5 NOV 2014 :: Election Results and GMOs

I finally went to find out what happened with the elections and couldn't spend the time to battle news pages. I did see that the GMO measure was narrowly defeated.  It will take at least one more time to start the legislative process of making industry tell us when our food is altered.  Maybe the next time around there will be more evidence of its effects.

I have seen programs describing efforts to create food in labs so it can be grown and eaten in space. I don't know how they do that... it must be something like growing babies in "test tubes" so you can control the process. 

I'm not sure that is what we want to do.

I won't be here... others will have to keep up with the changes and try to keep them from harming us, making us uncaring, creating people who cannot bear with the weaknesses of others.  I guess I can mention here about my search for GOD's reasons in telling us that the weak are more important than the strong.  After years and years of contemplating the statement, I realized it is the weak that keep mercy and compassion alive in societies.  We can see the demise of both in our world...there's no way to know what it will lead to in the future.  Social "norms" evolve and become the standard of the society they exist in. We don't believe in Jihad, but we believe in other harmful behaviors.

I wonder if I won the big prize in the lottery...  I really just want the millions to develop WT, and it is already easily spent in my plans, but it may be too late to make spaces where we can be protected, places where we can turn to as the society we live in becomes a danger for us...until we all leave the world together.

Pray that GOD will help me through my current situation. I am trying to work out the update details for 2015. It is my habit to do a review at the end of every year. I will be making decision for the next year.  --  I have some urgent and critical financial needs just to get through November and December. It is important that GOD intervene on my behalf.

Thank you for any prayers you may offer on my behalf.  GOD is the only one that can help...there are things that have to be battled, like when the angel was sent to Daniel.

4 NOV 2014 :: Election Night

I decided to wait until some of the election results were in and resolved.  It looks like the Senate will belong to the Republicans again. 

Oregon remains a Democratic stronghold because of the big cities here.  The Governor's race is kind of close... it depends on how many votes haven't been counted yet.  Our Senators are both Democrats again.

I hate that Marijuana is being legalized...it is going to hurt our country and many people who fight addictions. I am hoping for lawsuits about "second-hand smoke" and requirements to be processed and sold like every other medicine.

It looks like GMO labeling may win in Oregon...but the news reports I am listening to say it may not be decided until tomorrow.

I have been busy trying to do my other online duties so I haven't been focusing a lot on the election results here...just catching the big comments, and perking up for the issues that matter to me.   :-)   We are all that way...  what matters to us is what captures our attention.

I am learning about International shipping costs and wondering how each country differs, what forms I will need to complete, and what I can send easily as I learn the process.  I suppose International Gift
Cards will become big business because of the shipping costs. 

With the increasing internet access and shopping options, people will be able to shop more local and reduce the shipping expenses of online sales.  I will have to explore these thoughts... 

I like PayPal because of the currency exchange option, but don't know how much it takes from the sales income.  Etsy has some currency exchanges. When I first signed up for PayPal, I decided it would be better to have funds in each group and keep them separate. . . keep all the purchases in one currency in that account.  I don't know how that affects taxes, but I will eventually find out.

I bought a lottery ticket for the Mega Millions drawing tonight but haven't heard if there is a winner. I would love for it to be me!  :-)

I also responded to an Etsy forum question about how much I want to sell each day.  I said as much as I could...millions of digital products, only 1 "Made-to-Order" item, and then all of my holiday items over the 4-6 weeks of the season...etc.   That would be nice...the digital sales would mean I didn't have to win the lottery and could finance myself.   :-)    I need to figure out how to sell that many items online!!!!

Please continue to pray for my situation.  GOD knows the details...I just need it to be different as soon as possible.  I appreciate any prayer for my good that you can offer to the only One who can change things.   

3 NOV 2014 :: Voting is our voice

I was trying to decide what to write about and remembered tomorrow is our election day.

America is changing fast. Soon our voting process will be by computer, probably from our own homes (or phones) - won't that be strange for us old people who loved to go out to the polls and enter the curtained booth to punch out our choices.  Voting was a lot more fun back then...a real event.

I noticed one year that they started reporting the results of elections before the polls closed. That was forbidden in my curtained booth days. It still should be. There are some people who vote with the crowd so they can say they voted for the winner. It influences votes. Media silence is important.

Voter fraud is an important issue, too. I remember hearing about the gangsters and unions forcing (or buying) people's votes - that was in history classes, nothing recent.  :-)    We will have to do battle with computer fraud and that may be worse.  Why do people want to commit fraud? Because the ones that make the laws affect the flow of money, power, justice, etc.  The issues keep getting more important... and morals keep getting less important.  It affects the kind of people that exist.

To me, voting is the voice of the people. It needs to be cherished and protected. It doesn't matter if we all agree, we need to respect the vote. It is the foundation of our country...our freedom...our rights. We like it when tyrannies are overthrown and voting replaces it. If we aren't careful, tyrannies will replace voting in America.

I hope that doesn't happen, but it is a very real danger.

If you are an American citizen that is old enough to vote, I hope you registered and exercised your right to voice an opinion...your opinion.

30 OCT 2014 :: Week 12 is done! I am so glad! :-)

Today is already a challenge for my body so I thought I better get this done now.

I have been revising some of my GOAL forms and will be working on my ETSY policies for awhile.

I have been creating a focus for my blog post through the holiday season. This is easy for me because I love the giving season and want to share my favorite places to give.

Operation Christmas Child usually collects its shoeboxes for kids right before Thanksgiving. I hope to share about them the second week of November. Samaritan's Purse also has a catalog you can choose gifts like chickens and goats that help families feed and support themselves in places where poverty is so very extreme. 

I also love Toys for Tots, but I have to check on them to get current information. I think they like collecting money starting in September to make purchases, but I will try to find out the links for you to check on them.

I tend to search out Giving Trees when I can afford to give to someone else. They can be found in many places now. Churches often have their own giving trees for people in their congregation or programs. The Salvation Army usually has a Giving Tree. I don't know if Missions have them. Malls and larger stores will generally have a tree you can choose from.

My focus is always on the Christian options...but I will try to include other organizations I also want to be involved in, like the cleft lip groups, and the solar computer groups, and business start-up groups.  There is always someone to give to...we have to find the ones that matter to us.

My ETSY pages are coming along. This weekend I hope to get some new things done so I can rebuild my listings and reach a goal of 50. I am working on a schedule that will help me do what I need to get done. 

Well, that is all for this post, this week, and whatever else is this now.  :-)   The election is next week. I may find something to say about government, freedom, and voting...they are such BIG subjects and everyone has their own view of how the world should be.  I suppose I can add my two cents to the collection.  :-)

Enjoy your weekend, and please continue to pray for me. I am in great need and depend on GOD to provide everything for me. Thanks.

29 OCT 2014 :: Thanks for the patience

Thank you for being patient with me in my health issues and learning process. I am still trying to catch up and find my best balance.

The holiday sales information is beginning to appear everywhere. I discovered a trading option with Etsy today (etsytrades.com) and I hope to try it out as I get my shop site built up. I am collecting scheduling information for next year, and looking for inventory suggestions to prepare for next year. When to order supplies for the season, when to have your inventory ready, how to prepare for shipping, and lots of those kinds of issues. I already have a 2015 calendar page for my planning and notes. I need to get my products figured out and created, then photos, then listings. My goal planning process is helping me to figure out where to put my energy. My greatest issue has always been carving out a workspace. Storage has always been an issue, too, and continues to be a problem.

I always hope that it will be better than it is, but we always have to keep going.

Today I spent more time than I planned to at my ETSY shop and exploring different blogs and information sites. It is a time-consuming effort to build an online sales site. I should be ready for January, but I need to pace my body.

I watched an eBay video on their new international shipping option for US sellers. I am trying to find the best items to sell at my eBay pages, and how to link them to other places. Auctions are great if you have something that everyone wants. You have to get your costs and make some profit for the time and money invested when you sell other things.  I don't have the financial flexibility to experiment on eBay yet...but I have plans to.

International shipping is on my learning list these days. I want to start by selling one thing that is easy to ship everywhere, and then learn the details as I go. I hope that will work.

Keeping up with social media is a big challenge still, but it is all beginning to make sense and I am learning how to deal with the linking process.

I don't have more time to write today, so I will end the post here. I hope you days are going well. Tomorrow is Thursday...YEAH!   Until I figure out a focus for this blog, I am laboring  through the weeks.  :-)   Isn't that how we all have to learn new things?! 

Please PRAY that GOD will provide for me. My needs are great.  Thanks.

28 OCT 2014 :: Back again

Sorry about yesterday. I really wasn't able to sit up and write anything. Today is still rough. Such are the hazards of my age and health.

I have noticed a lot of activity toward Christmas on Christian radio, on TV, and online. Christmas is a huge selling season for many businesses...I want to become one of them!  :-)  Next year.

We don't know where the economy is going to go. I hope GOD will provide for Working Together so WT can help provide for others. Membership is the best way to start that process. I have my old PayPal links up, but need to change them. I hope to get them updated soon.

I am having problems with my mailing address because of money issues, and the website is in danger. I continue to pray that GOD is more powerful than those who oppose me. I would love to see a big show of His Power to oppose those who are stronger than I, but it all depends on what GOD is doing. I have to keep reminding myself that GOD is able, so if He doesn't do something, there must be a reason, something I can't see.  Faith is a lot harder than some people like to say about it.  :-(  I still hope for the best. I just hate to see all the pain that goes uncared for.

I will be trying to catch up with the loss of the last 4-plus days, but can only do so much. PRAY for me, if you can.

27 OCT 2014 :: ILL - will be back tomorrow, GOD willing

Sorry for the blank post... will try to do better tomorrow. It is hard to think, write, etc.
Hope your day was better!

23 OCT 2014 :: Trying to get ahead of the list!

It is really hard to stay ahead of all the things on your "to do" list.  :-)  There is an endless increase in the things that need to be done. It is the famous "tyranny of the urgent" that makes us not get the essential things done. I am working on finding a way through this.

It seems a permanent problem now: I have lost my mailing address, my PO Box in Eugene. I am continuing to pray through this mess, and trusting that GOD will help me get back there and get a farm property on a bus line and be able to build the things I need, my family needs, and all Christians will need in time. I have prayed for the same things for many years and have been busy battling the "urgent" at the cost of the essential. I have to wonder what GOD's purpose in all this is -- except He has shown me what the world will be like. I guess that would be important for future decisions. Still, money remains the main issue. :-(  I can't seem to get my business programs selling so they can build themselves into the future that is needed.

I continue to cry about what has happened, about what I learned about marriage, the LGBT/etc. community, about my sons, my family, the government, and so much more. Even separating from the world that doesn't believe is going to have major problems.  The hate of Satan is being manifest in human beings...people lost in their sins...even people we love.

I am going to CHOOSE to pray that GOD will somehow reach the ones I love before it is too late, even if I am gone from this world.

This weekend will also be full of creative activities. I am getting to my piles of art supplies, fabrics, and other craft materials. I hope to get some new listings up by next week. It depends on how well they turn out.  :-)  I am developing products for sales as originals, and some for duplication. They both have their advantages. I am told you need to have at least two pages on Etsy to be considered a committed seller. That is about 50 items. So, that is my goal for the end of November or sooner...as soon as possible. Next year I will be ready with a LOT more!  This is a learning curve...all for next holiday season.  :-)

Well, I have to get going. I am working on topics for 2015, it is just a long process.

I did feel I needed to update my main webpage because of the address issue...so a few changes were made to the site. Just a few. GOD holds my son responsible for what he chooses to do, and I am trying to honor his place in the household.  --- But, it also means I MUST MOVE, as soon as I can.

GOD doesn't care who we are, he will judge all men by the same "rules" - so I hope you are choosing what is right.

22 OCT 2014 :: Getting through week 11

I may not make it to the rest of the day... better add today's blog post now. :-)  Learning new things and fitting everything in is a real challenge. The rain is falling outside. I am tired. The list is still long.

I don't know if you follow my Facebook and Twitter pages, but I mentioned watching a Public Television program last night about Communist Poland A single priest was highlighted for doing something extraordinary : He told the truth.  It, eventually, got him killed.  --  One of the things I noticed was how quickly the Communists destroyed the worker's union that the people had struggled to create. In twelve hours, they said, everything about Solidarity was destroyed and it was as if it never existed. Details like this help me to see how quickly our lives can change when violent forces begin to move. When the Antichrist reveals himself, it won't take long for him to change the way we live.

We read about ISIS. We think we have overcome Al Qaida. We hear about dictators and genocides and terrorist attacks, suicide bombers, and senseless crimes against women and children. The news shows us bombs going off in major cities. Will that happen in America? I don't know...I suppose in time it will. Our enemies want to destroy us and take over or take away our military powers. The violence is endless, and it isn't ever going to stop. This is how "Man" behaves.

These are the things I think about and try to find some way to protect Christians, if GOD allows me to. I suppose this is a foolish dream for a poor woman. I just keep on planning and waiting to see if GOD will provide what is needed. There are no guarantees anything will help us, I just decided that we would be better off if we gathered together and were able to support one another, help provide for each other, create a place that others will know about and turn to when they eventually need it, reduced our expenses, and found ways to make every resource stretch to its limits.

It will take more time than I have, I think. I would like to share what GOD has shown me over these years of struggle and searching so others will know about it.  I am praying for GOD's provisions to the end of my life and to start something for the future. When GOD doesn't provide what we think is minimal, we need to find out what He thinks is enough. Maybe sharing these words is enough. I don't know. I am still praying for the future of Working Together.

Please pray with me. Thanks.