4 SEP 2014 :: Planning for what matters.

Week 4 is done today.  It seems like such a long time.  :-) 

The weekend offers me a chance to evaluate what I am trying to do and to plan for the next week. I have my efforts in a regular 3-ring notebook that I am trying to organize for my planning moments.

I started my 10-goals a day process some time ago. When I got to the same goals every day, I decided to find a new way to list the things I need to get done. I developed a daily record process that includes a list of the top ten things to get done that day. Now my daily page has space for my food record and other activities. I am working on the income record, too.

I am trying to get it down to the easiest process for me. Something I can keep up with.

It is a challenge to keep track of everything, so I am trying to decide what needs to be recorded so I can look back on that day and find it. It has been a long process and it isn't done.

I think I have mentioned it before, but not sure who has read it or what needs to be repeated.

I use to think of my daily to-do lists as goal lists, but they aren't. Now I am trying to find a way to plan each day with all my goals in mind. I want my 10 things that need to be done that day to have the most important things for as many goals as possible...the 20% items. This is always restricted by your personal limitations, so the challenge is huge for me. I don't have the money to accomplish any goal I want to accomplish, I have to find the goals I can do within my situation.

I decided a 3-ring binder was the best way to reference my goals and create my plans. I can change the pages as my focus changes. New goals can be added easily, and goals that no longer matter can be taken out. I have regular school supplies to help me, and getting them on sale during back-to-school days helps keep costs down. Using section dividers that have an index tab with paper inserts lets me change goal topics easily.

I finally bought some highlighter pens this year and am beginning to use them to easily see priorities on a page. I am beginning to use different colors as a way to identify different levels or categories of importance, like green for income issues, pink for personal goals or something else. yellow for prioritizing what is on the page. It isn't final yet, but I'm heading in the direction of which color will mean what to me.

Part of my goal with this effort is to create something that inmates would be able to use...and notebook pages are something that will work for them.

I have been trying to develop SMART Goals for a long time. They seem too hard for me to put into the word format, but I am trying to put my goals into that format. I have hated the idea of setting a specific date because my goals all seem to be "if I can" goals. I hated the idea of adding another "failure" to my long list of not-able-to-get-done projects. I was released from this burden when I listened again to a Brian Tracy recording where he said that goal dates are guesstimates. You review the challenge and then reset the target date. It helps take away that huge boulder that sits over your head when you set a goal and your entire self-worth is at stake!   :-)

Poverty is a real pit when it comes to things like this.

I hope you are finding a way to sort through the things you want in life and figuring out a way to honestly obtain them. I am listening to the Zig Ziglar recording I discovered yesterday. Will see what they say. I have some old tapes of his, and book/s. I don't want to ruin them by listening too much, so the internet access works out better.

May GOD be with you over the weekend. I pray that He will protect the innocent, the elderly, the young, the helpless, as we all travel through this world together. I hope that everyone I know will be saved through Christ and join me in heaven one day. I hope to see you there, too...make sure you know how salvation is received. I have many places to search for information on my webpage.

Love, in Christ,

3 SEP 2014 :: Sorting through the long list of GOALS

Been trying to find the best level of goals for my life...and not sure how to prioritize. This has been a real problem for many years.  Working Together has so many important "parts" it has been a major issue just to find the right place to start. I still have that problem. I am trying to battle between lists of personal needs, income issues, WT dreams, and health issues on a no money budget. Not easy.

I have been working on upgrading my art efforts. I am creating a listing for my etsy shop (etsy.com/shop/work2gather) that will be similar to the fiverr gig I was talking about. It will take the place of some of my current art efforts. Then I will be adding better works that fit the guidelines in my made-to-order listing. I think this is going to be a great pathway for me. I am limiting the made-to-order listing to 25, and I have a framed gift option included with the offers.

It may be that a PDF gig will be better for fiverr...I'm not sure. I will decide whether to keep the fiverr option when I have completed my "made to order" listing at etsy...which should be tonight or tomorrow.

Listening to the GOALS recording by Brian Tracy is always motivating. It helps you sort through everything...which is necessary. Listening to it has reminded me to find the most important thing that needs to be done first, and do that until it is done. Creating the list of steps for each goal is also something it has reminded me to focus on. To-Do Lists are great, but Mr. Tracy's statement about our choices helped me to remember how important it is to do the hard things first.  In one part of the recording he says that 20% of the things we need to do to achieve a goal are more important than the 80% of easier things we often busy ourselves with. (my paraphrase) I found his YouTube page here. You can listen to his recordings at will.

Zig Ziglar is another favorite speaker I have loved for years. I checked for a link and discovered you can get three free downloads for signing up for his newsletter.  Good deal. He is on YouTube, too. I am sure I listened to him there a long while back.

Years ago I listened to tons of tapes by Nightingale-Conant and [today I] found a link for them as well. You will be pretty busy with just these three websites, plus all the YouTube links you will find.  :-)

I have to watch myself or I end up at these places for hours and hours because there are so many "seminars" I want to listen to!!!  It isn't time wasted, but you have to pace yourself, think about it, take notes, try to use it in your life.  Make a plan to use these sites as an introduction to your new life.  :-)

I have to go, but I want to add that "success" is not always measured in money. We need money to achieve things, but money is not the goal, the goal is what we need it for. I want money for WT, and WT is not for me alone, it is for all the people it will someday help, save, shelter, feed, etc. I have to trust GOD more than the idea that money is its measure of success.  Lots of things happen inside us as we move toward a goal...sometimes GOD heads us in one direction to take us to another.

Seek GOD for the best direction for your life...and pray about how He wants you to get there. Satan is more than willing to lead you elsewhere...down paths that look good because they seem easier. Choose the right way, not the fast way.

May GOD help us all to honor Him with our choices, to trust in His ability to lead us and provide what we need at the time we need it.

2 SEP 2014 :: One day at a time is the only way to reach the future

Here I am again..

I have been browsing my social media and finding out what is going on in their perspective. I posted a tweet with a link to   http://www.nationalgeographic.com/foodbynumbers/#.VAYyWHx0w0c  a short video on the future of bugs (crickets, beetles, etc.) as a major food source. I think it's worth a quick look. I didn't realize it is becoming an industrialized process.

Discovered a Washington Examiner link to a piece on the election's effects on a government shutdown just before voting day...with the Democrats vs the Republican's themes. It is always about the attacks and so little about the deep issues we are facing as a nation.

I found a homemade "lava lamp" project that looked like a good thing to experiment with. This one used Alka-Seltzer tablets for fizzies.  I am wondering if there is a way to make the project into a really great lava lamp thing...with the big globs that travel back and forth.  I figure a really tall clear water-tight jar would help.   http://t.co/BvZzLKWA5K    I don't know how these Twitter shortcuts work in a blog post, but here is the one from the post. I tried it and it works here.

There is so much to access on the internet it is hard to keep track of it...and you don't have an assurance that the information is correct, current, or even worth your time.  I am wondering how this information reliability will work out as time goes on. I will probably be gone, but I hate the idea that the government or any other entity with money, power, or control, can deprive us of the truth. We can't make good decisions unless we have the facts we need.

I finished my fiverr.com/work2gather listing this morning. I am not sure how to deal with the open-ended nature of fiverr. I want to create things, but one person can only do so much in a day, week, or month. I would like to see a reasonable limit option...where I can say I will take up to 100 orders in a week, or 50, or 1,000,000 ---- It is a great concept, the $5 thing, but hard to work with.

I decided to try a postcard gig...where I can create the design using the customer's submitted quotation. I need to approve the quotation. I don't want to agree to something I cannot participate in or pass on to others. Once I am done with the design, by computer or using art supplies, then I will mail it to them (or someone else they choose). The purchase is just for the postcard. I will retain the design copyright.

I think this might work better at etsy.com/work2gather  but I am still trying to decide. I am thinking I can list it as a "made to order" item on etsy.  I am still trying to think of other projects that might be better at fiverr.

Online sales will be a wonderful income option for me once I figure out the things I want to make and the places I want to sell, how much time I can involve myself in it, what my health limitations are. As I get the equipment and supplies I really want to work in, the things I make for selling will become what I envision them to be.  ---  All of this depends on how long I live and how healthy I stay.

I am going to take early retirement with Social Security because my income is so low...(nothing), but that won't matter if I can find other income options. This is the main goal.  I had expected Working Together to be my retirement income, but that hasn't worked out. I guess GOD has another plan...and I have to figure out what it is.

I hope I can build a Christian community so I can live there, and feel safer, more secure, happier with those who know the GOD I know.

I am still praying for that...and all the other things I have been seeking GOD about over the years. Pray for me when you can.  Thanks.

1 SEP 2014 :: Starting a new month and a list of new goals to reach

It is late, and I have been getting through my day, trying to work my list of things to do, and finding unexpected "interruptions" to deal with...that is how it always seems to go.  I have finally gotten to my online duties and activities.

September 1st starts my one year "diet" effort...trying to reduce my weight and help my body. I have resolved to weigh myself on the first of the month for my official chart. I am working on my calorie charts and menu planning. I have been collecting the labels on the foods I eat to try to work out the total calories I eat, or somewhere near the right total.  Mixed foods are a challenge. 

I am learning portions...cooked and uncooked...cups, ounces, grams, Tablespoons...etc. I like to put everything I can into foods, that may be a problem for my calorie counts!!!  :-)   I finally worked out the details of my pasta salad today...then I realized I forgot the pasta amount...wrecked my happiness. I think the pasta salad was over half of my 1800 calorie goal.  :-)   This is not going to be easy.

I am trying to build up my Etsy shop and other online sales venues by creating new listings. I haven't gotten to it today...it is a real challenge. I may try to list my fiverr.com/work2gather gig if I can.  Midnight is the deadline.

I found my GOALS recording from Brian Tracy and listened to it again. I may help myself by putting it on once a day, to remind me of what goals are and how other people achieve them.  I can do this!  I know I can!  :-)

Actually, I have been a goal maker for years...my goals just don't always include money. Now I need money...retirement, survival, WT...a lot of things.  I have a goal to make $300 a week...but not sure how long that will take. I was breaking it down into prices and how many things I would need to sell for that price.  Now I am trying to think of what I can sell that is worth a LOT of money!  :-)  September will help me find out.

Well...that's the happenings of the day...some of them. Maybe we can all lose weight and achieve our goals together...that would be great.