Persecution - what does it look like?

I discovered an old movie at YouTube yesterday.  It was about the Nazis taking over Denmark... when they thought they were safe.

It was a reminder how fast violence happens.

The Nazis had lists of where to find the Jews.  They prepared to invade on one day, a Jewish holiday, when they expected all the Jews to be home.  Rumors of the Nazis coming for the Jews had been a daily event so their invasion was not believed or expected by many... until it was clear they were moving into action.

It was a reminder that money is always a problem in oppression, and how sudden events mean you can lose everything, sometimes your life.

This 1970 movie was called THE ONLY WAY.  I watched it on a channel called "Goose."  

I keep wondering how modern technology will change the options for survival we will have when everything changes for us.

Years ago I discovered that all new cars were equipped with some kind of tracking device and that all new freeways (maybe more than freeways, I don't know) we built with the ability to track all those vehicles.  Now we have more advanced tracking devices, and the microchip in our bodies will be the ultimate government tracking option.  We may have BETA tracking in our cards with microchips... who knows!?!  

I have wondered if our evolving chip-based credit/banking system, and RFID technology, is the testing ground for what lies ahead.  It didn't seem like a problem as long as the chip was in the card, but who knows what else is attached to it.  If thieves can capture your card information through the air, who else is collecting it?

It seems smartphones are the next step in collecting information and tracking everything we do - say - record - and more.  I saw something about phones being programmed as a single financial option... starting in countries like Africa and India, if I remember that right.

I don't always take notes when I am listening to things, and a lot of my historical details have been lost in my own life struggles.  

I just don't know why GOD hasn't provided for Working Together.  We need so much to prepare to last as long as we can.  The movie I watched was about one small city in a very small country.  What will we do in our time?  

Maybe it will all be over in a very short time.

We may not need anything.

I find that so hard to deal with.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin 

This is from last year, but the details are the same.  I hope your community is preparing for what is ahead, not just for those who are dedicated to GOD and saved by CHRIST, but for our loved ones.