23 DEC 2014 :: Catching up

I just finished with yesterdays post, and want to get this one done before the midnight change of days... will I make it? Sure. It's just going to be a short post!   :-)

I finished a new post for Etsy about 3:30 AM --- I couldn't believe how long it took. I was making a new kind of listing, for ACEOs that can be defined by the listing or made into a custom order. It's an effort to move into the art world in a slow small way.  I am hoping it will help me get motivated to do more artworks as time goes by.

I will be making new ACEOs to post for sale that will be ready to ship and have different terms. I'm exploring the sales process in art... which rights do you keep, which rights do you sell with the work. I know very little about this world... I never really considered trying to make money with my art... or I would have started a LONG time ago!!!   Imagine the changes it would have made in the lives of me and my sons!

There will be some other listings soon... I am working out the items and the photos.  Photos are always a problem for me.  :-)  I'm getting better at it.

I have been able to watch some Christmas movies for the holidays, and tonight I was able to see some music specials.  If you don't have a schedule with all the channels on it, it is hard to know what is available to see.  I miss that.   I use to get the daily newspaper and I would check the TV schedule to see if there was something I wanted to make sure I watched, or tries to watch.  I can't do that anymore. It's "hit or miss" these days.  :-)

I have almost decided about my new craft blog...   almost.  I will let you know as soon as I figure it out. It's exciting for me... I am planning ways to separate my creative activities from my WT activities.  And I have a bunch of ideas to start with... but don't know how to organize for a weekly blog.  I am also trying to decide on a name.

I received a small cash gift for Christmas, so I may survive until my Social Security starts... it looks achievable.  Pray that GOD will help my funds stretch to meet all my needs.

Time to go.

I may take time off for the holiday...  so you may or may not see a post for Wednesday and Thursday. For that reason, I want to make sure I wish you

I hope you get the one gift that you really wanted to get.   :-)

Remember to thank GOD for the gift of Jesus...

22 DEC 2014 :: It's almost Christmas !

It's almost here... Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.  I wonder what this year is like for everyone else. Is it a good year? a bad year?   I wonder who is celebrating Christmas, who celebrates Hanukkah, who doesn't celebrate anything.  With my efforts to learn Etsy at the holidays, I have a need to watch the selling season unfold online. And I still have some gifts to finish.  :-)

I don't think I will share my special Christmas writing this year. I am trying to decide whether to make it into a gift tag, a notecard, or some other format for selling. I may just use it with my planned ornament collections.

23 DEC 2014  
I didn't get back to finish this post on Monday night... sorry.
I was revising my PayPal links for my website,
and creating a new listing for Etsy... didn't get done until about 3:30 AM this morning.
I just totally forgot to come back and get this posted.

I am sorry for that.

Now, I need to go make today's post, too! 
Feels like the holidays --  and I still haven't finished my gifts!   :-)