7 AUGUST 2013 :: Raising Money in America

When I read the newspaper and other materials, there is so much I want to say. When I finally get in front of the computer, it is hard to decide which topic to focus on. The problems are so many...and my greatest focus is America, and the Christian community.

I have reformatted my original booklet, What If There Is No Rapture, and added my update comments. It is a FUNDRAISING EDITION, meaning I hope to sell it for money to begin building Working Together. I thought $5 was a fair price for fundraising, and it is an email process. I haven't learned how to do eBooks yet, but I will by the time the full update is done. :-)

We are heading deeper into the 2014 election cycle. The "conversations" in the media are as they always are: degrading to the Republicans, and lifting up the Democrats. Neither side is right as far as I am concerned, but I told the Republicans over the weekend (online) that I think they are the only hope for getting our debt down. Obamacare is going to be the straw that breaks the camel's back I think. It is almost ALL subsidies, which is another word for taxes.

The political fog of saying the federal government is going to pay 90% of the costs for the state is an illusion...it is all taxes, paid by the citizen, to both the federal government and the state government. After Obamacare officially starts, there will be more cries for raising taxes and creating new ones. The purpose of creating fines is that government has been operating on fine income when taxes don't provide enough. The prison systems are really good at doing this.

If the government did their job well, we wouldn't question their requests for more money, even temporary (which often become permanent) tax requests. But the government is not frugal or well organized. It wastes millions of dollars, or maybe it's billions, or trillions. People in government tend to feel it is an endless supply of money (note the constantly rising tax base), so they don't spend the tax dollar the same way they would their own money. Some take what they can (fraud, theft, abuse), others barter for their slice of the pie (earmarks), and some use their employment with the government as a means to manipulate individuals, groups, and social policy. The power of the government is moving from service to mandate, from protector to police state, and from limited taxation to financial control. The frog in the kettle, which is the population of America, is close to dying.

What can the government really accomplish with Obamacare? Government thinks that if they control the medical process they can control the amount taxes will have to pay for it. The government is not really trying to help Americans with Obamacare, they are trying to reduce their own bills. (Especially the long expected Baby Boomer costs that are just beginning.) What I see happening is government becoming a prison guard, and having more LEGAL access to every detail of our lives. To get government money, people have to agree to let the government have access to every aspect of their lives. It isn't like ordering insurance and sending a monthly payment in. Tax dollars bring with them a lot of paperwork, a loss of freedom, the end to privacy, and great unhappiness.

I haven't read anything that tells me Obamacare is a good idea. People with money, insurance, houses, and the middle class or upper class life don't realize what it is like to DEPEND on the government for your survival... whether that is food stamps, welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, or any government program. What begins as a lifeline soon becomes a heavy anchor that takes you down into the depths of despair. People turn to the government as a LAST resort, not because it is such a great opportunity.

My greatest question is: HOW MUCH DOES THE GOVERNMENT REALLY NEED TO PROVIDE THE LEAST AMOUNT OF SERVICES, the most necessary tasks, TO OUR COUNTRY, including help for the most needy? What is essential and what is just because someone wants tax dollars to pay for something? How can we save money? Tax reform is going to become the top priority for all government bodies. The Tea Party is the first sign of the revolt that is coming. The repeated votes of the House against Obamacare is another.