Working on the process...

 I have been working on how to catch up and keep goiong with my blogs and selling sites.  It is a big task for my life right now.  I am asking GOD to provide, again, and trying to find ways to help that prayer get answered.

Today I updated a bunch of tracking pages for my efforts.  I hope to get better results for what I continue to try to do: increase my income so I can build Working Together.

I suppose these aren't the things executives share with the world, but I always hoped to keep everything as transparent as I could so there wouldn't be any impressions Working Together was wasting the money GOD provides through various sources.

It's been a strange path to here.  I never thought my life would go in these directions.  BUT, I am committed to keep trying. 

With the Antichrist (the Mark of the Beast I mean) possibly getting here before I die, these days I have are more important than I knew.  I expected to be dead before anything really got here.  I can't guarantee the process of these real life changes we are going through... how they unfold is still a mystery for all of us.  I just see that digital currency becoming a global effort and the microchip already in human bodies seems really like the prophecies about buying and selling.  If we accept that microchip we forfeit heaven.  That's pretty big.

I am wondering how many Christians are aware of this.

I am sure I would have become more like all the other ministry leaders if I had the funds to build Working Together long ago.  I don't know what GOD's Plan is, I am just trying to find the way to what He put in my heart to do... because of the life I experienced.

Faith is sure hard when GOD doesn't do what you think He will.

Well, I just wanted to check in with this blog as I try to post more.

I hope some Christians are able to create resources for their families and communities.  If inflation hits hard, the price of everything will go very high.  I know I don't have the funds to survive it.  I am praying those who do will provide for the rest of us.  We can't take anything with us when we die, or when the Antichrist gets here.

Pray for all of us.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin

PS : I am still working to update the website for Working Together.

Just sharing some thoughts. Not sure if the photo will work after posting, but I hope so.  The one with the wave is one of my favorites.  No copies of this one yet... It was impossible to do again, and I don't know how to get it turned into prints YET!  :-)