4 JUNE 2015 :: Crowd-funding and Survival

Hi...today, this morning, is not going well (with my body), but I am always trying to do as much as I can. I am still recovering from yesterday.  Health issues are what controls our lives... try to stay as healthy as you can, without becoming a fanatic.  :-)  We only have one life, I think there has to be a balance somewhere so we can enjoy it, enjoy living, and contribute to make our world a better place when we leave.

I have started some of my twitter posts this morning because I waited until the end of the day yesterday and barely could make it to three posts.  On the days I have to go out and do errands or tasks, it seems to be a harder effort.

One of the goals of this is to be able to buy as much of the equipment and supplies that have been needed for so many years, including hiring people to help, buying property that can be used to build a permanent future, and figuring out the details for establishing Working Together and all its program goals.  I must have some personal help, so my needs are also included in my money quest.

Crowd-funding is the best thing that has happened to poverty issues and the people that suffer because they have no other options.  I hope to build a crowd-funding platform that will meet other personal needs, be trustworthy, and administrate the funding according to the purpose/s it was raised for.  I believe that can be done through Working Together.

It will take away the need for government money and regulations (other than the new regulations that might rise in the crowd-funding arena) and make it possible for people to see the effects of their giving, to choose the people and causes that their dollars are helping, and to know their funds have been used for what they wanted them to be used for.  I have never had much to give because my own income has been zero or little.  It has always been important to me who receives my few dollars.  I think it is important to everyone.

My dreams for Working Together have developed because of my poverty experiences.  I am trying to make sure its programs and dollars cover the main needs/topics that are attached to poverty households because persecution means loss.  I see the need for a place to turn when everything falls apart.  I have tried to build Working Together with the perspectives of GOD.  Working Together exists to help as many Christians and their families (and others) as possible through the prophesied changes of the End Times...until Christians leave this world and no longer can change what happens here...long beyond me, I hope.

I have tried to find funding help all of my adult life...but I have set the beginning of Working Together at 1975, when I entered the US Welfare system.  If my Twitter campaign doesn't help the problem, I will continue to look...until my life is over.  I hope this is going to be the month that GOD chooses to bless me and Working Together...I hope you will be one of those who choose to help us.

3 JUNE 2015 :: Long day, busy day

I want to try to get this done in the few minutes left of Wednesday (3 June), but may not make it.  :-)

Today was my Salvation Army Sale Day, and I needed to go get some clothes.  I found one blouse and was too exhausted to keep looking.  I did find lots of picture frames to refurbish and use for my art and Etsy efforts.  I found some great book resources.  AND I finally found a copy of the old movie  "Overboard."  There aren't many audio tapes left, but I found a sermon set by Charles Stanley, my most favorite of many radio preachers.  I like my SA days... it is a fun shopping event for me.

I am on Day 3 of my Twitter crowd-funding campaign... which started late and will continue a bit longer.  Then we will try to do better on Day 4.   :-)  

It looks like I will be ending here...not sure I can write more right now.

Pray that GOD will deal with the issues I am seeking Him about.  Thanks.

2 JUNE 2015 :: Short message about my crowdfunding effort on TWITTER

Well, my JUNE experiment in crowd-funding through   twitter   and my   fiverr.com/work2gather   gigs (especially my GIFT gig  :-)  has begun.  I don't know how much I will post, but I am trying to just add them when I can, and leaving spaces between posts.  It will be interesting to me to keep track of my efforts and see how they work out.  

Social media is still a strange concept to me, and I have been spending less time at Twitter than Facebook.  This will help me to visit Twitter daily and watch the patterns of posts as I go.  I am thinking of looking for that automatic posting software for social media.  If I try this on other sites, I will need it!  And the software can keep track of any responses that are produced.

I am trying to limit my efforts to Twitter and Fiverr... but I am not sure that is a great idea.  I may change that for the last half of the month.  That will give me time to get my website figured out... I keep mentioning    work2gather.us    as well...which is one of the business efforts I am trying to develop.

I would like to have enough response to deal with my immediate needs and then be able to plan for and develop the programs I would like to establish... for inmates, for missions, for Christians living in many different communities, for food issues, and more.

I have been trying to establish crowd-funding accounts at Kickstarter, FaithLauncher, GoFundMe, and any other place that will help WT to achieve its goals, or me to meet my needs.  It hasn't been a full effort, but an ongoing learning effort.  As my funds increase, I can hire help and accomplish more.  It is that way for everything.

I guess I still need "start-up funding" and now need more that the original $50,000 I hoped to raise...and that would be for WT's goals, maybe $50K for each program, maybe more by now...a lot more.   :-(   I felt it would be good for me to start with that amount because it is the maximum amount I would invest in other Christian businesses through Working Together. 

Well, there are many details I don't want to share here.  I would be very grateful if you will pray for my quest... for GOD's blessings on my needs, my work, my efforts.  Thanks.

1 JUNE 2015 :: Weekend review

I can't believe how many times I wanted to sit down and share things on one of my blog efforts!  :-)  I was sorting through piles of things over the weekend and discovered lots of topic to talk about.  Now I need to find a way to sort through these materials and keep them in a place I can get to when I sit down to blog !!!!!!!   It is always a space/equipment problem.

I have decided to start a CROWD-FUNDING effort of my own through fiverr.com/work2gather again.  It seems like an easy way to find funds, but it needs a repetitive call.  I have created a post for Twitter that I will try to repeat every day, maybe more than once, just to see what happens.  :-)   It is the TIP gig I told you about.  I may change the gig to allow other price options, but I have to figure out if I am eligible to do the "extras" on the gigs.  I haven't had any sales yet.  :-)  Many of the fiverr perks are linked to the level of sales.

I am also looking at some of the gigs I can purchase to spread my message.  I think I told you I have been trying to find something to "buy" at fiverr so I can see how they process gigs.  I have been exploring the site looking for my best spending options.  I will probably try out the marketing, advertising, social media options so I can find out if they make any difference in my site views. This will be happening as soon as I decide on which seller to try first.  :-)

My ETSY options are getting better, but you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at my shop pages.  I have been gathering equipment and supplies, planning products, trying to get samples figured out so I can get photos done, looking at other shops and listings to find the best ideas, and more.  :-)   It isn't an easy task in the middle of daily life and poverty.   :-)  

I am continuing with my HOUSING CLASS to make me a better renter, but looking at properties again and still hoping to buy something that will last the rest of my life, allow me to have farm animals and gardens and processing areas and fields to grow as much as I can and fencing for espalier trees and vines..........  I hope to make it a trust for my children and grandchildren as a back-up plan for their lives.  It has always been my goal.

My EXERCISE quest and FOOD/DIET GOALS are continuing....  I have been getting on my son's machine a little at a time to build up my exercise time.  The goal is 30 minutes a day...and it doesn't have to be on the machine.  On my class days I get a lot of exercise in transit.  My food portioning is also getting better.  I am figuring out the best ways to prepare individual portions and to reduce my amounts for each day...to get to a more reasonable amount.

I am tempted to pay the money for the 21 Day Fix package, but it is about $100.  I just can't afford that.  I know from my USDA site research that the containers are close to the daily portions recommended by them.  I have decided the blue container is equal to 1/4 cup... because that is about the amount of grated cheese you can have.   I have decided the orange containers are about 2 ounces because that is the general amount of dressings you are suppose to have on your salads.  I know that leafy greens are 2 cups for a portion of veggies, but that the green container is about 1 cup.  SO, I have been trying to gather my own Dollar Store containers to use for my life.

I watched a YouTube video (a link from one of the program blogs) about the contents of the package you get.  I have been watching some of the blog videos from the program, too.  I hope they will all help me to create something I have been working on for a long time.  Ziploc bags will be my friend.   :-)

In looking for some links to share, I found these two.  See how they work for you. The PDF is from 1999, but it looked like it may have some good info still.  They change the pyramid, but we still need the right foods.  I like to see what they changed and decide if it was a good thing or a questionable thing.  It isn't good to completely trust the government...use this as research material.  :-)