Think about your food supplies!

I recently signed up (again) for emails from Jeffery Smith's group, IRT, Institute for Responsible Technology.  You can sign up for them at the main webpage, under SUBSCRIBE.  They come into your email titled, Live Well Be Healthy (.com) but I didn't find the website when I tried to.

He also created the documentary "Genetic Roulette" -- which was an earlier documentary about Monsanto and GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms).  It was one of the first DVDs I purchased on food issues.  

I found my way to a list of foods we don't realize have GMO ingredients.  On the main page, look under "LEARN" to find "SHOP HEALTHY."

I was surprised by a video I found at the main page for "Shop Healthy."  There is more than one video available so I don't know if it shows up first every time you reach the page.  It's on their YouTube channel as well.  It's called HOW TO SHOP HEALTHY.  It startled me to hear that organic farmers spray their fields with Round-Up right before harvesting, and wine growers spray between their rows, and both of these actions put the main chemical in Round-Up in these foods.  We don't know about it because no testing is done to show what is happening to our food supplies.  

Another page I found that is important for you to see is under the SECRET INGREDIENTS square on the Shop Healthy page.

Secret Ingredients - Institute for Responsible Technology

SECRET INGREDIENTS is also the name of one of his books, but the page has a list of foods to think about when you are shopping.  Many are ingredients in foods we buy and make and eat, but we wouldn't notice them as GMO foods.  Some are ::  cornstarch, baking powder, tofu, soy flour, milk powder.  There are many more.  

I have already realized any food with corn could be suspect.  It looks like all the sugar made from sugar beets is included.  I was under the impression that wheat, soy, and more grains we use are already GMO, but I haven't found a good list to share yet.

I can't afford to buy all organic and non-GMO foods.  I do the best I can with my shopping budget each week/month.  It is easier as a single person, but if I still had my family and was on a government budget, I would not be able to buy what I already stretch my budget to get in organic foods at the store or local farm foods at a Farmer's Market.

The primary motivation for all these issues is money, at some level - whether business, government (legislation or taxes), or other financial issues.  

We, those who buy these foods, thinking they are safe for us and those we love, are the ones who suffer most.

I don't know where all this will lead, or how long it will take to become public, but this is how it seems to go in all of history.  It's different now because of the End Times and the Antichrist and the move to create digital currency the government can control.  Those who are poor or vulnerable always suffer most.  What GMOs will create in our bodies and lives is still not known or connected.

I hope we can find our way to providing the food we need for ourselves.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Politics in America has changed too much!

I am sharing a speech I found on YouTube awhile back.  

It is one of Bobby Kennedy's speeches, but I don't know if he wrote his own speeches.  Whoever wrote this speech was an amazing person.  I keep listening to it and wonder what happened to our country.  When I am really in need of remembering what kind of world we need, I put it on repeat and listen to it until I need to go on to something else.  I think I had it on repeat for a couple days once.  It is so great to hear.

This is the channel and the speech I found.  I have seen others but I don't know if they are the same speech.  This is the one I have kept in my Liked videos as a back-up and have downloaded to my phone for listening to.

I hope you find it and listen to it more than once.

Our nation, and the world, is in trouble.  We don't have a lot of people who reflect this kind of world.  The Democrats are not like this anymore.  

We will never become this kind of nation again.

No matter what anyone tells us, Bible prophecy tells us different.  

I so wish we could be this kind of nation again.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin