WTI :: The December Drive for Membership is here

On November 30th I decided to spend next year focused on making WT better before I go for all the options I want to have in Working Together.  I limited Membership to one choice ::  a changed TRIAL MEMBERSHIP.

The Trial Membership this year is one year of monthly updates by email for US$25.00 - which is much like a subscription to a magazine.  It allows a monthly budget to cover the costs associated with making and sending it.

There are no other member benefits this year, but I hope to have them all ready to share next DECEMBER.  The Member Packet has always been my way of sharing other benefits that will be available through Working Together.  I hope to have some physical products to offer when we get them funded.

A regular membership costs more because it provides members with more.

So I hope you will sign up for the TRIAL MEMBERSHIP this year and encourage others to do the same.  This year, if funded, will build a foundation for what we can do in the future.

You can find the PayPal link on the homepage. 

There is also a link for more information on some of the programs Working Together is striving to create.  Each one is focused on an issue that will matter to Christians as time move closer to the Antichrist.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.  The email address for Working Together is  office@work2gather.us --  you can also leave a post at the Facebook page for Working Together (https://facebook.com/WorkingTogetherInc).  There are more links on the homepage.

It will be great to start seeing people communicate with each other about the issues Christians are facing now and what is coming as we live through to the future.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin

WTI :: December is not too far away... PRAY! I need to get things ready!

I keep seeing all the prep work I need to do on my lists, but when the dy is over, I haven't really finished what I wanted to.  This is such a pain.

This week I have been sorting through old paperwork and found a lot of my records for WT and the work I tried to do for it way back when.  This weekend I will have a separate pile of papers about Working Together to explore and remember and try to plan 2021 with.

I think about WT all the time.  Trying to decide on prices and benefits for Membership, how to advertise, what kind of graphics I should do for posting in December... and more.

I can only do what my current situation allows me to do.  It's not as much as I would like it to be, but we know GOD is aware of these details so I keep trusting there is a reason for my limitations.

As just one person with a very small income, I can't make endless offers via the internet... I can't pay for them without the fees I need to charge.  Finding the balance between fees and the benefits I would like to provide is my challenge.  In future years, with ongoing income, there will be more "flex" in the process, but right now (and in the past) there is NO room to experiment.

These are my challenges to build Working Together.  

They haven't changed in all these years of trying.

I hope to share more about what I end up with in future posts.  Keep checking in.

Let me know what kind of benefits you think are important for an online space for Christians.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


and more...

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WTI :: Thinking about 2021 today...

I was going through my notebooks and trying to organize them for 2021 again... today.  In the process, I decided that if I can get an email list figured out for Working Together, that would take the place of the TRIAL Membership.  So, I will be working on getting an email sign-up path posted on the WT webpage by DECEMBER's Annual Membership Drive.

The TRIAL MEMBERSHIP was a quarterly newsletter by email or print... which requires postage.  Maybe I should keep the print version for people who want it... I will have to think on that.  International postage from here is over a US dollar for just a letter size communication.  If we do 12 of them, it would have to cost at least $25 a year.  It is a great print option, though.  I'll let you know what I decide after I figure out the postage and process costs.

I'm working on prices for other things associated with Working Together, too.  The plan has always been to create products to help with the costs of each program, benevolence, and other parts of the global challenge to unite and protect the Christian communities we have.  Those in hiding will need special programs and products.  I don't know who they are, but there are already groups that serve them.  We just have to connect and get a plan going and FUND them. 

The election results will tell us a lot about our future activities.

I recently found an old PDF of my CORD (Christian Online Resource Directory) application.  If I can figure out the problems I have with my computer and making the digitals I need, I will be able to create an updated form for CORD and for MEMBERSHIP applications... Prayer Requests and Praise Reports... and maybe get the ESSAY 321 competition going soon.

This battle to grow Working Together seems like such a long and hard effort.  I wonder why.  I wonder why GOD hasn't intervened in the problems I have faced.  I wonder when He will.  

I looked at land on my computer again today.  I am signed up to receive emails from a few of the large land parcel real estate companies.  Sometimes I go to the highlighted sites and look at them.  

I discovered today that MONTANA own all the water rights in the state.  Oregon does that, too.  I find that objectionable.  I don't know yet if it is something we need to fight.  I do know the governments of our country are struggling to exist and pay all the obligations they have, so they are desperate for any kind of income they can raise.  Water access is soon on the horizon I assume.

The listing I looked at had an irrigation charge of almost $15K a year... for what looked like just one irrigation circle. I think most irrigation charges are for river water, but I don't know if this was the case for this property.

I look for the costs of large parcels because I assume there will be a lot of Christians wandering into the communities we need to build for them.  Water and Food are critical to survival.  Air is also essential, but we don't have much control over that.  Water is second on the list of survival needs, for humans, for plants, for animals, and for whatever else it is essential for... humidity?  Clean water is essential, but some places don't have that available.  To grow food, to grow animals for food and other resources, we need clean water.

This is one reason Oregon and Montana want to own the water in their states.

I have been trying to find out how much land is required to raise food animals, so I can figure that in deciding if a property is worth wanting.  I have a list somewhere... but I think someone has figured out an average acre size for cows, sheep, horses, goats, chickens, and other food options.  That doesn't include the dangers of wild predators like wolves and bears and mountain lions.

If GOD ever provided the money needed, all this will need to be decided before we can make a purchase to develop.

I remember reading somewhere that Old West kind of families needed about 200 acres for growing all the crops and providing for their work animals.

If you make all your bread and pancakes and biscuits and gravies and other foods needing flour, you need to grow enough grain for a year, have a machine to grind it up, make sure yo can safely store it, etc., until the next year's crop is harvested.

I have seen all the hay stored for winter for the land parcels I have been looking at.  If that is how much is saved for animals, how much will be needed for human beings?  It's a big challenge.

I don't like industrial farming because of their business practices, so finding a way for our future means organic and small scale... enough for each community by each community.  We will only have what we can create for ourselves.

It's not something most Christians seem to think about, especially in urban areas.  I have always known we need to, but haven't been able to reach the places I hoped I would already have reached by now.

Prophecy, History, GOD's Word, these all have meaning in our lives today.  We need to walk in Faith toward the future so we can last as long as we can in times of growing persecutions.  I generally just focus on the reality of a cash-less society... what does it mean to our lived to not be able to buy and sell, to get groceries, gas, clothes, etc.  It changes the way you see our future in this world we live in.

Working Together was my way of trying to keep others from suffering all the things I suffered through, and more.

I'm not young anymore.  I may not be here much longer, only GOD knows how long I will live.  I have been sharing all the things I can to try to reach those who can build for the future and fight to save Christians everywhere.

I still hope that Working Together will be that foundation, and provide the funds for the global process.  That depends on Christians.  It is all based on Membership Fees.  Sales of other products are for extra options, for developing new things, for outreach in other ways... and part of the yearly expenses we don't know about yet.

I hope this will be the year GOD provides.

To help me at a personal level, to prepare, to figure out how to get this going, becoming one of my ONE MILLION supporters at my Patreon page will help.  Just $5.  That's all I am asking.  It was hoped to be the funding I needed to accomplish so many things.

I hope you will be one of those people.

WT Membership.

Patreon support.

Or even my ETSY shop  -- I have a BODY OF CHRIST mug there.

Hope you will.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


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WTI :: Updated the homepage today

I am finally getting to my website for changes that need to be done.  With no activity to my knowledge, it seems pointless, but I am hoping GOD will deal with any issues I can't deal with... soon, I hope.

I need to work on the pages and details for the 2020 MEMBERSHIP DRIVE in DECEMBER.  I made new PDFs and printed off some copies to work on.  Once I have the new prices worked out, I can make my PayPal payment links.  Then it should be ready for December.

Waiting on GOD has been a long ordeal.  :-)  I know a lot better now how Abraham and Sarah felt waiting for their child.  You go through all kinds of thoughts... and wonder how much you should be trying to do yourself.

Sarah was desperate for her own child.  Taking the route that the rest of the world took seemed logical, from a human viewpoint.  It caused so many problems.  

I suspect Sarah thought the baby would happen really fast... then it didn't.  We always feel that GOD will answer us fast, too... but He doesn't.  Waiting is H-A-R-D.

I tried so many things to find start-up money when I was just starting.  Finally, I gave up and decided to wait until GOD provided for it.  I have felt the spiritual battles all these years, but there is nothing I can do about them.  All I can do is keep waiting for GOD to do something to provide for this business-ministry. 

So, maybe this will be the year.

I hope so.  I feel like I have one foot in the grave now.  I suppose that a GOD who can make a very old woman pregnant can also arrange for the funding of this ministry... and its next leadership.

I will let you know when the DRIVE details are figured out.

What do you think the Membership FEES should be?

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


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WT :: PREPPING for the Future : Elections, Membership, & Christianity

Here I am again... trying to get more posts done.  This month I am trying to do one post almost every day... 

The biggest focus for Working Together is the DECEMBER MEMBERSHIP DRIVE.  I need to review all my prices for the different types of memberships, the benefit structure, new PayPal links for collecting your payments, and how to reach the Christian world with my limited budget and resources.  

Every day I think this will be the day that GOD will provide for this work, but it isn't.  When GOD doesn't show up for our prayer requests, we tend to think He isn't listening, that He doesn't care, that we have something not figured out yet, that the Enemy is causing our problems. It makes us think more deeply about a lot of things in the Bible, in our life, in our spiritual focus.

I have had to do that since 1987 for Working Together (WT), but I was trying other paths for this effort before that.  Watching so much pain and hurt and misery continue while GOD wasn't providing resources for WT has been hard.

We know that there is no power greater than GOD, but we don't really understand the boundaries of Free Will in how He works in our world.  I decided it wasn't as simple as what I have heard preached about it.

The very difficult details of my life led me to seek GOD for answers.  In prayers I was divided between my great needs and His provisions for all the needs of Christians as things get worse and worse.  Working Together has one purpose  -- to create what the Body of Christ will need to survive for as long as possible - until the Antichrist gets here.  

We expect GOD to answer every need as soon as it appears.  He doesn't always do this.  Then we have to search for WHY.  I decided a lot of the pain and suffering we face in this world is connected to FREE WILL, which is GOD's promise to let us make our own choices.

The 2020 global medical shutdown has shown us how vulnerable we are to new kinds of attacks on our economy.  How fast our economy can change, and destroy everything in our daily lives.  We are struggling to deal with so many different kinds of problems, our political future is becoming a fork in the road... there is no easy answer for anything we are facing.

We call it socialism versus capitalism, but the differences are much bigger that we have ever thought they could be.  Socialism is when the "boss" is the government, Capitalism is about being able to build the kind of life you want to have through hard work and personal effort.  BOTH of these depend on the morality of the people involved.  

In our human world, there are big problems with both forms of government.  I know the world of government providing for your survival needs... I would choose the freedom to make your own future, which I have tried to do -- with little success.  I can hope for a better future as a free person in America, I would never have this hope in a restricted government-controlled existence.  I guess Welfare has taught me this.

What I have needed, and not been able to find, is what I have designed Working Together to provide for Christians.  

We need to see that Bible prophecies warn us about what is coming, and try to prepare for our needs before it gets here. 

This is why I have wondered where GOD was in providing for these needs.

This is what the Membership Drive is all about... creating resources NOW for the time they will be needed in the future.

I hope, when December gets here, that you will join Working Together.  If you can, please sign up for the Trial Membership now so there will be a start to the process, and better preparation for December.  Every membership helps.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Serious issues and GOD

I can't believe there are only two days left... well, the rest of today and then tomorrow.  I think I still have about 20 places to post... :-)   not really.  The goal is just to post more this month, as many sites as I can, and keep going until I find a good way to post at all my spaces online.  So, I am doing that.

The events surrounding the unnecessary death of a Black Man by the police are devastating our nation.  Something should be done, but violence is not the way.  I think some people create the violence to steal, to enrich themselves, not because it has a meaning to the wrong that has been done.

I still remember the WATTS riots in Los Angeles.  I don't recall what it was over, but I do remember the death of Rodney King, also a travesty.  Cameras have changed the ability of law enforcement to commit these kinds of crimes, and that is good.  I wish they never even happened.

The ideals of life, the desire for a humanity that is kind and good and caring for each other, is the hope of every generation, and so impossible to find because we are human beings.  We make choices that come from our childhoods, from the wrong friends, from relationships at work, home, church, and more.  When we grow up, when we get on our own, changing is hard.  Getting away from what we knew and finding out that other people are not the way we thought they would be, is not something that happens easily.

When I hear the song so many herald as a message of what we need to become, IMAGINE by John Lennon, I hear a masked allusion to Communism, which never works out the way it was meant to be because of the humans involved.  Greed, Power, Ambition, Anger, Hatred, Force, and more, these become the driving need... every good ideal about sharing and equality goes away.

There have been other songs about the themes of change and goodness and sharing... I am trying to remember their words, but I am busy with Minneapolis and Portland and Los Angeles right now.  

In talking about how ideals get lost, I often talk about the difference between what the Bible says and what people do... church people... people who haven't really found the secrets of GOD and Christ yet.  It is the same problem as with Communism... the good gets lost in the humanity that it is linked to.  We try to do right, to be good, to have a better path, but we also fall down, fall away, fall into sin.  This is why Christ died for us. To make a way of recovery from out bad choices.

We are able to find GOD's forgiveness, but the effects of our choices never go away.

Today has been a long day at social media.  I found a quote post about RICH MULLINS on the effects of divorce on kids... I made a prayer post about that.

I found it at my PRAYERS page at Facebook...


30 MAY 2020
apx 7:15 pm PST
I know we are in the middle of a terrible situation about being Black in America, but I came across a post with a quote by Rich Mullins on the effects of divorce on children and their ability to cope with life... it moved me to share more words about this... I am putting it here because we underestimate the serious long-term effects of family tragedies like divorce, remarriage, more divorce, remarriage....
I am also posting it with my graphic about choices... which was posted with my original effort...
This is why divorce is bad...
Kids from a divorce get lost in the future choices of their parents, abandoned for the new family, handicapped in ways they don't understand until they are deep into adulthood, if they understand them at all.
The loss of the nuclear family has damaged the world, but we have made it a "right" to be freed of our lifetime commitments.
I always say we take our problems with us, to the next relationship... we just start the process of pain and wanting things to be different all over again.
This post was too long for Twitter... I ended up making my own share of it... I wonder how to make it read by more people, especially young people who haven't felt the pain yet.
Rich Mullins Quote of the Week
2 hrs ·
"One of the very interesting things about divorce is, I was working with a group of young people - there were four of them - and two of them came from split homes, and two of them came from parents that had stayed together and that had honored their commitments..." "The two people, who grew up in an environment where they came to realize that love is not conditional, that someone loves you not because you're worthy of their love, or not because you're cool enough to love; somebody loves you, because it is in them to love - that they are able to accept you, and are able to support you even when you're not doing your, what they think is your best. They were able to make the mistakes, laugh and go on; and finally get things right. The two people that came from a split home, I think since that time - 'cause I've stayed kind of in touch with all of them, and they've worked through some of those insecurities, and they've worked through some of those problems, but it was much harder for them. So I think there's a reason why we were created to be monogamous." -- R. Mullins [1992 Fire by Nite Interview by Blaine Bartel]


Building a Christian Community is like trying to create a separate BODY OF CHRIST.  We are all different.  GOD created us for individual "jobs" in the Kingdom.  Our differences help us to see problems with different solutions.  If we can just find the way to WORK TOGETHER it will benefit all of us.

Building FAMILIES is probably just as hard... I guess it depends on what your foundations are.

Building FRIENDSHIPS, working with people on a job, Customers, people you need something from... it is all about... what?  I don't know a good word to bring all those things into one definition.

I haven't found the answers in my own life, but I keep looking.  I guess my relationship with GOD and Christ, trying to know the Voice of the Holy Spirit in the life I have, are the main experience I have with TRUST.

I think everyone in our world is fighting a battle we don't see... the hurts of their lives, the problems they face.  I hate to admit it, but even those police officers were fighting battles in their hearts and minds before this senseless event happened.  

I just hate to be aware of all the wrongs in the world.  It is sometimes too much for me.  All this information makes our lives a constant turmoil, gives us reasons to fear, turns goodness in our daily life into pain.

I have been sharing the graphic below with a lot of my posts on how our choices affect our lives and others.  I am very glad I made it, and have been thinking deep thoughts ever since.

I hope it will make you think about your choices more, too.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin
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21 MAY Update - working on monthly goals

Hi, again... I was checking links and realized how long it has been since I posted here... So sorry.  I am working on posting more entries at my blogs, my Patreon tiers, and on social media... wherever I have a place to share...  it's part of my plan to catch up with things and make a better plan for the rest of the year.

This is my CHALLENGE YEAR!  :-)  
( https://patreon.com/DebsRetirementPlan )  
I am trying to find ONE MILLION people willing to share $5 with me.  You can sign up with my Patreon Challenge Tier for $5 (USD), then cancel before the next month's autobilling… OR... you can sign up and stay with my page to watch how things go.

In my search for ways to gather this funding, I came across  paypal.me/work2gather  as an option to donate $5 without the problem of signing up for PATREON.  Just go to that link and you can help me reach this goal.

PayPal also allows you to send an email from your own PayPal account as a payment method. I am learning more about this option.

Any PayPal payment option requires you to have your own account. The sign-up process is not difficult, and most people who purchase online are already familiar with PayPal.

The best option for me is you becoming a monthly supporter... $5 a month.


I guess you can donate to Working Together as well... my account there is   paypal.com/workingtogetherinc  -- NO tax receipts are available, just long prayed for gratitude and a deeply-felt thank you for helping me get WT going.


Patreon is my effort to raise funds for my own needs and to work on some of WT's programs.  Membership is in December, but yo can still do TRIAL Memberships and LIFETIME Memberships.

This is a big year for me.
I am doing what I can, and praying that GOD will finally intervene on my behalf.
There is a lot of work to do.

On the way, I am trying to update and  build up  the WT webpage.
I am working toward making printable descriptions of each program to make the whole concept more understandable.
I am learning video and audio, going to work on creating a presentation for my Patreon page and then work on one for WT...
It's a slow process for me because of financial limitations.
There are other issues GOD needs to deal with as well.

Lots of changes this year, with monthly goals to overcome all the needs I face for WT.

Keep in touch...
I will be trying to post at least once a month.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin
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UPDATES!!! -- Working on my email posting! 28 March 2020

I hope you are reading this...

I recently discovered the ability to make a post by way of emails, so I am working on how it happens, what I can do, what I can't, and if I want to do this more often.

It has been a long haul...  I am going through all my online duties and responsibilities this year because of #My2020PatreonChallenge.  There is a lot to learn, a lot to do.  Working Together is always my primary prayer, but Patreon is my retirement effort.  I am also posting tiers there with Working Together Projects.  Right now, I am trying to raise funds for INMATE NEWS, the prison newspaper that I think will help everyone ::  inmates, their families and friends, plus the organizations that work with them.  I hope the effort will make our prison systems much better in time.

Lot's of details left unsaid about that.  It would be a great thing for our country and then the rest of the world... they have prisons, too.

Part of my organizing process is trying to find a way to share the details of all the separate programs I list at my website.  (http://work2gather.us)  I have to find out how to change the http into https.  I'm working on getting a separate website for my personal selling goals, which are currently focused on etsy.com/shop/work2gather  and  ebay.com/usr/work2gather --- both are in the building up stage.  

I am going to try posting this way to my other blogs for Working Together, too.  It may be a good solution for now, but I will be checking the process as I go and deciding on that.  Images are not available to this choice, as far as I can tell.

Let's see how this works out...
Until next time,

Deborah Martin

and more   :-)

NOTE ::   I posted and then went back to edit the BOLD and links.
I will get this figured out !!  

2020 is filled with HUGE goals... 
The most important one being the quest to find ONE MILLION $5 supporters for my PATREON page! 
Sign up as soon as possible... lets see how fast we can reach this goal.
On the way, I will be learning how to "spread the word" online and sharing what I discover in my posts. 
Join me in this challenge.