11 DEC 2014 :: Feeling better...

I'm not well, but feeling better. I want to get this post done before I finish the day... I'm trying to catch up with all the things that got left undone, and have to work in stages.  :-)  Life is so much fun when we get old.  :-)

I watched a bunch of VHS tapes in my resting moments... including Bambi, An American Tail, Pocahontas, White Christmas...  what I have available and wanted to re-watch. I already kind of watched It's A Wonderful Life, but need to watch that again... it was a watch/listen while you work kind of viewing.  :-)   I love that movie.  I hope my tape lasts the rest of my life.  I still have Dumbo to see, too.  You can tell my preferred level of movie ratings. I have some of the R movies, but don't really like the yucky parts in them... I wish everything was revised for the old TV standards... no nudity, sex, profanity, etc.   That seems to be all that is on anymore. It's hard to like any of the series programs...they always decline into smut.  :-(

I watched a re-run of Cold Case last night and was reminded again about the attitudes and impacts of the Hollywood decision-makers.  The theme of religion... specifically, anything having to do with GOD, Jesus, the Bible, Christianity, some Jewish, etc... is always creatively smeared.  Pastors are always adulterers, sex fiends, abusers, degenerates.  Doctrine is always a farce.  The social themes of Hollywood are always glorified... free and open sex, homosexuality/etc., money, power, abortion, and a zillion other social mores that go against the Bible.  Even the "news" is biased toward the Hollywood agendas.

It always makes me want to get rid of my TV... like I did so many times before. There isn't an easy solution to this moral issue, and it will only get worse as Hollywood gains more dominance, and GOD decreases in our societies.... all part of the End Times process.  Christians will have to make a decision at some point, and separate from the larger society just to protect itself and it's families.

I hope my body will allow me to get some things done this weekend...  I will talk to you again on Monday, GOD willing.

10 DEC 2014 :: Checking in again.

Still not well... wanted to enter this in case the day gets worse... but I will try to come back later if I feel better. Sorry for the lack of opinions...   :-)

May GOD watch over America and the ones we love...
May He guide our leaders and help them to choose right over profits and campaign donations.
May He help us to see the need to lift up moral foundations and not tear them down.
May He show us how to reduce our debt and stay within a reasonable budget... both country and families.
May He protect our country by revealing those who would use hate to achieve their ends.
May we see that love is what matters, and GOD gave us the poor and helpless to keep our hearts tender, to keep us humble, to allow us to share in their needs.
May GOD judge those who need to be judged, and have mercy on those who deserve it, those who will one day serve Him and love others, who will find a better life, and contribute to America what no others can...

In the holy and wonderful and blessed Name of Jesus,  Amen.

9 DEC 2014 :: Quick check-in

I hoped to feel better by now, but don't... so this is just a short check-in. Mostly resting, trying to eat, etc.  Not able to catch much of the news... the weather is wet, windy, cold.

I don't have the ability to do much... just wanted to enter a blog post for the day.

Please pray for my situation...  I am depending on GOD, and hoping for a good miracle soon.

May GOD protect His Children, May Christ protect His Bride, and May the ones we love get saved and be with us in heaven.  Amen.

8 DEC 2014 :: Planning for the future, getting through the present.

It's hard to get through the days when your health is like a roller coaster: up, down, up down.... :-) I do what I can, and pray for wisdom on the rest.  I am more aware of my fragile nature, and that all I want to accomplish will be left for someone else, or no one. 

I was able to create some new bead items with the recycled supplies I have on hand. And have a variety of projects in different stages.  It is good to have something done.  Once I make photos, and decide what to give as gifts, what to sell, and where to list them, I will begin to make listings at Etsy, eBay, and other options that are in process.  I can't make it for Christmas, but we are already planning items for next year.  :-)

I hope to catch up with some of these income activities by next weekend, but only GOD knows the future.

I am heading into a better schedule for me.  Monday through Thursday as an online work week is good for me... Trying to decide what to do with the weekends has been part of my prayers since beginning this.  I will need to make notes for my sales sites when I finally decide.  It will be better for me to have time for creating and time for ongoing activities.  I think the world will survive these needs, and I am praying that GOD will provide for my needs in the midst of these boundaries.

I caught up with my Facebook page today... and discovered a new seed catalog called Rare Seeds. The website is http://www.rareseeds.com and there are amazing foods available there.  You can order their 2015 catalog now... and look at the current/last catalog online.  Heirloom seeds are really very important for our future... get as many as you can.

I watched a video, finally, with the volume on, about the earth and our survival. I can only remember the hashtag: #earthlings -- because the video makes the point that we are all earthlings (man, animal, plant, land, water, sea, air...  well, I may have gone a little beyond their definition... the message is very essential to our survival... how we view ourselves creates our view of others, and defines how we treat the earth and its earthlings.  It is about a 10-minute video, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix ( I don't know how he spells his name, this is the spell-checker version.).  I hope you can find it with the hashtag.

I don't want to comment right now on the deaths by police of several black people, but I can't avoid making comments on the issues that are involved in their existence. Black people are not the only victims of police violence, and many great police officers are victims of criminal violence.  It is not a simple issue, not just a race issue...it is a very important policy issue that needs to protect both sides of the public safety issues we are seeing now. I would like a wider view into the deaths by police issue... make it more than a Black conflict. We depend on our police as a community force to protect us.  Without them, without good people willing to do their jobs, we will all suffer.

I guess I could share a comment I heard on a Christian program today.  June Hunt is a new program on a local Christian station in Portland, OR, USA.  She deals a lot with the emotions of suicide and forgiveness.  Today she mentioned a plaque she has in her office somewhere. I thought it was a great statement.

To err is human,
to blame it on someone else is more human.

Isn't that the truth!!!   :-)

I hope we can find a better way to handle our problems. We see the "blame game" every day in the media. It doesn't seem to help us, or solve our really BIG problems.