God's Will and Timing

The days run together and life seems to take over the goals I set for myself. I keep wondering when I will finally reach the most important goals I have been praying about and seeking God for. God seems so slow, I seem so broke, and the work seems so incomplete. How can I believe in a future for Working Together when it seems like nothing is happening, and for so many years. Finding God's will and timing IS a challenge! It always has been. He isn't unable to provide, he chooses not to . . . for whatever reason.

I guess you can see I'm a bit frustrated...about the money thing. I've always been poor, my whole life. I know how to live without the things I would like. Still, it's never easy...dreaming of all the things that can be done with money...beyond my own needs. Dreams can become gods. Having dreams is always a hard place to be. We have to keep examining ourselves to be sure our dreams are what God wants us to do, not what we want to do.

When I think of Working Together and the problems I encounter, I try to find the answers to my questions in the people and events that we read about in the Bible. When I want to move faster than God wants to move, I think of David waiting for the throne. When I hate all the suffering that I see in the world, I remember it is caused by many things, including sin. I am fond of saying that we suffer for the sins of others, and others suffer for our sins. The consequences of sin are all over the Bible, and none of the examples are good. When I worry about the future of Gods people, I remember Joseph and the long famine that God prepared for.

The big Truth is that we HAVE TO wait for God. We have to trust that He is in charge. We have to deal with the situations He allows in our lives because they all have meaning. Things that happen to us as children affect the decisions we make as adults. What we do now will affect the events that happen 50 years from now. The End Times are now...what we do today is creating them.

Working Together may not be materializing as fast as I would like, but it has always been God's project. I hope I can keep waiting on Him for as long as it takes. It's hard not to force modern techniques on the process.

May God guide and provide for all the works that He wants accomplished...and help us to bring our resources together in wisdom and sharing. May He strengthen His people all over the world, make them strong together, make their efforts better, and their protection secure. May we start now to prepare for the hardships the Bible tells us will come. Amen.