Can America really survive a big disaster?

I have been saving some of the better statements I hear along the way.  I am trying to be able to provide quotes and their sources when I post, here or elsewhere.  I also want to share I am not the only one worried about our global economy - and that includes America.

I tend to focus on financial topics when I can, or survival needs without money.  One quote, which I might have already share somewhere, is about our faith in the stock markets.  Many are counting on their income from stocks and bonds to support them in their retirement years.  Charities have annuity relationships with their supporters.  These are very vulnerable funds, and you can't count on them.  They could disappear in a moment.

The quote I found worthy of saving is from a prepping channel on YouTube called City Prepping.  I believe it was posted on 25 April 2023 and was titled "The Fuse Has Now Been Lit."  My notes say the post was about the real estate bubble bursting, but this line was somewhere in the video.

"Markets take the stairs up

and the elevator down."

I interpret this to mean stocks go up in value slowly but they drop fast.  If you think it means something else, let me know in the comments.

I am not against owning stocks.  Stocks are a way businesses fund their life, growth, and future.  We need healthy businesses in our nation, in our investment options, in our income opportunities.  My issue is whether they are secure.  Can you PLAN on them for retirement?  No.  They are extra money, not your economic foundation.

The DEBT we are building as a nation puts us at risk of bankruptcy, individually and nationally.  That will create a very terrible domino fall in so many areas of our lives.  Adding to the national debt means inflation rises.  That means our money has less value to buy what we need.  Extras go away.  Affording our daily survival needs gets harder.  Inflation means all the money we worked so hard to save won't buy what we thought it would.  Everyone in the world begins to suffer at the same time.  There's no one who can help get us out of this struggle.

The government is like a big family with a LOT of kids.  Taxpayers provide its income, and then the government spends it.  The government also has a credit card, which we call the National Debt.  I can't share where I read this, but somewhere on my research paths I thought it said our taxes are eaten up by the INTEREST payments on the National Debt already.  If not all, most of the government's income is spent before it is even collected.

All the people who depend on the government for their jobs, their survival, their retirement benefits, will be left with nothing unless the government continues to support them.  It is my understanding that all Social Security payments are already a credit transaction, and other government benefits/jobs/military payments also end when the economy falters.

We look to the government for disaster recovery too.   Natural disasters, terrorism, civil unrest, and any other kind of disaster.  We think the government will always be there to pay the costs of recovery.  We are at a point now that the government doesn't really have the ability to pay for anything.

In any economic disaster, there are paths we pass through...

  • People lose jobs.
  • People use up whatever they have saved.
  • They sell their investments, probably at a loss.
  • People lose housing.
  • People lose whatever they have bought on credit.
  • People have to declare bankruptcy.

It's not a pretty thing to even think about.

So, how can all this be prevented?  I don't know if it can.  We have dug a hole so big we can't see the top of the pit or any way to get out of it.

The only thing I could think of was to get the DEBT down to zero.  We would be able to weather the storms of the future if we do.  It is our safety net as a nation.  

The only way I thought this might happen is to create a collectible coin and sell it to pay down the debt... and ONLY THE DEBT, which includes the financial needs of Social Security Retirement Funds.

Awhile back, I heard/read about the plan to make a Platnium coin.  It seemed like the ideal solution to our debt issues.  I figured we would need to make ONE TRILLION collectible coins and sell them for at least $50.00 each - so ordinary people could afford to purchase them.

I suggested packaging them as collectibles and giving each one a number so that there is a priority value for those who care about that.  It would also be a recordkeeping option.

Since it would not have a monetary value (as currency), it would not add to the debt.  And now that the government is heading toward digital currency for the future, it might be the last coin created by our government. 

If we can sell all one trillion of them, it would provide enough money to eliminate the debt, provide for Social Security, and allow a small amount for a RESERVE account for the future.

I expect the government will want to take all the money and use it for anything they want to use it for, but this would need to be stipulated as funds for the National Debt only.  I have no idea how that can be achieved at this time in our history.

Maybe you do.

We have to do something!!!  

Let me know how you would try to get this done...

In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Founder, Owner, Volunteer

Working Together Inc