WTI :: Catching up with you.

 I have been working on organizing all the things I want to get done, and posting to my Working Together BLOGS is one of them.  I can't promise how often, but there are so many thoughts I want to share about our faith and what is happening and how it relates to WT and all Christians.  I just can't get to the space in time and life to post them.

I will be sharing thoughts as often as I can.

My big issue is money.  This has been the main issue for years.  I am trying to increase my income at a personal level and to increase WT's income so it can stand on its own.  I continue to do that.  

At a personal level, please think about supporting my PATREON page ::  https://patreon.com/DebsRetirementPlan -- at any level.  I have a $1/month level now, plus a new $3/month PROJECT level.  My $5/month is my original General Support tier.  If you are a crafting kind of person, I have 20 spots for ART PRINTS and 10 spots for JEWELRY.

My income has been the only income for WT all these years.  I would like to find Christians to become part of its future.

I have been praying for months about how to make it easy for Christians to become part of the Working Together goal of building ONE Body of Christ and preparing for the future.  I don't have a final answer yet, but am thinking of a separate membership that is open to anyone that joins it... building the original plan to have an "AARP" for Christians.  We need some kind of group power that is global in reach.  It could be the first step for all of us.

I will let you know when I figure out if that is the way GOD wants to proceed... to the best of my knowledge.  Keep checking the main page --  http://work2gather.us  --  for changes and more information.  It will be updated soon... for the next MEMBERSHIP DRIVE.

The original AARP started at $5 a year.  If I had more financial resources to cover unexpected online issues, I would try that amount as an INTRO level special.  BUT I DON'T.  I have to decide what amount would be enough to cover the costs and leave enough for growth into next year.  It has always been a problem to start from zero.

I hope that GOD will move many of you to get involved in this effort to bring all the different people who claim Christ together and start becoming ONE Body of Christ.  We have a lot of needs globally, and the problems in the USA are making it even more difficult for ministries we support to continue.  Working Together can't solve all the problems we face, but the goal is to establish as many resources as we can, in each country.

The plan is to hire all the Christians we can so we will all have jobs, housing, food, and fellowship.  The transition to a world where we are persecuted is not easy.  We have to create spaces of refuge now.

I can't do it all alone.

I have been waiting for GOD to open the doors of money and Christians and places to build the future.  I hope you will be moved by GOD to join me.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


Working Together Inc