WTI :: Praying about the future of Working Together

Waiting for GOD to answer prayers is quite a long road for me... but it has to be done.  The battles of faith are getting harder, and I am getting very old (which means life might be shorter than I want it to be).  If it was fully funded as I always thought it would be, these issues wouldn't exist.  But this is where I am so I have to find GOD's path through today.

I have been praying about how to fund the start of WT still, again, in 2021.  If you saw my post at the homepage, you know that I am thinking of other options beyond membership.  I have tried A LOT of different paths over the years -- so I guess it's hard to keep starting over and revisit the efforts of the past.  I recently shared that I wanted WT to be the AARP for Christians, and that has brought up that possibility again.

AARP started with a small $5 fee, if I remember right.  I have been thinking we could do that to get a contact list going and start funding an office and employees to get that activity more organized.  I don't know if $5 would be enough in our time... costs are high these days.  WT has to pay for what it does so it can be as debt-free as possible.

Yearly membership needs to be one payment - in DECEMBER of every year, maybe a monthly option when it can be implemented.  This "AARP"-like effort would need to be a separate thing.  What it would offer you, as members, also needs to be figured out.

The biggest purpose of Working Together is to gather us together so we can start organizing resources to provide for each other's needs.  Being able to finance the start-up costs has always been a problem.  GOD did not bless my efforts.  I have never known why.  I have felt the spiritual battles in my life, so I just kept going forward the best I could.

I am still not sure when I will have the answer to this funding prayer.  I will let you know.  Day-to-day survival takes up too much of my time.  Please PRAY that GOD will provide for all of us.

In Christ,

Deb Martin