3 SEP 2014 :: Sorting through the long list of GOALS

Been trying to find the best level of goals for my life...and not sure how to prioritize. This has been a real problem for many years.  Working Together has so many important "parts" it has been a major issue just to find the right place to start. I still have that problem. I am trying to battle between lists of personal needs, income issues, WT dreams, and health issues on a no money budget. Not easy.

I have been working on upgrading my art efforts. I am creating a listing for my etsy shop (etsy.com/shop/work2gather) that will be similar to the fiverr gig I was talking about. It will take the place of some of my current art efforts. Then I will be adding better works that fit the guidelines in my made-to-order listing. I think this is going to be a great pathway for me. I am limiting the made-to-order listing to 25, and I have a framed gift option included with the offers.

It may be that a PDF gig will be better for fiverr...I'm not sure. I will decide whether to keep the fiverr option when I have completed my "made to order" listing at etsy...which should be tonight or tomorrow.

Listening to the GOALS recording by Brian Tracy is always motivating. It helps you sort through everything...which is necessary. Listening to it has reminded me to find the most important thing that needs to be done first, and do that until it is done. Creating the list of steps for each goal is also something it has reminded me to focus on. To-Do Lists are great, but Mr. Tracy's statement about our choices helped me to remember how important it is to do the hard things first.  In one part of the recording he says that 20% of the things we need to do to achieve a goal are more important than the 80% of easier things we often busy ourselves with. (my paraphrase) I found his YouTube page here. You can listen to his recordings at will.

Zig Ziglar is another favorite speaker I have loved for years. I checked for a link and discovered you can get three free downloads for signing up for his newsletter.  Good deal. He is on YouTube, too. I am sure I listened to him there a long while back.

Years ago I listened to tons of tapes by Nightingale-Conant and [today I] found a link for them as well. You will be pretty busy with just these three websites, plus all the YouTube links you will find.  :-)

I have to watch myself or I end up at these places for hours and hours because there are so many "seminars" I want to listen to!!!  It isn't time wasted, but you have to pace yourself, think about it, take notes, try to use it in your life.  Make a plan to use these sites as an introduction to your new life.  :-)

I have to go, but I want to add that "success" is not always measured in money. We need money to achieve things, but money is not the goal, the goal is what we need it for. I want money for WT, and WT is not for me alone, it is for all the people it will someday help, save, shelter, feed, etc. I have to trust GOD more than the idea that money is its measure of success.  Lots of things happen inside us as we move toward a goal...sometimes GOD heads us in one direction to take us to another.

Seek GOD for the best direction for your life...and pray about how He wants you to get there. Satan is more than willing to lead you elsewhere...down paths that look good because they seem easier. Choose the right way, not the fast way.

May GOD help us all to honor Him with our choices, to trust in His ability to lead us and provide what we need at the time we need it.