1 OCT 2014 :: Trusting GOD

Trusting GOD...it seemed like a good topic when I started writing this blog post, but now, over an hour later, after many revisions, I am starting over again. What does it mean to "trust GOD?"

There are probably hundreds or thousands of verses in the Bible that refer to this action. It sounds like it should be easy, but I don't think it is. In my life, the answers aren't found in exact verses. I think about the stories and events in the Bible, and try to decide if they could relate to my situation. Like Abraham and David, both waiting for GOD to provide what He promised. Like Joseph preparing for a famine. Like Goshen being a place where GOD protected the Jews from the plagues that Egypt suffered. Like Job's innocence in his suffering. Like Jeremiah being attacked by his own people because they didn't want to hear the message he had to bring to them.

It isn't easy to trust GOD.

I have been fighting my own private war with Satan for many years now. I can't remember when I noticed the battle was happening, but I haven't been able to overcome the problems it causes. I do what I can and rely on GOD to help me get through this. I pray every day, pretty much, even if it's only a quick, "Help me!"

When GOD takes a long time to answer your prayers, you search for the possible reasons. Is there some kind of sin standing between us? Is my faith too small? Did I not tithe enough? Am I asking for the wrong things? We know what the Bible tells us about the power of GOD, but how does that information apply to my situation? God moves very slowly, and I want the end of my suffering right now. Is GOD saying no, or is He saying wait? Is what I am experiencing because of something I did, or did it come into my life through no fault of my own? Who is the enemy? Is it me? Satan? Or the person that evil is controlling?  What is my next step?

After so many years of moving in the direction of Working Together and not being any further than I am, I wonder what GOD is doing. Others in the church might say that GOD is not behind warning and protecting the Body of Christ through Working Together. I think of Satan killing Jesus because he thought it would stop Him from becoming the Messiah. GOD is achieving His Will in the midst of all this suffering, I just don't see all the details.

This topic is high on my list today because I have been waiting for GOD to do several things, including provide for me and Working Together. Faith is a struggle because I don't see the details. I am standing on the past, on experiences I remember, on what I know from the Bible.

I am trusting GOD for the end of this story...and I know that what that ending is will be the right one for me, for His Will, for Working Together, for the Church, and for others who are struggling with me.

I am not well right now, so I have to go. Pray. Pray that GOD will provide for Working Together and the safety of the Body.