23 NOV 2014 :: Early post for Monday (Finally scheduling one to see how it goes.)

What a weekend.  Long, battling with illness...etc.

I did watch 60 Minutes tonight (Sunday) and they had one segment on the long-lasting effects of radiation from nuclear disasters.  It was on Chernobyl in Russia.  They have had more than one program about the devastation from the disaster and the length of effects.  I was amazed when I discovered how many nuclear reactors there are in the world as energy sources, and the fact that there is no known use for waste products.

I spent a lot of time with Etsy this past week. I was playing my first networking game.  I learned a lot. Still have more to learn and do, but the evolution of online sales is something I have considered still in its infancy... the "ground floor."

That reminds me of some money programs I like to listen to on Saturdays.

I like to listen to a Christian radio program on KPDQ.com, a local station, called Financial Safari from 8-9 am on Saturdays, when I wake up and when I remember it.  :-)  Saturday mornings can be tough. I leave my radio on all night sometimes.  I heard it by accident one Saturday and try to listen to the Christian viewpoint on money issues when I can.

If I am awake, I discovered a PBS advice program at 9am called The Truth About Money, with Ric Edelman. I guess he has both radio and TV programs. I found him by accident when I turned on the TV a little early for another show called Wealth Track at 9:30. He has several segments that repeat each week. One is highlighting technology.  Saturday there was a segment on 3D printing.

The main thing I got out of this was that 3D printing is going to "disrupt" the manufacturing industries.  It was suggested that what will become the item to buy is instructions for creating items with the 3D printer.  The time frame given was about 5 or 8 to 10 years until it is really felt. 

It is hard to grasp the many changes that computers and technology are making on our world... including jobs. Energy systems are another industry that is being "disrupted" by changes in technology.  I say a post on Facebook that said one town was completely powered by solar and wind (or new energy of some kind).  I added the comment that the oil industry needs to see this as a warning from the world... they need to plan ahead and decide what the most important use for oil is going to be.  We don't need another pipeline going across the whole country, we need to create a strategic national plan that separates our energy grid and provides for disasters in one region not destroying the whole country.  (Do we have that kind of emergency plan?)  Terrorists don't care what happens to us...we better be prepared for them.

60 Minutes had another segment on our failing infrastructure in bridges and roads... wanting to raise the gas tax.  They said Washington doesn't discuss it.  I think it's because our economy is too stretched already...and Obamacare hasn't helped it.  How do we solve all these problems that are years (decades) in the making. I remember watching a program on the bankruptcy of Detroit when it first happened... they said it was 60 years of desperation leading to that moment.  How long will it take the USA to fall apart?  Can we solve these problems?  How can people who have no power in Washington prepare their lives to survive what could be ahead?

The issues are not easy. Like families, the government likes to avoid them.  And we always want to blame someone else.

Well, it's about 10:40 am and I checked the post.  It didn't publish, but the listed post time is the one it was suppose to publish at.  I think I figured out how to do it, so will try another one for later.  I wonder what this edit will publish as.  Do you think it will change the time, or be noted anywhere???  This brings up a lot of issues for when something is really published.   :-)