25 NOV 2014 :: Tuesday's post - a copy of SERVANTS

I was busy trying to format some of my writings to list on Etsy and got carried away.  It is just a bit past midnight, so I will hurry to finish this... was just going to stop for the night.

I guess SERVANTS is one of my favorite writings. It is what I would think of as a classic writing. I hope it lasts. Right now I am too tired to remember the details of writing it... but it has been awhile.

One of my goals is to write a classic Christian book, if I am able to do that before I leave this world.  This writing, and a few others, will have to do until we can overcome the hurdles I face these days.

I hope you enjoy it. 

I am formatting it to be a printable PDF.  I suppose US$5 will be the cost. I am thinking of making some designs for using as a stationery page, when desired.  Will have to see how that works out.  Postcards are a great shape for me...I love them. I save designs that I think are really special for one reason or another.

Here it is.


Each moment, each day,
the mysteries of God unfold.
They surface in the innocent words
and complex actions
of those who share our lives…
Through our families, our friends,
through strangers and His tender
manipulations of our circumstances,
God speaks to us –
if we are willing to listen.
By the same methods
he uses us to reach out
to a lost, hurting world,
and to fellow saints –
when we are willing to be channels
of His mercy and grace.
In all things it is our choice…
to listen, to obey, to be devoted to,
and used by our Lord.
When we live in constant awareness
of the promptings of the Holy Spirit,
Life becomes an adventure
of enormous proportion,
and we become
servants of the One true God.
It is on my website, too.  But everything is up for change these days.
We are all at the mercy of those who know more about technology than we do... sometimes those who are closest to us.  But I keep remembering that GOD is all-powerful and will have the last word. He knows the things that are happening to us, but He also can't interfere with every little or big thing. He gave Man free will... that means we sometimes suffer because of the ability of others to choose wrong.  Pray that GOD will help us all as we move more deeply into the End Times.