6 JAN 2015 :: A Few More Words

I am up to take some medicine and want to add a few words more...

It is hard to function when you are ill... so I do what I can and leave the rest to GOD.

Social Media is still a challenge.  I can't get my goals to fit into the ones I know so far.  So I am looking for other ways to connect and share.   If you have any ideas, let me know.

Congress is in the news again... we are all wondering how the Republicans will use their power, and some are trying to make sure their power is lessened.

The Republicans seem to think that all Republicans agree with the Keystone Pipeline... but be don't. They want to pay off some political debts, I think it will hurt the country.  If we need more oil refined, we need to keep it where it is....not drag it all the way across our farmlands, and water resources. 

The controversy over the Keystone Pipeline makes me wonder if we have a national energy emergency plan...  If our resources are attacked in California, or in Texas, or in the East, will the other parts of the country be able to take up the cause and provide for us as a nation?  I don't ever remember hearing about a national plan... for oil, coal, gas, nuclear, food, shelter, disasters, government, etc.  I have read that terrorists can render our nation helpless with an electronic bomb, how will we recover from something that covers multiple states, with no money, communications, police protections, etc.

We don't have an emergency payment plan that I know of either.  If the economy falls, if millions are in need, if the tax base doesn't meet the needs we have, who will get paid first, second, third...  Are the vulnerable going to be abandoned because the soldiers need to be paid first?  That would be seniors, disabled persons, veterans, homeless, food stamps, prisons, etc.   We came close to some real financial doom recently... many of our small banks were killed and only some of the larger ones were helped. If we change to a wireless money transfer system, how will anyone access their funds in such a disaster?  It causes a lot of problems that I haven't heard plans for recovering from.

The next two years are the reign of the Republicans, because the big election is coming... a new president and more congressional contests.    Will the Republicans put America ahead of campaign debts?  Will we protect the poor and seniors, or will we ravage them because they cannot fight back? Will we stop increasing taxes and fees and regulations, or keep losing our freedoms?  Will we see the change that can't be stopped, prepare for it, and help old industries to be retrained for new jobs?  Will we stop the destruction of our little people because some have more money to spend?

All this comes from the comments I saw about John Boehner being re-elected to guide the House, and the power the Republicans now have to affect our nation's laws and budgets.

I hope they use the power that GOD has allowed them to have with great wisdom.