13 APR 2015 :: Monday update

I entered a quick post at Crafts Explored... I have been preparing some playing cards for ACEO artworks with some GESSO foundation... I will still have to do more cards and layers tomorrow or Wednesday, then I can start experimenting with some designs.

The news has been filled with election info.  I happened to hear one newscaster say there are "only" 81 weeks left to the election.  :-)  Only....  Focus on the Family had an interview with Jeb Bush, I heard several parts of Marco Rubio's announcement speech, the liberal media brightens up when they share the activities of Hilary Clinton, and I heard for the first time that Rand Paul was running to oppose Hilary -- I think that was what was said.

Over the weekend I linked to a video with Ron Paul about an impending "currency crisis" and how to prepare for it. I watched the part with Ron Paul, and started to listen to the narrator about the research information they were offering for a price, but it kept going on and on and on and there was no way to see how long it would be until it reached the end. 

One graphic in the presentations showed the increase in printed money since the housing crisis, and the bail outs, and approximately 2006 or 2008... I didn't take notes, this is by memory only.  The title of the book was 2020, so their projections were for the next five years.

I did hear some of the main promotional points (FOUR ways to prepare, basically.) but I couldn't say I agree with the one I understood (buy hard assets like gold and silver), and guessed about the rest.

I don't think there is any way for ordinary people to prepare for a national (global?) money crisis.  I recall reading that in the Depression most people (I assume they meant rich people) lost half or more of their fortunes... which were basically paper wealth (stocks, bonds, etc.).  I guess the ordinary people lost everything.

The currency crisis that was mentioned was about the value of our money, our dollars.  In my mind the value of currency is attached to one thing I learned about the Civil War, that Confederate money was worthless because they didn't have anything to give it value, people used it as wallpaper and fire-starters.  I think that is what Ron Paul and the associated book were referring to...that our dollars are worthless and our economy is like a domino trail waiting for the first domino to fall.

When I think of what is coming, sooner or later, I remember the Bible says people will be willing to give their gold and other treasures for food.  This is what GOD has shared with us, what has happened before, and what will happen again, somewhere.  America isn't going to escape the consequences of what we have done, what our leaders have chosen, just because of our history. Israel made wrong choices and suffered for it.  When we make wrong choices, we will suffer the consequences of those choices.

I have been very concerned about the negative focus on food stamps in America, and the effort to end them.  Food is the greatest need we will have in any crisis. To protect our citizens, food stamps have to be seen as the most critical national intervention program we have.

I hope we see a better agenda in Washington, and on the election trail.  I suppose I will be commenting more on these kinds of issues...on all the blog topics I have!  :-|

I will try to get more organized for the election... see you next post.