16 APR 2015 :: Thursday thoughts on GOD and survival.

I am trying to get through my list of things I want to do, and will need to shorten, but I thought about a lot of things since my last blog...and wonder what to focus on.  The problems we face as a world are enormous, the issues we face as Christians are growing, and each of our lives are short.  How much can one ordinary person accomplish?  I don't know.  I think we just have to do our best each day, seek GOD for His wisdom and guidance, look for what  is our personal responsibility to do, and then let go of the rest.
It all takes so much longer than I think it will... from planning to actually getting something done, like artworks, clay work, shopping, supplies, workspaces...etc.  One think affects another, and once you start, the time it takes seems to expand, and expand again, and then expand more!  :-)  If it wasn't just me doing the tasks, I know it would be faster, but GOD has to provide before I can get help.

When GOD doesn't do what you expect Him to, it all becomes a search for answers about why.  I can only see the places in front of me, GOD sees all the "links" all over the world, and how I affect them and how they affect me. I guess we have to trust that GOD is able to accomplish His Will and accept what happens.

I have tried the best I could (within my many limitations) to establish Working Together, but GOD has held back in blessing it with sales...which was one alternative I figured might work.  Now, years later, I am trying to figure out the internet better...and still hoping for "start-up funding" to get WT established before I die.

The Body of Christ will go on after me, and someone else by build interventions for them, but I am still required by my beliefs in GOD and the Bible and what I know of poverty to keep trying to make a way to survive.

I suppose no one wants to be attached to something that goes against their foundational belief systems, but the truth is :: no one knows whether the Rapture will come before the Antichrist or at the time of Christ's second coming and the judgment of all; and no one knows when the Antichrist will arrive and "wage war on the saints," which I believe is the real "exit" of the Church in the world.  When I contemplate the seeming failure of WT, I remember Jeremiah. I think about how GOD accomplishes things in humanity.  I look for my place in GOD's Will.

We always think of family as the road to health and connection and safety, but that isn't true anymore. The world is becoming fractured, separated, distant, without a moral foundation, and our families are mixed into the process that is unfolding.  I am finding more and more evil touching my personal life and family, and praying more for GOD to intervene.  I feel helpless to overcome these attacks, and need GOD to protect us more than I ever thought I would.

The loss of what is normal causes us all to find a replacement...sometimes the replacement is not so good.  I wish I had an easy answer for all the pain that is developing.  I don't.  Working Together was meant to help with as many needs as possible...physical needs, financial needs, fellowship needs.  If GOD doesn't provide for me, I hope there is someone rising up to take my place.