20 APR 2015 :: Another week, another list...same goals.

The weeks seem to fly by... it's April, almost May, already.  I am wondering how to survive the rest of the year...
  • how will I accomplish the goals I have?
  • will my health work out?
  • what should I do first?
  • how do I overcome the "obstacles" I have to deal with?
  • what can I do to save more?
  • will I be able to sell anything to increase my income?
  • how can I get the space and equipment I need?
and more...the questions are endless.  It is the same challenges, in a different place, with different variables, but the challenges are always the same.  The issues of health are the biggest problem... we can't do much without our health.

I was making a to-do list on Sunday and I started to measure my room (11' x 13' - plus closet space) to see how big it was. Then I started to measure my furniture pieces (twin bed, dresser, shelf, etc.) to see how much space they would need if I changed them around.  THEN... I started to move things, and felt like I was going to die several times in the process!  I am still trying to finish the project, and still feel the "pain" it causes.  :-)

It is a better room now, when all things are considered.  I have an idea of what I can get to make it work even better. I am hoping this will help me function and create and sell better... and soon... as I need to find more space soon.

Most of the business stories I read or hear about come from people with more money and space.  I have been (repeatedly) amazed at how hard it is to find the money, equipment, and space needed to accomplish anything.  I have almost won the battle, but not quite... then I would have to start all over again.

Finding workspace and storage space for all the different parts of making something to sell on the internet (or anywhere) has always been an issue for me.  You need supplies, and somewhere to store them. You need specialized equipment and a space to create (at each of the stages of a project).  And you need supplies and storage for packaging, shipping, and inventory. 

You can see how it might be hard for homeless and low-income households to accomplish things.  This isn't an excuse, just a fact of life.  I still remember a biography of someone that became great by spending the little bit of money they had on something to sell and, eventually, grew into a giant business like Woolworth's or Penney's or maybe it was Sears...  I wish that could be me, but it isn't, especially now.

I have decided the internet is my only hope...  :-)    ...at least, until I can hire people to help me.

Pray for me... for my needs... for the protection of GOD for me and Working Together, and provision for both of us.  No matter what happens, we need GOD's help.