23 APR 2015 :: What Matters Most?

Every day I add a blog post, I try to decide what I should write about. When I made it my goal to write certain days of the week, I was trying to change my habit of letting it go.  What to write about became a small nightmare.  :-)

I tend to be very serious and, like many other bloggers, have my own list of things I want to see changed in the world.  My life, my children, my faith... these have all been affected by many serious issues.  Working Together is a reflection of my hardships, and my hope to prevent that suffering in the lives of others.  Blogging is just one of my efforts.

Writing takes time, important issues need information, facts, and other supporting materials.  I haven't had that time so, instead, I have mostly focused on personal experiences, goals, ideas about change, and current efforts to sell online.  I am still moving toward the goal of deeper, more serious, writing, but it will have to be achieved over time.  Hopefully, I will live that long!  :-)

In our huge global community, the problems are numerous.  My information about other countries is limited to what I have read or seen/heard in various reports in the media, in ministry materials, online, etc.  Right now, my focus is mostly America because it is what I know most.  It is where I experienced poverty, hunger, homelessness, courts and prisons, education, and government processes.  It is where I live.

I am discovering a new priority list for my life, for my writing, for my work...I hope you will share in my efforts to discover what matters most.