29 APR 2015 :: Here I am...talking about money again.

I didn't think I would make it here... I "rested" for a bit and didn't want to (could hardly) get up again. I may fall asleep between letters on the keyboard.............

I guess today was a lesson on getting side-tracked.

I made myself head out to look for clothes bargains at my Salvation Army (SA) Sale Day this morning, but decided to do a few things on the way there.  Home Depot was kind of on the way, so I went to check out the stores in that direction.  I need a "metal square" ruler and have been looking at the prices for them in various places.  Home Depot is a building kind of store, so I wanted to find out what kind of prices and choices it would have.  The price turned out to be decent, so I went ahead and bought one...after I had seen two other things on the way and nearly forgot to find the ruler.  :-)  

Walmart was on my way to the sale, and I planned to go there anyway, so I went there first.  I bet you know what happened...I never made it to the SA Sale.  :-)

I discovered I forgot my shopping list at home.  That was the first problem.  But, the list was long and I remembered quite a few of the items on it because I have been rewriting it for a week, at least.  I also needed to explore options for two upcoming gift occasions. 

I haven't been able to do gifts for many years.  I wanted to use my new income status to at least buy something for them.  On the way to my household items and other needs, I discovered something I wanted to buy for the gifts. 

My budget was gone...I had too much to carry...and I could barely keep going.  I was not going to the clothes racks in the Salvation Army store.   It would have to wait until another day. ! (I think it will have to wait for next month... I don't know if I can squeeze out any money to go anywhere for the rest of my budget!   :-)

It is so easy to spend money.  I am finding my new government payment card is a much bigger challenge to my financial goals than I thought it would be.  I am already looking for a solution.  :-)

Having a financial cushion to get through the learning process is so important, and so impossible for low-income households.  I am 62 and still trying to find a safety net for all the problems that come up.

I don't have a credit card and couldn't qualify for one. My goal for years has been to save enough money to get a "secured" credit card and build a financial base for my credit needs.  It is still a goal.

It can become a real tangled mess trying to survive poverty and low-income issues.  If you have addiction issues, and end up in jail, the struggle is worse.  If you don't have a deep faith in GOD, the repeated problems can overwhelm and destroy you.

I don't know how to solve everyone's problems, but I hope GOD will allow me to do something to give poverty households a cushion.  I believe the Church will be financially devastated as we go deeper into the End Times, and I KNOW it isn't prepared to help its own.  This is why I created Working Together...to try to meet the many needs that will happen.

PRAY that GOD will finally provide for the goals He has built in my heart and life.