30 APR 2015 :: What about a 4-day workweek?

Four day work weeks could be the answer to some of the government's money problems...  It would save a lot of money in reduced labor costs, including benefits expenses, overtime hours, traffic, parking, and other job related issues.  I think we would see happier employees, marriages, families, and neighborhoods.  It would reduce stress, allow more people to be employed, and separate public and production times better.  I decided it would be a great idea for all positions that do not require 24-hour commitments...like police, fire, hospitals, missions, etc.  For Working Together,24-hour commitments would be the Respite Centers, which would be like Missions.

For government offices, Monday to Thursday would also mean 5-day weekends on required holidays, so they might have to opt for Tuesday to Friday schedules...or, they could change the current holiday requirements to Fridays.  :-)   We know the government can change things when they want to.

Today is my "Friday" as I try out my workweek theory.  It has been kind of great...I am still working on the test period, using my blogging and other activities as an office activity that wouldn't be done on other days.  There is always something that needs to be done, so Fridays and Sundays are my flex-times...  I'm working on what to do during those days.  I have thought that they can still be work days, but employees would be limited to 4 days and 30 hours each.

Many companies already offer 4-day-workweeks, with 12-hour days.  I think that may be to hard for everyone to accomplish in every position within a company (or government operation).  My goal is healthy families and sharing the load...with flexibility.  Forty-hour weeks would mean three employees to 120 available hours...30-hour weeks would allow four employees for the same hours.  To me, it is more like job-sharing than part-time employment.  GOD willing, we will be able to generate enough products to cover the costs of labor and benefits, creating a full-time wage based on 30 hours a week.

This is my dream... to create a business that is also a ministry.  To create a place where Christians can be helped, can work, can live, can fellowship, can support each other, and survive together...with outreaches for those outside the Church.

I don't know what I can get done now, at my age and health and continued poverty, but I hope to get the concept down on "paper," so others can consider the future we face and prepare for it.  I call it my update for the first booklet I published, What If There Is NO Rapture?

Pray that GOD will provide for this goal...soon.