13 MAY 2015 :: A long day with lots of small tasks

I guess I was busy today... lots of little things that needed to get done, took too long, had to wait for the computer to work right...and then there are always distractions.  :-)

I have been trying to work out a budget for my small income and great big dreams.  This has been a lifetime issue... unfortunately.  It isn't because I didn't try... I just didn't commit myself fully to the amassing of wealth.  I called having conflicting goals... family goals, family issues versus the time and money commitment required to establish a business.  I went "dormant" more than one time, some times for a long time. 

Now I am dealing with health issues that limit me, and still seeking GOD for the ability to establish Working Together before I die.  Tomorrow I go to the doctor again, and I am preparing my "end of life paperwork" as quickly as I can.

These are the things that are... not what I would like them to be.

As I go about my day, I come across amazing things I would like to share on this blog or one of my others.  I am trying to work out a way to keep track of them and share them later, when I actually get to a computer for my blog posting. 

A few minutes ago, after looking at my emails, Yahoo news items came up and I browsed through some of them... ONE article link was about the use of wood pallets for housing (one from a project for homeless people so it would be affordable, another that looked like a shipping container variation), offices (both indoor use as desks/walls/ceilings and outdoor as part of the structural design), and outdoor seating (an interesting curved wall thing that looked like it was at a college  :-).

Another story that was on Yahoo was about a family losing their children because they are different.  I haven't followed the story fully, just seen the headlines as I was rushing from one duty to another.  It seems they are living off the land in Kentucky. I'm not sure that is such a good idea for winter, but part of what I did read was the government officials couldn't find anything unhealthy with the children, any of them.  I hate to think of what will happen to them in our foster care systems...which can be worse than the original situation.  With ten children, I doubt they are all together... which causes other problems.  (I think the State likes to separate kids while they look for some evidence to justify their actions.)  The power of the government is like the power of Rome over the Jews... it is what will happen as we move more deeply into prophecies about the End Times.

In one of the local news programs there was a story about clearing out the homeless... again.  This is a continual effort, but the solutions are never found.  I think it is because they foolishly think they can "eradicate" poverty and homelessness.  The Bible tells us that the poor will always be with us, and that is really true.  It is part of the cycle of living... some are poor, some are wealthy, and most are in-between.  Having endured too much poverty and homelessness, I have developed my own set of beliefs and solutions, most important :: to create PERMANENT housing options that are safe... like home ownerships, coops with people who have already grouped together, business partnerships as a transition to income sources that matter to the person/s involved, and more.  I think I already told you about my KOA-like campground for people who want to stay outdoors or need a safe place to start their climb in.

I could write for a long time on these issues... we better move on to other topics.

In my browsing of Etsy shops this week, looking for things I might want to buy, I have reviewed my "favorites" lists and remembered some of the wonderful things I found there.  I have decided to buy something to see how a customer experiences the buying process.  :-)  It should be fun.  I will also do the same at fiverr... finally.   Not having ANY cash is always a real challenge...I have only had money for a short time.  I am trying to catch up with some of the things I wasn't able to do, or think of doing.

I know my website needs attention, but I have been seeking GOD for what to do about it. There are things attached to my situation that I can't share.  I have great needs.  I have been hoping GOD would help me with them... much sooner than now... but, so far, He hasn't.

I think I have written too much already. I am still trying to figure out my ideal posting length, and this seems long enough.  Pray for me, if you can...if you would.  Working Together has always been meant to help many, many people...starting with me, probably.  :-)