19 MAY 2015 :: How elections reflect the heart of a nation, including America.

Today was a special election day in the city where I live in Oregon.  The election was about schools, choosing the people who will govern what our kids learn. 

I am sorry to admit that I didn't actually submit a vote.  I believe that the vote is critical to protecting our voice in government, but I haven't been involved with the school systems for some time and had no idea who the people were that were running.  I didn't make the effort to find out more...I regret that. 

Elections are always important. 
They create our future, the laws that will change our lives.

We are facing a lot of changes in America that we don't believe will happen.  Our country was based on the morality of the Bible, it made us what we were.  That morality is slowly disappearing and the effects of our commitment to what is good, honest, merciful, kind, compassionate, loving, charitable, and other Biblical principles, will disappear with it.  Getting rid of GOD in our lives, ending prayer, taking down reminders of the ten commandments, ignoring moral boundaries, destroying religious freedoms, and more, will lead us to choices that harm and destroy our future...like they are already doing.

It is very strange how the Bible tells us that we must decide between GOD and money... nearly every decision we make can be taken back to those two elements.  The choice is the same for everyone that exists.  Without the constant commitment to the things that the Bible teaches us about GOD and morality, without the freedom to choose GOD, the love of money will consume our societies and our governments will reflect our choice.

As it becomes more expensive to do business, as government takes over more of our lives, as America struggles to survive, as our economy becomes more global than national, and as getting elected begins to eliminate the cause of public service for greed and power, the outcome of elections will become more important than the true voice of the people.  I believe we will see those who value their own needs over the needs of the country increasingly turn to fraud and corruption to gain their desired benefits. 

Without deeply personal moral convictions, there is nothing to keep any individual from choosing their greed over the rights of others.  As too many of our citizens cease to be moral, the problems that follow will threaten our existence.  Someone will want to rule the world, and we know him as the Antichrist.