20 MAY 2015 :: Opportunity

I was just looking at a Yahoo story on an abandoned property in Texas  (a big one, with about 15 acres to go with it), and decided to add a comment about the opportunity it offered.  The other comments on the story were not very nice. I wasn't sure why.

It's easy to "window shop" when you don't have the funds to buy anything.  I would need to win the large prize in a national lottery to even think about buying something that is listed at millions of dollars.  If I did have money, I would need to do a lot more exploring before I made a final decision. 

I guess real opportunities are dependent on what your goals are, what your resources are, what your values are, where you want to go...  and being in the right place at the right time...  and probably other details I don't know about.

I don't want to live in Texas, but I can see how that property would let someone build a good thing in Texas...  a small farm or ranch with coop living, an education facility, maybe continue the assisted living plan or make it into a hospice center -- something.  It was suggested that 50-70 rooms could be built there.  It's fun to imagine what could be.

Everyone is searching for the opportunities they need to reach their dreams.  When does the idea of opportunity become the sin of coveting?  I'm not sure when that line is crossed.  Some opportunities we come across can be very inviting, we don't want them to pass us by, they become more important than anything else in our lives.  That might be coveting.

I would say the opportunities I can't access
are blessings meant for someone else.  

I have dreams.  I hope that GOD brings me both the opportunities I need to reach my dreams and the resources to take advantage of them, but I don't want to become obsessed with the need to succeed at all costs.  I hope there is a way to balance my dreams, my opportunities, and my success.