4 MAY 2015 :: Another Monday, another set of goals.

I have been working on weekly goals for some time.  After trying to find my way through goal setting materials, weekly views seem to be the best timeframe for me -- probably for everyone else, too -- because it allows me to work out a more general plan.  Life is always interfering with our plans, so a weekly focus is more flexible and that doesn't create a terrible feeling of failure if you don't get everything done. 

When I started my latest effort to create goals and find the path to achieving them, I worked on Brian Tracy's 30-day Top Ten Goals process.  That led into other efforts to make the process fit my life and limitations.  Figuring out what to record, how to evaluate it all, and then working what you learned into your future, is a major challenge.  It takes time to change our habits, to find new ways of doing things.

Most of the business aids (planners) I looked at seem to be focused on the same four time categories : year, month, week, and day.  Project Management is also focused on dividing the goal you are working on from the end point backward, which would be similar to looking at the year, figuring out what you need to do each month, breaking down the goals for the month into weekly pieces, and then dividing the details into daily portions, too.  I suppose this process applies to any project you have to get done  (breaking it down to smaller parts and then getting those done).

Deciding what to do first, second, third, etc., has always been a challenge to me. I think it has been because my finances are so limited, but I'm not sure. You always have to figure out what to do first, second, third.  Financial issues make the process longer, and more difficult, but finding a way through your limitations is the same requirement for achieving goals no matter what your situation.

I have been fighting my way through this process repeatedly for almost 40 years... I may be a little tired and discouraged, my faith may have wavered, and taking a rest at different times was required.

I hope to make it to the goal this time, but I may die trying.  I have left it in GOD's Hands.  I am committed to just doing the best I can each day... and each week.  :-)