10 JUNE 2015 :: Changing our lives.

I guess I better get this done...  I am planning to start doing some of my crafting now that I have some supplies to work with and am desperately in need of listings at my work2gather.etsy.com shop... I usually go on for a long time once I get started.  :-)  It's that getting started that is the obstacle.

I have entered a bunch of Twitter posts for today... during a kind of lunch period here on the west coast of the USA.  Getting the global clock figured out is another challenge in online selling.  I finally decided you have to work with your own time zone and let everyone else find you.  I am checking on those scheduling programs for social media, but have only a fuzzy impression about them so far.  I need to see more of the choices that are available and compare them.  When I post my own real-time entries, I wonder how many of the posts around mine are scheduled and just being delivered by a machine.  It means no one is looking and everyone is posting, so you really aren't "connecting" with anyone.  :-)   This is why I am also trying to figure out how to check the pages of the people and groups I am really interested in.

I did make another post about my efforts on Facebook, but my main purpose in doing this is Twitter... to see what happens when you make a lot of posts over a month.  So far, NO sales at my fiverr.com/work2gather shop, which is very disappointing.  I have noticed that my printing of my Twitter pages isn't loading the ads anymore... I am wondering if my efforts are getting published at the real website... I have a lot of problems with my computer, and other websites.  I have heard about crooks and their pretend websites...and those who recreate the internet experience to steal.  I hope I am not another one of their victims.

I am still thinking about housing issues and poverty...and my own life experiences, and the problems that evolve with family and friends and others.  The church does a lot of things for poor people, but everyone has their motives, their ideas of what is wrong with you, and how you should be in order to "succeed."  I have tried to find different kinds of help as I went through my struggles...it's really hard to fit into the options that are available.  That is why I wanted to make something different... and that became Working Together.

No one can solve every problem.  I hate the waste of money when everyone tries to do the same things but for their ministry.  I was trying to find a way we could join forces and begin to build local resource channels.  In the End Times, the needs will be very great...they are just starting to be critical.  I finally decided the local Christian Mission was the way to go.  If we can focus our efforts on making the missions ready for persecuted Christians, it will become the place to turn to.  I am assuming that the facilities will get better, too... sorry to say that is a reality.

I hoped to get the partnership help I wanted by establishing an office near the local mission in Eugene.  When my own finances led to eviction and moving to Portland, that became even harder. It isn't the view of the traditional mission.  I don't know how much time we have left, but my own experience tells me that we aren't ready for what is coming.  I'm not going to be here much longer so I have been trying hard to find a way to do as much as possible before I die.

I hope you will tell other Christians about my quest. 

And I hope you will start with a single purchase
at my GIFT gig (fiverr.com/work2gather). 

The amount of money GOD provides is how I decide what I am able to accomplish.  It is hard to have nothing, but I know there is a lot of spiritual war going on within and outside of the church.  Whatever GOD is doing, He is reaching the people He wants to reach.