14 JULY 2015 :: Looking ahead...

Today was a day of getting ahead of the messes... doing laundry, cleaning my dishes, etc.   I wrote a letter to my son in prison.  Prayed for all of my sons.  Ate too much.  Had to rest.  and then hit the computer to get to here.

I write a message of thanks every day now... and I have expanded the posting of it to both Facebook and my original Etsy forum thread.  This was today's entry.

Tuesday, 14 JULY 2015
Another day filled with fun!  :-)
Today I am thankful for ... I'm not sure...I did a lot of household chores today... so I guess I am happy I have running water, access to a washer and dryer, a shower, shampoo and soap and toothpaste and a toothbrush...  I am very thankful I am a Christian and see the world through the eyes of GOD because it changes everything...  I am thankful for little furry animals that think they are fierce when they attack anything that moves... and I am thankful I don't have much left to get done and will be able to go to bed soon.   :-)

I am trying to rebuild my website, but there are issues preventing me...so I keep trying to plan what it might become.  I will make a section somewhere with links to all the places I am connected with, like Facebook, Twitter, my thankful posts, all of my blog topics, and Etsy, Fiverr, etc.   Once I have them all in one place, and listed at Working Together, I will feel like they are connected and accessible.  Right now I haven't figured out how to do that, so writing blog posts seems to be futile.  My website will have new links to the things I want to sell through/for Working Together to provide for its income needs.  Waiting is hard, but GOD is big enough to deal with all the issues I am praying about.

I watched an old movie about a Los Angeles earthquake, but I am wondering about the theme... it was definitely low-budget, and it had a "subway" -- I don't remember a subway in Los Angeles.  Nothing in the film seemed to identify the location, and the transit name was "CTA" -- City Transit Authority.   :-)  I kind of recognized some of the characters... long time ago people.  I have no idea when it was made.  I was laughing at some of the old film techniques, like a fire in a closed tunnel that doesn't eat up all their oxygen... and breaking open a water main that they think will somehow stop flowing on its own (it doesn't)... and a lot of angry characters that make peace with themselves and the world by the end of the movie.  :-)   I suppose a new version would have a lot of computer-generated "reality" and be... I'm not sure, I have seen the new movies.

It was hard for me to believe that Pluto has a heart shape on it.  Is that like the cheese the moon is made of?  :-)  I think it is great something is leaving our solar system... I hope it sends back some really great photos...and we finally know what is out there.  I don't know how it lasted this long.  I would have thought an asteroid or space debris of some kind would have destroyed it by now.  How does it stay out of the path of everything???   The spaceship Enterprise is probably being built right now, we just don't know it yet.  :-)

On Iran... I wonder who believes they will actually honor their agreement...

I may have to start making more comments on what I hear in the news... I may end up with ten pages of text!  :-)

See you tomorrow, GOD willing.