23 JULY 2015 :: Working Together and me

A comment was made about the contents of my blogs these days... that they aren't focused solely on the programs of Working Together.  That is true.  I am Working Together right now, struggling to find a way to the future still, but I do try to share the details of poverty because that is where the End Times will take Christians.  I guess I'm not sure how much is me, and how much is the reason behind starting Working Together.

I'm in a bad place right now... not able to do what I want to do, and trying to find a way to establish Working Together so I can earn a wage from it, and hire others, and set up an office or offices, create the resources I have in mind, and then expand to the other regions of the world.  I don't know how long things will be this way, but I keep doing what I can and pray for GOD's guidance about it all.

I suppose I am everyone's joke.  :-)   But I figure that what I am trying to do is really essential for the people who will one day need it.  I just don't know how I can build something with less than $400 a month and food stamps.  Sometimes there was no money at all, too many times I was homeless, too many times I lost everything I had built up, and sometimes I wandered in search of answers. For years I let everything go dormant while I tried to get a formal education, and I let it sit while I dealt with other family issues, but I was always watching for the things GOD was showing me, looking for HIS answers, and trying again and again to collect the supplies that would help me.  Now that I am in those hazy health years, I don't know how much longer I will be able to keep going, but I will always KEEP TRYING!!!  When I die, it will be in GOD's Hands still.

Nothing can stop prophecy, which means the enemy will get stronger and stronger as Christians struggle to deal with those changes.  Whether I do anything or not, the needs will still be real.  Someone will have to deal with the needs that are coming... it will just be a much harder process.

Since I am not GOD, I can't say exactly what kind of needs there will be, or when they will hit us, but I discovered a lot of things while I was struggling with poverty and the government and the law and all the things the Bible tells us will come.  My goals are based on my experiences, but other people will know how to solve the problems I don't know about.  By "WORKING TOGETHER"  :-)  we can tackle these needs and prepare for the future together.

I'm trying to get my webpage updated and create PayPal links to purchase memberships for WT, and also trying to work out a better pricing formula.  PRAY that GOD will provide for the needs I have, and that all these issues will be resolved.