28 JULY 2015 :: Nuclear dangers

I have just started watching the PBS program on the nuclear bomb...and it started by showing the explosion and its effects in photos we have seen before, but forget.  Giant mushroom clouds that create massive destruction for miles and miles. 

I remember being taught that bodies close to it incinerate into nothing, and as the effects reach out, skin melts off the body in the degree that you are closer to it.  This is an effect that seems to be expressed in the passages about the End Times/Judgment of GOD in the Bible...something about melting. 

I am sorry to report that I wasn't able to find the passage I am referring to right now... I just spent almost an hour trying keyword searches to find it again.  I studied the King James Version primarily, so I tried words I thought were in the parts I remember.  I will have to do some heavy reading again to see what I can find, and then get back to you.

With all the problems we have with IRAN (and ???), I can see why these programs are being played on public television.  :-)   We forget that nuclear radiation is a component of this issue... like the waste of nuclear energy... which is now in our oceans because of the tsunami in Japan.

Well... that's about all for today... I am falling asleep sitting up!   :-) 

You should be able to watch this program online.  As I finish this post, the program is showing all the destruction by radiation as the after effects of exploding atomic bombs in the ocean and on land.