12 AUG 2015 :: Changes, changes, changes...

It is so true that nothing stays the same... and we have to learn how to flex, to adapt to change, and grow in the process.  Not being able to adapt is what destroys many people.  I don't think we have to like the change, but we have to deal with it.

Today I tackled taking and uploading my first real photo of myself to my Etsy shop.  I wish I looked better than I do, but as I lose weight, I will "update" the photos -- so very important when you are achieving those weight-loss goals!  :-)   This will have to be my "BEFORE" photo.  ---  Hopefully, I will get a better camera soon.

Now everyone knows what I look like.  Is that a good thing or a bad thing...  I'm not sure.  I want it to be a skinny me.  :-)

It seems that Etsy has changed their shop photo system from one photo to two.  One is called an icon photo, like a shop logo, and the other is a profile photo that shows what the seller looks like.  It is a new change, so it may take a little while for all the shops to get both photos figured out.

I miss my cross picture already, but I needed to change the identity of the shop anyway, to make it a personal effort, so this is a good time to take care of that change.  I will be able to focus all my Working Together efforts on my webpage and social media accounts.  Just for the record, here is the latest version... I had to try to get all the shadows out of the first one, and the cross got a bit thicker.  I think I like it better.   One of these days, I want to get this made into stickers to spread around, or business cards, or something.

The design I chose for my new shop photo (my icon) was part of my favorite little picture --  the bee I made awhile back and use as a sample of my artworks.  I noted in my updated shop announcement that Deborah is linked to "bee" in its meaning, so I guess that is a good connection, too.  I chose it because I love it. 

Making it into a small size meant cropping some of the message off, but the color is bright and should be noticeable on a page.  I hope so.   I had to resize the original photo several times to get it to fit in the Etsy frame.  The added space on the left of my sample below doesn't show up in my shop photo space. 

I was going to try to create a new logo that shared what I am about, but that would take too long. This is a great representation of me.  It will be just fine for me.  As I create new things, I may replace it.  I'll have to think about that.

I made my shop banner photo out of a picture I did, too.  It shows my art signature and the year I started my shop.

Next I have to update my ABOUT page photos.  I have changed my room around a zillion times already... and may change it some more.  Finding the subject to photograph is going to be the goal for that page. 

Selling online is a really big learning task...  and a long-term financial investment.  There is a huge list I have of things I need to do this job better.  In the battle for retail dollars, I am much like the small retail stores that are fighting to survive... I just have my marketplace online.

I am working on the sales details for WT's website, and praying desperately for the things GOD needs to provide for it and for me.  I hope to have that all figured out soon.  All the things I am learning at other websites will help me figure out what to do for Working Together.

Nothing is wasted... it all flows toward the future, toward GOD's Will for our lives, to the salvation of lost souls and the preservation and protection of those who already love GOD and are saved by the blood of Christ.  I can only do what GOD provides for me to do each day.  That is all He holds me accountable for.  You have to do what GOD has called you to do...that is what He will judge you on when we reach the Great White Throne.