Tuesday, 29 SEP 2015 :: Saving Christians

I have been adding a lot of comments to my social media posts about the need to prepare for the hard times the Bible tells us are coming...  it is becoming a daily effort, and I wonder if anyone is listening.  The Bible doesn't say we will be kept from the trials ahead, that we won't suffer, that the End will be easy...
the one verse I remember most is...  "...endure unto the end..."

With all the new technology becoming part of our daily existence, including the improvement of weapons for war and conquest, it isn't hard to see that technology will become part of our suffering one day.  It is ONE of the things in life that is scary... more frightening than being put in a prison cell.  How do we fight against things we cannot see, or touch, or stop?  There are already children who think it is funny to attack innocent human beings through their medical equipment... what will happen in ten years?  fifteen years?  twenty-five years?  (which is the amount some estimate is the time it will take for technology to completely take over our lives...)

3-D printing is taking over the manufacturing of many products... which means those industries will go away.  People engaged in the process of 3-D printing are already talking about 4-D and 5-D, of being able to create working models of phones and other products.  3-D printers are in the $10K range, as far as I have seen, and will become less expensive (just like computers did, just like cell phones did, just like everything does...) as time goes by.  The innovations of the 3-D printer are expected to take approximately 10 years...  ONLY ten years... and that is only a guess because no one knows how fast technology will increase itself (increase its knowledge base).

October 1st begins the change to chips in our credit cards (and debit cards, etc.)...  which is another "safety" issue.  I have said before, and will say it again now, most of the things we will adopt leading up to the Mark of the Beast will be touted as "safety" issues... including government controls, military controls, and local police controls. 
We can't stop the process,
but we can think of how
we are going to deal
with the changes.

As I have been thinking about saving Christians through the change process, I have discovered it can take ten years to grow a food tree, ten years to change national laws, ten years to disrupt commerce, and maybe ten years for a lot of other survival needs.  Large construction can take that long... building a community would take at least that long.  I hate to think of so many Christians becoming homeless, suffering, struggling, having nowhere to turn to.

We know that many of our Christian organizations, and churches, are struggling financially. The worse the economy gets, the more they are going to struggle, and the less they will be able to help anyone.  Churches, Christian organizations, even Christian businesses, are focused on their programs and products and profits.  Wages are high, income is getting lower and lower.  There is NOTHING being built to address these needs, at any level.
  • I am preparing for my DECEMBER Membership Drive... something I had hoped to do every year, and had hoped to start many years ago. 
  • I am preparing to build an email contact list to keep interested people informed of Working Together's efforts to intervene in the End Time process. 
  • I am preparing to update my booklet, What If There Is NO Rapture?, as part of these two financial and outreach efforts. 

Pray for me... the battle has always been hard, and I don't believe I have much time left.  I have never qualified for traditional financing... I need to sell products to develop Working Together as a Christian support business/ministry. 

Pray that GOD will bless this effort.
Thank you.