Wednesday, 2 SEP 2015 :: Recycling

Today I checked some more items off my long list of things to get done...

One of the items was to shop at the local materials recycling thrift store.  In Portland (OR) it is called SCRAP ( and they recently moved into a wonderful large open area that is more easily accessible than their last location.  Already the space is crowded with items to consider.

There are fabric sections, art sections, office supplies sections, books, scraps, stamps that belonged to past scrap-bookers, old tins (that can be painted to cover the advertising), a store section called the ReBoutique where fans and members of SCRAP can display their creations for selling, and a lot of things I have no idea what they are!  :-)  It is fun to explore.

Today I found more than I could afford to buy... again.  I am very happy with my finds and hope to enjoy them for a long time.

It was also my day for shopping at the Salvation Army's 50% off Sale Day... so I am really filled with recycled treasures.  :-)  None of them clothes... which is why I originally decided to go.  I realized I am trying to lose weight so I might as well wait as long as I can before investing in anything new... or new to me (from a thrift store).

At this sale I discovered a great metal box to store things in, and lots of picture frames for my planned artworks, and really great books to help me with my focus on healthier foods and weight loss, and some kitchen utensils I both wanted and needed.  I could have spent a lot more of my money, but I was already over my budget...  I had to make some hard choices and only purchase the things that meant the most, even though they were very inexpensive.

I guess I want to share the thought that buying things that other people have already used is not a sign of inferiority.  I like to say that once you wash that new pair of pants or shirt, it is used clothes...  sometimes there are brand new items in the thrift store, like clothes with the tags still attached, because we buy a lot more than we need.

I watched some of the PBS program on Queen Elizabeth's life and it mentions she had to have a new designer outfit for every occasion, sometimes 7 or more in one day.  That is a lot of money.  I wonder where she got the idea she had to have new outfits...  ordinary people have one good outfit and wear it to every fancy event.  :-)  Is it a real requirement, or a self-imposed requirement?  What happens to all those expensive clothes?  (They were nice looking!  :-) 

The SAVE THE EARTH movement is really about changing ideas like this.  Recycling isn't just cans and bottles, aluminum foil, newspapers, and cardboard... it is making sure we only create what is really needed, and try not to damage our only ecosystem as we create what we need.

I like recycling... I would do so much more if I could.  My yard sale to thrift shop life is more of a treasure hunt than anything.  And it also isn't as expensive as buying new.  :-)

I hope you do as much as you can , too.